Why is a Tree Stand Perfect for Hunting?

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Introduction: One of the fundamental necessities for hunters is a tree stand. The basic definition of a tree stand is, it is such a surface that you can attach to trees so you can have a precise view of your target area. A tree stand is the best equipment for hunting.

Many people wanted to know why a tree stand is the best for hunting. There are not only a few reasons. There are huge advantages to a tree stand. All these made it best for hunting.

In this article, I will explain every factor that made a tree stand best for hunting. So, further, any discussion, get into the main point "Why is a tree sand perfect for hunting?"

Why Tree Stands are Best for Hunting?

1. Tree Stand Helps to Get in the Perfect Position

Your position is really important for hunting. If you are able to get a good position, your hunting session will be great fun. Tree stands help to get into the best position.

Most of the ​best tree stands come with easy adjusting features. Indicating a perfect tree you can easily change your height.

2. Get a Comfortable Hunting Session

Try to find a comfortable tree stand and surely you will get more attention in hunting. There are different types of tree stands, those come with extra space and comfortable seats.

So, you can easily aim your target to get on the best position. When you are tired you can relax on a tree stand. It will increase your stamina for the next session. 

3. Tree Stand Hides you from your Target

When you are hunting with bare foot, hiding from animals isn't easy. As soon as you see animals, you will try to hide. And it will create noise. The target will heat it and run away.

A tree stand gives the perfect solution to this problem. You will get your position far away from. the ground. The noise will reduce and the targets generally don't look up without any noise.

Another advantage is the bushes and other trees. You can easily hide behind other branches of other trees. This is one of the best advantages of a tree stand.

4. Tree Stands Keep you Safe from Dangerous Animals

A tree stand is undoubtedly a safer option for hunting. During hunting, people face many unexpected things. Even some people died having an attack of dangerous animals.

Tree stand keeps you safe always. You will always stay at a particular height. So, animals will never harm you. Even if they try to attack you, you will get plenty of time to shoot them.

So, use a tree stand and keep safe.

5. Tree Stand Provides More Space

You will get some additional space having a tree stand. You can keep the necessary thing there.

You don't need to carry weighted weapons and a bag. But let them aside and pay attention to your hunting. 

6. 360 Degree Chair

Not all tree stands come with this feature. Some tree stands come with a 360-degree chair.  The chair helps a lot in hunting. You can easily get any position and find your target.

The chairs don't make any extra house to rotate. So there is no chance to mock the target with any sound.

7. Tree Stand Reduces Noise

All the quality tree stands come with "DeadMetal" features. It is mainly the extra use of foam in the critical points. So there is no chance of facing metal to metal noise.

When you are hunting on foot you must have to sound a bit. In that case, animals like deer can easily hear the sound. While using a tree stand, there is no worry of facing such problems.

8. Tree Stand Gives Better View

High places always give a better view. When you are hunting and having a tree stand, you can look around a large area. You can easily look 360 degrees in all directions. Staying on the ground you can't cover noticing large areas.

So the possibility of getting a target is more staying on a tree stand.

How to Set up a Tree Stand?

A tree stand won't be so effective as I discussed. The main reason behind this is the wrong set up.

All the tree stands are not safe to use. Many hunters injure themselves falling from tree stands because of the wrong set up. You have to be careful and follow the instructions properly to set it up. Here I will discuss the main information you have to keep an eye about setting up.

Pre-Setup Instructions

  • Target Zone and Perfect Tree

Before you set up your target zone, make sure that you are not trespassing on other's property. Done with this? Next, you have to find the perfect tree. Remember, choose an alive and fresh tree. Avoid those trees which seem dead. Don't choose totally smooth texture trees, you will feel difficult to climb on it then. 

Primary Setup

  • Cover

Now look for your cover. It's better if the tree has enough branches or limbs to cover your height up. But if your chosen tree doesn’t have many branches, don't worry. Try to cut some branches of trees with your sharp hand knife and then make your own Christmas tree to cover you around.

  • Adequate Space and Height

Though it’s very important to cover up your body in the tree, you need ample space to see the area without blocking. Trim some limbs as your visibility necessary.

One of the common questions is, what will be the height to set up the tree stand?

Professional hunters recommend it should be 20 feet up in the air. But, you can do as your comfortable height too. But, remember that, mature deer use to look up at the trees for checking. So, if you set it under 10/15 feet, you will catch in red-handed!

  • Maintain Silence

Now, discuss Silence. After doing all the previous things properly, now look at your tree stand. Make sure that your tree stand is silent, avoid chunky metal sounds. Animal instinct is very vigilant. Any single sound can make missing your target. If there are any metal accessories on your tree stand, wrap that with any sound dampening material. 

  • Comfortability

As you may have to sit for a long time on your tree stand for a target. So, choose a comfortable tree stand with soft cushion, handles, surface for a leg stretch. So, these are the information to set up your tree stand. But keep in mind that a tree stand is just a tool, for a perfect hunting hand, you need a lot of practice and experience.

Final Thought

People who thought tree stands aren't best for hunting may change their thoughts now. I have discussed 8 advantageous facts about tree stands. All these make a tree stand safe, secure, and perfect for hunting. 

One thing to keep in mind, only the quality tree stands are best for huntings. I have an article about the best tree stands. You can check out my article to get the perfect one.

So, think again about your safety and convenient position. Now, you must find a tree stand perfect for hunting.

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