Wood or Plastic Which is Better Material

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What is the Best Material Wood or Plastic

People sometimes ask a question in different websites that what is the best material for a step stool. There mainly come two options: plastic and wooden.

As step stool is one of the most important furniture in the house and outside for daily works, so people search for the best stool. Step stools help both adult and children in multi-proposal works such as washing hands, climbing steps or reaching kitchen shelves. So, here we will discuss which material step stool is best: Wood or plastic.

About Wooden Step Stool

Wood always has been a very useful and important material. Wood is a natural ingredient for making step stool which is free from any kind of chemical materials. It is very durable to use. Any stool which is made of wood can carry enough loads without making any damages to the stool.

Wooden step stool is well balanced and decorative style. Many wooden stools have an aesthetic design which offers help as well as decorates room. Many wooden stools can be easily portable because hardwood, plywood these kinds of woods are not that much heavy. The natural finish of the wooden step stools is enough beautiful but if you want to decorate it more, you can paint it or attach some stickers.

All adults and children can use the wooden step stool. These stools are very easy to handle and give many free spaces in the room. Many wooden stools can be used as chairs as well as stools.

About Plastic Step Stool

The plastic step is also one of the most sold step stool. A plastic step stool is very light in weight. It looks very nice and there are different colours available. A plastic step stool is also long-lasting and has heavyweight capacity.

For toddler step stool are ideal. It is very easy to carry and portable. You can also decore your room with a plastic step stool. There are different sizes of a plastic step stool. One can also use it in different purposes like a chair, kitchen step stool and others.

Comparison between a Step Stool and a Plastic Step Stool

If you want the answer which is the best material then you have compared plastic and a wooden step stool. There are different parts of a step stool. The main comparison is among those parts.

Here I will discuss the comparison now.

Weight: Weight is one of the major factors. In the case of a plastic step stool, the weight is very light. In the case of a wooden step stool, the weight may be a bit higher.

We all know wood is competitively heavier than plastic. If there are kids in your house and you especially choose for your kid a plastic step stool is a better option I think.

Design: When you are talking about design I will say wooden step stool. Wood is always been a good looking and ancient material. So if you choose a wooden step stool then you must find a great design.

I am not saying a plastic step stool is not well-designed. Plastic step stool has also some great design. But ultimately wooden step stool's design is better and fancy.

Durability: Durability actually depends on the quality of a material. If you want to compare it then wood is stronger. Plastic is also a hard material but wood is harder.

As wood is harder I think the wood will be more durable. There is one negative effect. Sometimes wood gets damaged easily by falling from the hand. In this case, a plastic step stool will perform better.

Portability: In this topic plastic step stool is clearly ahead. Plastic step stools can be carried easily here and there. When we go to any camping or any long tour, we take plastic step stool with us.

Wooden step stool is not so hard to carry. If you want to carry it with you can do it. But ultimately plastic stool will be easier to carry.

Use of Chemical: Actually a good step stool never contains any chemical. But some plastic step stools are made using some chemical. But in case of a wooden step stool, there is no use of the chemical.

Comparing these factors I can say no step stool is defective. Some may feel plastic is better and some feel wood. But I will keep the wooden step stool first. So wood is the best material for a step stool.


Here I have discussed so many things about wooden step stool and plastic step stool. I have finally shown which is the best material is and why is the best.

After reading the article someone may think plastic is the best and someone may think wood is the best. Both wood and plastic are great. It will differ among the people according to their necessity. But I get a royal design and durability in the wood. So I kept wood first.

Hopefully, you will get the proper information to decide on your choice. Thank you.

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