What is the Best Bow Sights | 10 Fundamental Facts with Bow Sight

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Introduction: "What is the best bow sight?" It is a very common question on the internet. But the best bow sight can vary from your skill, budget, stability, and others. 

A quality bow sight comes with some common features. Considering the quality of different parts, you can easily understand what is the best bow sight for you.

In this article, I will discuss the fundamental features of a quality bow sight. It must help you to understand what is the best bow sights.

What is a Bow Sight?

A bow sight is a tool that helps you to aim your target. It basically locates on the riser of your bow. Bow sight mainly assists the bow, to shoot in perfect aim. Its quite a difficult task to aim your target without bow sight.

There are various kinds of bow sights nowadays. Some are quite simple and very easy to use. For example, straightforward fiber-optic 3 pin plastic site. With twin pin tracks and a Lexan pin guard, this bow is very easy to set up. You can set up the pins up or down and you can also screw in or out the pins as necessary. These are quite easy and very affordable to get.

There are many more advanced technology bow sights. They are quite different and complex designs. They are made of aluminum and has many extra facility systems to use. You can move all pins at once or adjust as you necessary. Filled with premium qualities, you can get these technical bow sights at affordable prices. 

As you can see, it is a troublesome task to aim your target from a long distance without bow sights. You will find many bow sights online or shops. But if you are confused about which are the best, then I have an article about 'Best Bow Sights'. I hope, that article will help you to choose one.

What is the Best Bow Sight?

Now, I will discuss the fundamental factors.


So, the first thing is the material. Most of the bow sights are made of aluminum or plastic.   If you ask which is the best, I will surely say aluminum. 

Though aluminum sights are a bit expansive, they are more durable. If you mistakenly drop it from hand, it won't be damaged easily. On the other hand, plastic sights break easily. 

Some plastic sights are strong. If you are in a tight budget, you can buy plastic sight. 

There is another type of sight, made of carbon fiber. They are lighter than any other sights. But they are more expansive. 

Here I am suggesting an aluminum bow sight.

Types of Bow Sight

Considering the type, different sights can be appropriate for different people. 

If you hate pin adjustment then fixed pin sights are perfect for you. It is very simple and easy to use. 

For distance shooting, move-able pin sights are appropriate. The pendulum models are more appropriate for firing at a vertical angle.

In the market, digital bow sights have arrived. But their production is low and ultra-expansive. The sights create crosshairs. There is also a rangefinder that ensures accurate distance automatically.

The professional sometimes use custom sights. The sights come with incredible accuracy. They also include laser lights, scope points, and others.

Among these types, you need to choose one according to your necessary.


A quality bow sight always comes with an installed level. It helps to straighten your position. It also measures the horizontal plane of the bow. 

Mounting Bracket

Bow sights come with 2 types of brackets, fixed and dovetail. A fixed bracket is better than a dovetail bracket. The bracket must be made of high-quality material. Aluminum is the best option in my opinion. 

In the competition, the dovetail bracket is more appropriate.

Fiber Optic

The cheap sights come with low graded fiber optic pins. Good sights are equipped with thinner fiber optic pins. They must be flexible for the archer. 

Don't worry about the budget. They are not ultra-expansive.

Sight Light

High-quality bow sights come with sight light. It is a very necessary feature. People generally miss their target in the low level of light. Sight light adjusts the light level and increases the accuracy. The light shines onto the optic-fiber pins. 

No matter it is the dawn or dusk, you can keep hunting with the help of sight light. The runs on battery. One battery can provide long service. 

I am suggesting a good sight Included Best 5 Pin Bow Sights.

Adjustable Knobs

Sight s come with adjustable Knobs are better than others. They are easy to use. They ensure a fast and easy pin adjustment. Tool-free adjustment knobs are the best.

Bubble Level

A quality sight ensures this feature. Some people are not still familiar with these features. It mainly increases the accuracy of shooting. It will ensure a straight shot. 

They are filled with antifreeze or alcohol. So, it is perfect for using even in the cold weather. 


A brand is an important fact for all types of products. You can't easily trust any brand. So, a good bow sight generally comes from a renowned brand. 

Non-branded sight may come with defects, low-quality features, or some other missing features. When it is from a brand the possibility of facing these is almost zero.

So, try o choose a well-branded product. It is always secure to choose a product with a warranty. The non-branded products can provide good service that comes with a warranty.


There are different types of bow sights with different types. You can get a good bow sight from $40 to $250+ If you are in a tight budget you can choose one from 40-100 dollars The beginning should start with a cheap bow sight. 

You have a good budget then you should one over $100. The expansive one comes with some additional features. 

Here I am suggesting a cheap bow sight and expansive bow sight.

The Best Bow Sights at a Glance

Now, I will again show up all the quality features briefly. Let's have a quick look.

  • Best material is material.
  • Ultra-lightweight sights use carbon fiber.
  • Must come with sight light.
  • Ensures better aiming.
  • A brandy product is a better option.
  • Price range $40-250.
  • Compatible with aluminum mounting bracket.
  • You can choose both moveable pin and fixed pin now sight.
  • Necessary features are available such as an adjustable knob, bubble level, no vibration, etc.

Final Words

I have discussed 10 fundamental factors of a quality bow sight. I discussed them broadly along with some suggestions. I have also added a quick view part. If you miss anything you will get it there.

If you are aware of every fact you will be able to choose the perfect one. Besides, you can follow my suggestion. 

Before wrapping up, I want to mention one thing. The best bow sight will not be best for everyone. So, you have to explore and find out yours best bow sights.

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