What is a Hang-on Tree Stand?

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Introduction: A tree stand is a tool that gives satisfaction to the hunters while hunting. When the hunting season is around, the hunters not only pay attention to their bows and arrows but also on their tree stands. Tree stands give a lot of privileges to the hunters.

There are numerous kinds of tree stands in stores. Like hang-on stands, self-climbing tree stands, tower(tripod) stands or ladder tree stands. Among all the tree stands, hang-on tree stands are preferable. Now you can ask why a hang-on tree stand is preferable.

 In this article, I will discuss details the topic "What is a hang-on tree stand?"

What Is A Hang-on Tree Stand?

A hang-on tree stand is also called a fixed tree stand. Like other tree stands, hang-on tree stands also have seats, platforms, and straps or chains to tie the stand with a tree. You can attach it to a tree with any height.

These tree stands are very easy to set up. You will need some ladders or climbing sticks to access the stand. It will work great of there is any tree with a lot of branches and a messy structure.

These hang-on tree stands are the lowest price tree stands in all. They are very lightweight that you can easily move it from one place to another. The platform will provide four square feet space to stretch your sore legs.

I have two important tips for hunters besides this. Don't buy a second hand or used tree stands. Don't buy a tree stand which is not certified by TMA(Tree Stand Manufacturer's Association). Always remember these two before buying any kind of tree stands.

Structure of A Hang-on Tree Stand 

Now time for details features of average all hang-on tree stands. I explored to search for many companies' hang-on tree stands. And now I will give the average body structure of all hang-on tree stands.

Average all hang-on tree stands have flip-up seats with a big foot platform. The cushiony seats will give comfort your back if you need to sit for a long time. You can stretch your legs comfortably in the large foot platform.

Maximum hang-on tree stands are made of steel which means it will be quite durable. Though these hang-on tree stands are made of steels the most common feature is they are very lightweight. Anyone can carry those easily from one place to another.

Some hang-on tree stands are very easy to set up and some are a bit difficult. Maximum hang-on tree stands have armrest places for your comfort. The weight taking capacity of these tree stands are awesome. The maximum hang-on tree stands can take almost 300lbs.

Many hang-on tree stands body are coated with special powder to resist corrosion. It comes with the required clasps or chains. You can adjust your height easily with this tree stand. So, allover I will say that hang-on tree stands will allow you to attain your target point very easily!

Characteristics of Quality Hang-on Tree Stand 

As I said before, there are many kinds of hang-on tree stands in shops, but all of them are not quality products. If you want to buy the best quality hang-on tree stands, you need to pay attention to some basic and important characteristics. Here are those-

• Durability

The most important feature which must be checked is durability. Your tree stand will be exposed the whole day in the sun and rain. Moreover, the material of the tree stands also ensures longevity. So, durability checking is a must.

Therefore, your hang-on tree stands will be a quality product if it has a durability guarantee.

• Lightweight 

You need to carry your hang-on tree stand on your back from time to time for finding a better place to hunt. It is absolutely a tiring trip. The less weight tree stand, the less trouble.

Qualified companies try to make their hang-on tree stands very lightweight for hunters.

• Size

You must check the size of the seat and platform of your hang-on tree stand before you buy it. The quality full hang-on tree stands have plenty of space to put their legs comfortably. Check the seat size too, make sure you can sit there with ease.

• Weight capacity 

It's a matter of safety too. If your tree stand breaks after you climb up and then you fall, that will be so pathetic. Maximum quality hang-on tree stands can hold over 300lbs weight.

If you are a plus size hunter, you should carefully check the weight taking capacity for your own safety.

• Comfort 

This is a very necessary characteristic. You have to sit almost all day and night to hunt bucks. So, if you don't feel comfortable, your butt and buck will pain must.

But, don't worry. Renowned companies made the hang-on tree stands with soft tender cushion, armrests, and backrests for you.

• Height 

You should buy a hang-on tree stands considering height. Hang-on tree stands are pretty flexible about height. The higher you will place your tree stand, the more precise vision you will get.

• Platform size 

Most of the qualitative hang-on tree stands have enough platform to stretch your legs. But, unlike other hang-on tree stand's platform is a smaller size.

Hang-on tree stands are portable, they need to carry. So, the small platform will help to carry this. Moreover, the smaller one is quite easy to set up than the bigger one. But technically, those hang-on tree stands have plenty of space to relax your legs!

• Safety over Comfortability 

While buying the best hang-on tree stand, you should give preference safety over comfortability. If you fall from the tree stand and break your back but your tree stand was comfortable, that’s useless.

Excellent hang-on tree stands are built with both safety and comfortability. No need to be worried!

• Avoid noise

This is a major fact. You know the animal instinct is far better than humans. They can hear the flimsiest sound from very far. If your hang-on tree stand has metal accessories and those make sounds, then stop hoping to get bucks!

Try to buy those qualitative hang-on stands which have no metal accessories or not make metallic sounds.

• Installation  

Installation hang-on tree stand depends on how it built. Great quality features hang-on tree stands are very easy to install. Even first-timers can set those in a few minutes.

Check the installation method before buying it. It is characteristic of a good hang-on stand is, the installation system will be simple.

Tips of Using A Hang-On Tree Stand 

Now time for some quick important and safety tips for using hang-on tree stands safely. Here you go-

  • Read your hang-on stand manual thoroughly. See the instructions for installing the tree stand. The use of other accessories given with the tree stand.
  • Never ever forget to wear a safety harness. Maximum hang-on stands come with safety harness nowadays. FAS(Fall Arrest System) is the safest.
  • Attach your safety harness with a strong rope or strap around the tree. Tie firmly. It will prevent you to fall from the tree stand.
  • Before climbing on branches, take little steps. Always test before climbing on a branch.
  • Many hunters feel drowsy because of sitting in one place boringly. It's quite natural, but it can be dangerous for your safety. You can fall from the tree stand while being drowsy or any big bucks can be missed by you! So, remain awake and alert.
  • Maintaining your tree stand is very important. Check your hang-on regularly before setting it up. It is simply that it can damage anyhow in rough weather.
  • Pick the perfect tree to hang your hang-on stand. It's true that you can choose any height tree to set up hang-on stands.
  • Stay hydrated. You have to sit for a long time and it’s tiring work. If you sip in your coffee or tea, it will be energetic and boost you up!
  • Before climbing in the tree, see the tree carefully. Check the tree and inspect that if it’s a poisonous tree or not. You can take help from Google.
  • Don't take too much load at one time while climbing on the stand. Pull all the items and weapons separately. Be careful about the weapons.


Hence, you already know many things about hang-on tree stands. The basic features, tips, every detail are described here. Actually, hang-on tree stands can give you the versatility of hunting. You can install any kind of tree you want.

Hang-on tree stands help the hunters to target and ambush their target properly. Since, you know may things now, keep the tips in mind and prepare for the next session of hunting.

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