What is the Best Ankle Holster

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Introduction: Ankle holsters are one of the most useful things, especially for them, who need protection. The production of ankle holsters is growing day by day.

Different companies come with different qualities and models. But the fact is what is the best ankle holster among them?

Considering different factors, the best holster will vary from one another. The main thing is, you need a perfect combination. For that, you need to have the proper knowledge.

I have gained huge knowledge about ankle holes. Today, I will share my knowledge and helps you select the best ankle holster.

What is an Ankle Holster?

The ankle holster is a piece of important equipment for any gun holder. It is used to obscure a gun near the ankle. Mostly used by law enforcement employees to hide their secondary weapons. It is a very beneficial way of hiding the backup gun from the opponent's eyes.

Ankle holsters can be your rescuer sometimes. If you are attacked by any Mobb, robber, or threatened by any bad character, you can draw the gun from the holster and rescue yourself. As it will be covered by your pants, no one will notice it easily. 

There are some problems regarding this gun concealment equipment. It takes much time to draw the gun from the holster, sometimes makes difficulties while walking or running. Since it remains close to the ground, it can easily catch dust or dirt. Apart from these issues, ankle holster is a great apparatus for hiding any small gun for ensuring safety.

What is the Best Ankle Holster?

I will discuss different factors elaborately. Keep reading you will surely understand the main thing of a quality ankle holster.


Material is a very important thing. It will affect durability and carrying comfort. There are mainly 2 types of materials. 

• Leather

• Nylon

Leather: Once upon a time, leather was the most used material for an ankle holster. At present, the use of leather has decreased. Leather is comparatively expansive than nylon.

Leather holsters have a good number of advantages. They the most comfortable material. Besides, there is no chance of getting scratches to your gun. It also comes with water-resistant technology.

If you are determined to get a leather holster, then check out this product.

Nylon: Leather has been replaced with nylon. Nylon ankle holsters are considered as the most durable material. They are also cleaner in price. But you need to make sure the characteristics of nylon used in the holster.

In the case of nylon, there is one disadvantage. Some nylon holsters come with rough edges. It can dig in your ankle. 

Here is a suggestion for the best nylon ankle holster.

Safety Features

Safety is a very big issue of an ankle holster. Just a single mistake can cause big harm. Make sure, the holster can prevent any unexpected movement of the trigger. Then you will check whether it can prevent 2 kinds of movement of the hammer. (Rearward and forward)

Another thing you should ensure that the holster must prevent any unexpected disengagement from the safety mechanism. Inserting and removing will be easy and faster. Finally, ensure the absence of toxics. 


Adjustability has 2 parts. One is adjusted to your ankle, secondly, adjustable to your gun. At first, you need to watch out whether it fits your gun or not. If the holster is not compatible with your gun then it is good for nothing.

Now, checkout, if it is adjustable to your ankle or not. An unfit holster is always uncomfortable. 


Comfortability is one of the biggest issues. If the holster is uncomfortable then you may stop wearing it. You have to make sure of some essential comfort facts. 

  • Make sure, you can wear and remove it easily.
  • Say No to holster, that sweats a lot.
  • Make sure, it fits your leg.
  • Avoid elastic bands that become inefficient after a few days.
  • Ensure foam layers inside the neoprene.
  • The main material of the holster must be soft.


The quality mainly depends on the supportive features of a holster. Let's learn some of them.

  • Nylon strap edges: It is getting popular day by day. It prevents digging into your leg. Most of the manufacturers appreciated this feature and using it. You can easily run and walk having this feature.
  • Calf straps: Calf straps mainly redistribute the gun's weight over a wide surface. They make the holster stable. 

Another big advantage is, they ensure the fixed position of your holster. Calf straps adjust the holster through a vertical strap and wrap around the calf strongly. It helps to let it remains straight at a particular height.

  • Neoprene and Velcro: Letting the other two features behind, it becomes the most popular feature. It ensures the perfect position of strap like calf straps do. But it is more comfortable and easy to implement.


Concealment is the main reason behind using it. It is more important for law enforcement. You have to make sure, the holster is small in size. Make sure people can't get it looking from the outside. 

Easy Drawing System

I suggest getting a holster that is appropriate for both hands and legs use. You are not prepared for the situation when you need your gun. Considering the ultimate condition, you need to maintain the highest ease of use. 

So make sure that you can use it anywhere, anytime, with any hands.


Must ensure the factor durability. A product with low durability is always been a bad investment. Buy your holster for long-term use. 

Pay attention to the quality of the material. I have already said, nylon is more durable. But that doesn't mean, you can't choose leather. It can be both leather or nylon, but it must be long-lasting. 

Ankle Protection

Sometimes, people face unexpected problems in their ankle. The reason behind it is the ankle holster. You will never invest such holster willingly. Make sure the holster is highly padded and 100% safe for your ankle. 

Here I am suggesting a good product on the basis of ankle holster safety.

Easy to Carry

Your ankle holster should be easily carried. You may have to go for a long journey carrying an ankle holster. If it gets untightened or loosens easily then it is a bad quality holster. 

The next thing is you feel comfortable while carrying it. So before buying one, make sure, you can carry it easily. 


Ankle holster comes with different price ranges. You will get a quality holster from $10-$150. The price mainly varies from brand and features. I suggest getting one from a renowned brand.

Final Words

I have discussed 11 facts about quality ankle holster. If you read them carefully, then you will have no more confusion. Must ensure the comfortability, support, safety features. But the fact is, you have to search a lot to get the best one. 

I think it is still a tough task to combine the features and get one. I have an article about 10 best ankle holster. You can check out them for the ease of your investigation.

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