Why Use a Kitchen Step Stool

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Introduction: A step stool is a piece of furniture that is getting popular day by day. Already there are different types of step stool available. Among them, the kitchen step stool is a trending topic now.

Still, many people are confused about the benefits of a kitchen step stool. So, I am noticing a frequent question "Why use a kitchen step stool?"

There are so many reasons available. Today, I will discuss all the primary and core benefits of a kitchen step stool. So, keep reading the article.

What is a Kitchen Step Stool?

There are various kinds of step stools in this universe. Like toddler step stool, wooden step stool, foldable step stool, toilet step stool, plastic step stool, or kitchen step stool. Today we will discuss some common facts and questions about kitchen step stool.

In the kitchen, many high cabinets may be out of your reach. Like the other step stools, this one will also help you to reach your target position.

Moreover, if you have a baby in your house. He/she may be curious that what are you doing in kitchen. Out of curiosity, they will be very eager to help you with your kitchen tasks or want to see your works.

Then most of the mothers carry their kid on the lap for this and we all know it is very tiring. So, if you have a kitchen step stool, then your baby will be independent and your hands will be free for works. Kid happy, you happy!

There are some kinds of kitchen step stools. Like-

Wooden Kitchen Step Stool

Many kinds of wood are used for making wooden kitchen step stool. For example pinewood, hardboard, plywood, or other sturdy woods. As wood is a natural ingredient, these are baby-friendly products. No harmful chemicals, no cruelties.

Plus, wooden products are quite durable and sturdy. Maximum renowned companies make wooden kitchen step stools with their innovative designs which look elegant anywhere in the room.

Plastic Kitchen Step Stool

Most lightweight step stool of all kinds. Plastic is known as harmful objects, but most companies deduct harmful chemicals from the plastic to make the environment friendly or recycle-able products.

You can find many cute, fashionable, or elegant looking plastic kitchen step stool with versatile colors.

Metal Kitchen Step Stool

Well, the most sturdy material of all kinds is metal. Anything made with metal will be durable undoubtedly. Stainless steel or Aluminium made, you don't have to worry about rust.

Experts use powder coated paint to prevent rust on your precious metal kitchen step stool.

Why Use a kitchen Step Stool?

Now, stop dragging your heavy chair in your kitchen to reach the cabinet or throw your wobbly chair out of the window. Get a fine, colorful, charming, and handy kitchen step stool for yourself. Let me tell you some amazing and convincing benefits of using a kitchen step stool. Go on.

Prevent Scratch on Floor

Like I said before, if you don't have a kitchen step stool, then you have to carry your heavy chair to the kitchen and place back the chair in place. It will leave scratch marks on your beautiful floor or tiles, trust me.

Anyways, to prevent these painful scratch marks, you need to use a kitchen step stool. They are quite lightweight, very easy to store like under cabinets or any corner of the kitchen, and can help you in different ways.

Helps to Reach Cabinets

Don't break your toes from now to reach on high cabinets by your tippy-toe. Or, sometimes we see that you are trying to reach on high cabinets with your tippy toes, and there comes your savior hero from your behind to grab the thing you want with his mighty height.

It sounds all dramatic or dreamy, but painfully, it doesn't happen always. Anyways, with the help of your kitchen step stool, you can be independent and grab your things!

Helpful for Children

Your toddler may want to help you to do dishes or making dinner. Grab your kitchen step stool and place your baby on it. Your hand is free and the kid is happily independent.


It will be very unfortunate if you fall on your butt or face while trying to reach high. Moreover, it ensures safety for kids too. Kitchen step stools aren't wobbly, so you don't have to worry about falling from it.

For Multi-tasking

Your kitchen step stool will not only help you to reach high or help children. You can sit on it if you are tired of kitchen tasks. You can even use it in the washroom or baby toy room for their help.

Characteristics of a Kitchen Step Stool

I have already discussed the benefits of kitchen step stools. But you will get all the benefit only from a quality kitchen step stool. For getting a quality product you need to learn the characteristics of a kitchen step stool. Here we go for this topic.

Durable Construction

The first thing to consider is the overall construction of the stool. Make sure the stool is made of high-quality material. No matter the material is steel, plastic, wood, or something else. Make sure it will not break or crack easily.

Most of the time kids use a kitchen step stool. So, they can fall it very often. The stool must be able to overcome such falling.


As already mentioned, step stools come in better use for kids. They need to carry it here and there. So, the weight of the stool must be considerable for them. I prefer buying a lightweight step stool.

Some people ask for the actual weight. There is no fixed number but I suggest 1-6  pounds. There are some stools of 10-15 pounds. I am not saying they are wicked. But they are not appropriate if you want to carry it frequently.

Space-saving Design

Another important fact is this. Not everyone looks for this feature but if you live in a small house then you should consider this fact.

The foldable design is a great feature if you want to save some space. Also, look for the overall dimension of the stool. Make sure it doesn't consume excessive space.

Multi-purpose Usages

A kitchen step stool is not only a kitchen step stool. It is used for several purposes. People use it in the bathroom, bedroom, teaching kids brushing, going to a picnic, and others.

Make sure your kitchen step stool comes in a good structure for using it for different purposes.

Maintenance of a Kitchen Step Stool

If you want to use or cherish something for a long time, then you must take care of that thing. The same goes for kitchen step stools. Here are some tips that how to take care of your kitchen step stool.

First, let's talk about plastic kitchen step stool.

Wipe It

If you feel that your plastic kitchen step stool got dirty, then just wipe it with a cotton cloth. You can use soap water for cleaning.

Keep It Away From Heat

As it is plastic, heat can melt it away. Keep it away from your gas stove to keep it safe. Don't keep very hot things on the plastic stool.

Now let's see wooden kitchen step stool maintenance.

Say No to Water

Water and wood, a big no-no. If you anyhow spill water or any liquid on your wooden stool, then place a thick towel or kitchen towel on it to absorb the water quickly.

Water makes the wood weak, so if you don't wipe the stain quickly, your stool may get damaged.

Scratch Mark Hack

It is quite common to see those wooden products get scratches or dents. If your stool gets any dents, then no worry. Don't use tape or bubble wrap to cover it.

Get a fresh walnut, rub it on the dent and then wipe the place. Place the nut on the scratch until it fades away.

Use Sun-Ray or Heat

Heat can regain the sturdiness of wooden products. You can often place your wooden stool on an open area to get sun rays or use a hairdryer to dry it. If you use hairdryer, set the lowest speed for it.

Lastly about metal kitchen step stool.

Wipe It

There is nothing big about maintaining a metal kitchen step stool. From time to time, you have to wipe it with gentle soap or dishwasher. As they are rust-proof, water won't get affect them.


After reading this article, you should understand the importance and usage of a kitchen step stool. If you read all the points then you will find many ways to use it. Actually, a kitchen step stool makes your daily life easier.

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