What is the Best Bowhunting Tree Stand

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Introduction: Bowhunting is a hunting tactic that is always better with a bow hunting tree stand. But getting the best bowhunting tree stand is not very easy. You must learn different facts about the best hunting tree stands.

Today I am here to help you on the topic "What is the best bowhunting tree stand?" I will show up the characteristics and other related topics. So keep reading to learn in detail about the best now hunting tree stands.

A bowhunting tree stand is a tool that is used for hunters. This is a platform that helps hunters to hang from the trees to give more vantage points to hunt. There are some kinds of bowhunting tree stands in the market. They are:

A ladder tree stand is the most common and ideal type of tree stand of all. These types of tree stands are made for one/two people. As, it has a ladder, so it's very easy and safe to climb up and down the tree stand.

The climbing tree stand is a portable one and very easy to carry around. You can travel around with this tree stand with your backpack straps.

A fixed position tree stand is the one that will attach to the trees. The platform and seat will stick with trees.

A freestanding tree stand is also called tripod stands. These stands are not real tree stands, where you won't find enough trees to attach a tree stand, then you can use this type of tree stand.

Always remember that you can't use bow hunting tree stands just anywhere. It requires permission otherwise it will be illegal.

What is the Best Bowhunting Tree Stand?

Here I will discuss the characteristics of the best bow hunting tree stands. Keep reading and find the best one for you.

  • Durability

A bow-hunting tree stand must be durable and sturdy. It is made of high-quality material and a strong frame. Most of the tree stands are made of sturdy steel or metal frame.

Besides, the overall construction will also be strong. Every joint will be screwed properly. Assembling the tree stand will not cause any harm to any part of the tree stand. Finally, you will see a smooth finishing.

Such tree stands are highly durable and provide very long-lasting service. Most of the trees stand comes from renowned brands that are durable.

  • Safety

The second thing is the safety system of the bow-hunting tree stand. A tree stand compatible with a full body harness system is safe for every hunter. It will keep them safe from falling. It will also encourage them to hunt more effectively.

The next thing is the side rails. Most of the tree stands don't have side rails. But when you are setting the tree stand at a big height then the side rail will be safer for you.

A good tree stand also comes with strong steps. Make sure the gap between the steps is not huge. They will be strong and constructed hardly.

  • Ease of Use

The ease of use of a bowhunting tree stand depends on different facts. At first check out the installation system. You have to make sure that the stand can be installed quickly. It won't take a lot of time. They also fit most of the trees.

  • Comfortability

If you are not comfortable with your tree stand then your hunting session will be a boring one. A bowhunting tree stand is comfortable for the users.

The tree stand comes with an easy setup system. Besides, there will be a thick and soft seating platform. There will be a supportive armrest and backrest. Even after hunting for 6-8 hours, you will feel comfortable sitting on the tree stand.

The tree stand will also be a lightweight one. If it is ultra-heavy then you will get disgusted after a couple of shifts.

  • Load Capacity

Load capacity is a major fact for a tree stand. As you will stay on a tree stand for a long time, you have to make sure that the tree stand comes with more than enough load capacity.

A tree stands for two-person comes with a huge load capacity. A good bow hunting tree stands for one person who has the load-capacity of 250-350 pounds.

  • The Seating Platform

The seating system is one of the most important facts. A quality bow hunting tree stand is compatible with a high-quality and comfortable seat.

The seat is well-padded and softer. You will feel comfortable sitting on the seat even for a big period.

Most of the time the seat is adjustable. And the reversible seat is the best for hunting. You can easily change your position sitting on the tree stand if the seat is reversible.

Some platforms are responsible for unexpected back pain, should pain, etc. A good bowhunting tree stand seat will keep you safe and stay away from such physical problems.

  • Storing System

A good tree stand comes with an easy storing system. Most of the time we see a foldable frame. It is very easy to store them. Plus, they cost a little space.

Are Bowhunting Tree Stands Good for Hunting?

Hunting from bowhunting tree stand offers you a great experience of hunting. Hunting on the ground may be dangerous and not effective sometimes. That's why bowhunting tree stand helps here a lot.

Professional hunters always recommend the best tree stand for hunting and it's for safety.  There are some other reasons too for which hunting from the bowhunting tree stand is better. Let's see those points-

  • Safety First

It is always safe to use a bowhunting tree stand for any kind of hunting. Finding your target may be a tiring process, so you may need to sit down or relax. So, tree stands make hunters work easier.

Always wear a safety harness and carry ropes with you. Keep your weapon and climbing sticks with you.

  • Comfortable

As hunters need to wait for a long time for their target, so it is not easy to keep your eyes open all day. You can sit on your tree stand and move your legs for blood circulation.

  • Controls Body Scent

Deer and many other animals have a quite good sense of detecting the human body smell. If they can smell the human body scent, then they will never go that side. Hence, if you take your position on the top of a tree, then it will cover your body scent.

Moreover, deer don't expect any attack from above their head. So, they don't pay attention to the top of any tree. It is a great advantage for bowhunting tree stands.

  • More Focus

From the top of any tree, you will get better eyesight for hunting. If you can see a deer approaching from far, you will get enough time to aim perfectly for the deer.

Maintenance of a Bowhunting Tree Stand

Anything you use needs maintenance, the same goes for your bowhunting tree stand. There are many cases where hunters fall from a tree stand and face severe injuries. Why did they fall? Because of poor maintenance. Let's see how will you take care of your bowhunting tree stand-

  • Take Your Stand Down

As soon as the hunting session ends, take your stand down. Many hunters leave their stand on the tree even they don't use it. Don't do this. Rain, muds, or crusty weather can harm your stand.

  • Check Each Part

After taking down the stand, check each part of your stand. Check the straps and screws. Don't let any of the parts get rusty.

  • Keep The Screws Tight

After checking each part, re-tight the screws and bolts that can be loose after a whole session using. Don't ignore this part, because you may forget to tight the screws later and it would be a disaster then.

  • Connection Points

Re-check the straps and cables to see if they are in good condition to use. If any of these wear out, replace immediately.

  • Take Care for Seats

If your bowhunting tree stand has a foam seat, then check any tears or holes. You can wash the seats, but make sure that before using the seats are dry.

  • Clean Before Storage

Clean the stand with some soapy water to remove dirt. Once you cleaned it, then dry out each part properly. Any moisture in those parts can create rust, so dry very well.

Then store the whole thing in a scent-free and constant temperature place. You can use the stand again in the next session. If you want, you can re-paint the item too!


Till now I have discussed different topics about a bowhunting tree stand. After reading the characteristics of the best bowhunting tree stand you will be able to find out the approximate product for you. Now you should look for another article about different types of tree stands.

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