What are The Pins on a Bow Sight?

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Introduction: For archers or hunters, bow sight pin is a very necessary and basic tool. But, What are the pins on a bow sight? It is quite an uncommon topic to discuss. That's why beginners have a tendency to buy bow sights without asking the favorable pin size.

So, I am here to give elaborate information about bow sight pins. Bow sight pins mainly help you to make your target very accurate. There are many size difference in pins and different pin size has various advantages.

Maximum archers, shooters or hunters use medium size pins. But, if you are curious to know other size pins, then continue reading!

Necessity of Bow Sight Pins

For beginners or professionals, the bow sight pin is quite necessary. It helps to focus clearly on the target point without any miss. But, many more shooters don't know much about the kinds and benefits of bow sight pins.

The pins help to get enough brightness in case of low light or bad eyesight. It helps to get the perfect visibility at the target point from long distance. The pins will help you to aim more accurately.

Actually, with the help of bow sight pins beginners or professionals both can get help equally. But, obviously, it needs the practice to get the pin on the bullseye.

But before the pins, you have to learn about bow sights. Without bow sight, there will be no bow sight pins. So, if you don't know much about bow sight pins, I have another article about "best bow sights". That article may help you.

Kinds of Bow Sight Pins 

There are several sizes of bow sight pins. First off, I will discuss three types of bow sight pins which are common. Let's jump into the discussion!

Largest Pin Size

This is the pin sight that comes sights with .029. This is the larger size and brighter. The brighter, the more visible. To many shooters, this size may be too big, and others may get it as a perfect size. 

The archers with poor eyesight will choose this size because it helps to give a clear vision from any distance. This size will work perfectly for the distance like 20/30 yards. It actually covers too much of the shooting target. There are many hunters who like to use multiple size pins in bow sights. They use .029 size pin for the distance of 20 yards.

You will love this size because it will give you the ideal brightness in low light situations. It will give accurate visibility. You can aim more precisely when you use this pin size. This size can help to relax the archer while aiming because this size shows less movement towards the target. So, the archer can less stressful. 

Medium Pin Size

This is the most common size with .019 sight pin which most hunters or archers use. This is medium and perfect for all. It really works great for the majority of hunters or shooters. Like the larger pin size, this one also covers many areas of the target. 

This medium size is bright much in the low light like the larger pins. Actually, this one is good for all types of distance. Like I said before, maximum hunters, shooters, or archers choose this one for their perfect aim.

Many beginner hunters or shooters don't know about the bow sight pin, but luckily maximum in all bow sights there are medium size pins. This helps a lot to cover the area of the target animal or position and gives brightness too. Like the larger pins size, this sight pin also reduces the stress and target panic of the hunters. 

Smaller Pin Size

The size requires .010 sight pin. This is the tiniest size you will get. There are many archers or hunters who like this small pin size because this one covers less of the target. If you want to shoot from a long distance, this one will help you to aim more precisely. It is an advantage when you can see much at what you are aiming at. 

But sadly, it has some drawbacks. The first drawback is, these pins are harder to see. They are not bright like the medium or larger in size. So, they need extra sight light to shoot in early morning or evening light. This extra light is strictly prohibited in some regions.

Another bad effect is, this size pin can cause you to target panic. If your shooting target is not firm, you may see that your pin is dancing around the target. Target panic creates this. 

Fixed Pin Sight

This pin sights come with 3/4/5/7/9 pins. These are totally fixed with the bow sight. Not adjustable. The problem is, it is difficult for many hunters or archers to see through the 9 pins and aim precisely. 

With 9 pins it seems blockage view and bad aim target at the point. That's why adjustable pin sights are a much more effective way. 

Single Pin Adjustable Sight

A single pin is the most user-friendly sights for shooting. It can make your target center very easily. If you go for a hunt, this single pin sight may be a little difficult. 

As the animal move always, you have to aim your target low, high, and continuously adjusting the pin. But, it will allow you to shoot from any distance. 

Multi-Pin Adjustable Sight

Recently this one is gaining eyes from the hunters and shooters. It works with 2-5 fixed pins which can be adjustable at shooting time. It is famous for giving a clear target vision from any distance. 

Here are some notable pins of this multi-pin adjustable sight. Ascent Assault, Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg, and Black Gold Pure Adrenaline. 

Digital Sights

This one is now attracting all hunters. New edition of pin sights. You have to use it by projected dots to make a target which will give you a clear vision. It has no pins. 

But check the local laws of where you are going to shoot if battery operated sights are legal there. I will recommend two options for these. Garmin's A1 and A1i.

Warnings and Tips 

You have to be careful about the fibers of your bow sight pins. Much longer fibers can offer you more light. A brighter pin can give you bright lights.

All the companies don't give a high amount of fibers in the sight. But, don't worry, high and famous companies give enough fibers in the pins. So, please check this before you buy one.

Somehow your fibers may crack as it is very fragile. When your fiber cracks, some lights get out from the cracking point. You need to replace or repair the fiber then immediately. 

Some of you feel very confused about what will be the color of bow sight pins. The common colors are Green, Red, and Yellow. Single bow sight pins are made with green pins and it is standard.

Green is the easiest and standard color for shooting. Green works great in low lights like early morning or evening. 


I hope now you have no confusing issues about bow sight pins and its necessity. I will say, if you are a beginner, you should pick .019 size pin sight first. After practicing, then you should move on to the other types of pins. 

But you should remember one thing, no matter which pins you pick for shooting, only practice can make your aim perfect. You have to practice, practice, and practice to make your aim precise.

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