What is the Best Tree Stand for a Big Guy

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Introduction: Treestand is one of the most popular hunting tools at the present time. Hunting is relaxing and more effective with a treestand. The big guys get more benefits with a quality tree stand.

All the treestand is not appropriate for the big guys. Today, I am here with the best guide to answer your question "what is the best tree stand for a big guy?"

I will discuss types of tree stand and some facts about a treestand. So keep reading the article and learn the best tree stand for a big guy.

Is hunting season knocking at your door but you don't know much about tree stands? Worry not, I am here with bundle details about different types of tree stands on market. For hunting, you must invest in the best tree stand.

Today we will discuss 4 kinds of tree stands. Those are-

  1. Ladder Tree Stand
  2. Climbing Tree Stand
  3. Tripod Tree Stand
  4. Hang-on Tree Stand

Now, let's get to the details.

Ladder Tree Stand

Ladder tree stand is the most common choice for both professional and amateur hunters. These types of tree stands are mainly for long-time hunting period. When you will set-up this treestand, it won't damage the trees at all.

Ladder tree stands are 12-20 feet long and maximum of one or two-seat is required. As it is ladder tree stand, it's quite easy to climb up and down on it. One thing that you can say drawback of this type of tree stand is, they aren't portable.

Climbing Tree Stand

If you wonder what is the ideal type of tree stand among all, then climbing tree stand is the answer. Unlike the first one, these tree stands are portable and not bulky at all. The weight only 12-30 lbs.

You can easily carry and travel with this type of tree stand with backpack straps. These tree stands allow hunters to hunt in different new locations and gain experience. Setting up this tree stand is very simple.

Tripod Tree Stand

Well, this type of tree stand isn't ideal for hunters. Plus, these tree stands aren't real tree stands at all. These tree stands have three legs, ladder, seat, and platform. You can set up these tree stands without trees too.

These are kind of bulky tree stands and not portable. You can use this tree stand for other purposes too. Tripod tree stand is also called Tower tree stand.

Hang-on Tree Stand

Those trees which have huge bunches, hang-on tree stand is perfect for those. These tree stands are attached to trees with straps or chains. The hang-on tree stand is lightweight and you can carry it around.

You will feel like you are hanging from the tree stand if you use this. So, if you aren’t comfortable with heights like me, then don't purchase this.

What is the Best Tree Stand for a Big Guy?

Now I will discuss some points that will define the best treestand for a big guy. So keep reading.

Strong Construction

More or less you have to cost a certain amount of money on a treestand. What if the treestand wrecked in a few months! It is totally a waste of money. The only way to avoid this problem is to choose one with sturdy construction.

Make sure the treestand is made of high quality material. The frame must be sturdy and durable. Make sure it will be able to hold a good load and stand after a longtime use.

Before choosing one check out the reviews and rating of the product. Better if you can buy a brandy product.


The second thing to consider is the comfortability. You will never get the tree stand comfortable if it doesn't come with several features.

At first checkout the seat of the tree stand. It's better to choose one with mesh seat. It will be well padded and large in size. Make sure there is also a padded backrest. Otherwise you may face different problems such as neck pain, backpain, etc.

Safety System

Safety comes first always. Before getting a treestand, make sure the treestand is safe for you. Check out the durability first. Make sure the treestand can perform for a long period.

There are different types of treestands such as one person, two person etc. If you want to hunt with your friends then make sure the tree stand is appropriate for that.

The harness system is another important thing. The treestand must come with strong harness system. Don't forget about side rails. Make sure it can give you an ultimate support in all condition to keep you safe.

Load Capacity

Every treestand has a maximum load capacity. Some treestands comes with medium range and some comes with high load capacity. If you are a healthy person then make sure the treestand comes with good load capacity.


Installation system is another hassle. If you are able to choose a quality treestand then you won't get it as a hassle. Always try to choose a treestand that is easy to install.

If your treestand kills a lot of your time then it is good for nothing. It will bring boringness in your hunting. Make sure you can do it alone and within a short time.

It is better to get one with an easy manual. Practice for few times and surely you will get easy with it only if it is a quality tree stand.


The price of any product is always an important thing. You must have to cost a little amount on a treestand. It doesn't mean you have to cost excessively on the treestand.

I suggest, don't cost very little or excess on a treestand. Get a brandy treestand at an affordable price.

I have some articles on the best stands. Click here to get the best ladder tree stands, climbing tree stands, hanging treestands, etc.

Benefits of Hunting from a Tree Stand

There are tons of benefits of hunting from tree stand, let's see some highlighted points.

Control Body Scent

Animal instinct is quite sharp than humans. Deer instinct is sharper. If you use a tree stand, then you will be on a tree so, the deer won't able to catch your scent and you will make the right aim.

Better Eyesight

If you sit above a tree, you will get spacious view of the whole place. So, it's a great advantage. Moreover, deer don't expect any attack from over their head, so you can move easily and get enough time to make your aim more precious.

Allows Time

As you are above the trees, so you can see if your targeted animals approach. Then, you can get enough time to make your aim perfect and boom!

Comfortable and Safe

Tree stands are comfortable and safe for hunting. You will be at top of the trees, so no chance to attack animals and you can move your legs easily. Tree stand includes safety full body harness so, there is no chance that you will fall from the trees.

Long Distance Shooting

As you aim from above a tree so, you can aim any far distance. When you will notice any deer approaching from far, then you can aim at it and get the bullseye.

How to Set-up A Tree Stand Safely?

For setting up a tree stand, you need a perfect location and some extra tools. Those extra tools are like- safety harness, ropes, straps, and rifle or bow. Now let's start setting up.

Ladder Tree Stand

This type of tree stand is quite easy to set-up. You just need to secure the safety straps around the trees.

Climbing Tree Stand

Climbing tree stand is not bulky at all and this type of tree stand doesn't need any extra gears to set up. You can move the foot platform according to your necessary.

Tripod Tree Stand

Tripod or tower tree stands are relatively very easy to set up. This type of tree stands doesn't need trees to set up. If in your targeting area there aren't many trees, then you can use this tree stand.

Anyway, finding a perfect location for setting up tree stand deserves rewards. Then you must check your bow, body harness, and safety gear.


I have already finished discussing the topic "What is the best tree stand for a big guy?" If you read the article properly then you will understand the quality of the best treestands.

Consider your weight, hunting people, height and choose one. Also check out the safety system and comfortability. Hopefully, you will be benefitted from this article. Don't forget to check the best hang on tree stands and ladder tree stands.

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