Top 5 Best Step Stools with handle

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Introduction: In this modern era, step stool is a very basic necessity in the household or outdoor workplaces. Need to reach any high places? Step stool will be your right hand confidently. In online and market, you may have seen various kinds of step stools for daily life.

But, if you are talking about standing with full safety and confident, you need a handle grip in your step stool. Yes, today we gathered Top 5 Best Step Stools with a handle which will help you to choose one for you. Stool with handle makes your standing position and work more confident and secured. So, don't waste more time and read about these top products.

DMI Step Stool with Handle

In our hot-list, the best one is DMI step stool with handle el from Duro-Med. Made with heavy metal, this stool is durable and very sturdy.

Unlike many step stools, this product is crafted with a metal handle and a non-slip rubber hand grip. The feature ensures your safety. So, now stop being worried about reaching on high cabinets or beds.


  • Materials: Chrome-plated steel
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds
  • Load taking capacity: 300 pounds
  • Dimension: 17.3" length x 12.3" width x 34" height
  • Step platform measure: 10" width x 14.5" length
  • Height of the platform from the ground is 9"
  • Handle height from the floor is 34"
  • Very easy and simple assembly required
  • Reinforced and slip resistance rubber tubes at the bottom legs
  • Non-slip textured platform offers comfortable and confident standing position
  • Rubber padded handle


  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Perfect safety system with a comfortable handle grip
  • Enough load taking capability without damage
  • Lightweight and very easy to move around.


  • Please tighten the screws while assembling the whole stool

Final Thought

This amazing product helps to reach on high kitchen cabinets, beds, vehicles or out of the bathtub. The smart design with rubber pads and rubber tube handle offers the best safety issues.

The steel-plated construction assures the stability and durability of stool. The safety system, benefits, construction all are the best qualities.

Drive Medical Bariatric Footstool

In our bucket list, the second-best step stool with handle is from Drive Medical. This attractive stool is amazingly finished, solid and very sturdy.

This product is very great to use for upper shelves or tall cabinets. The non-slip surface and non-skid rubber feet assure the 100% security with stability. The sturdy handrail can be more supportive for standing confidently.


  • Materials:  Durable Steel
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Load taking capability: 500 pounds
  • Size: 13.25" length x 17" width x 9" height
  • Handle height from the floor is 34"
  • Step dimension: 9" height x 10" depth x 14" width
  • Colour: Silver
  • Crafted with durable steel 1" tubing with cross brace for more support and strength
  • The non-slip rubber platform feels comfortable while standing
  • The bottom legs contain anti-skid rubber
  • No, assemble required
  • Pros

    • Very easily transportable
    • Maximum load taking capacity without any damage
    • Excellent construction with solid steel
    • Great safety system
    • Don't need to assemble


    • The stool is not for kids

    Final Thought

    So, now don't worry about reaching anything high because this product will be your helping hand. All parts are extremely well welded for sturdiness.

    The lightweight makes this movable for adults and most seniors. It is a very utility item for workplaces. It can even use for medical footstool perfectly.

    Footstool with Non Skid Rubber

    Need to reach higher items safely and confidently? Check out our third product from Drive Medical. This product is super sturdy and comes fully assembled.

    The additional handrails offer more stability and safety. You can use it in the bathroom for reaching tall sinks and medicine cabinets. The non-skid rubber feet and rubber platform provide a stable position.


    • Materials: Steel
    • Weight: 8 lbs
    • Weight taking capacity: 300 lbs
    • Dimension: 13" length x 14" width x 9.5" height
    • Step size: 9.5" height x 14" width x 11" depth
    • Surface size: 11" depth x 14" width
    • Handle length is 34" from the floor
    • Colour: Silver vein
    • The reinforced rubber legs offer extra help for children to reach high sinks with mirror as well as adults too
    •  Non-skid rubber pads secure the safe position of standing with not being wobble


    • Perfect height for children and adults
    • Enough load taking capacity
    • Fully assembled
    • Very sturdy, solid and durable


    • Don't leave children with the stool alone

    Final Thought

    It is a great invention for regular use. This stool is sturdy, solid, perfect height, great safety system, the utility is outstanding for any quality stool. The sturdy handrail gives more help and stability.

    Etna JSNY Handy Support Step Stool

    Now presenting another outstanding stool with handle from Etna. This product has some amazing features which makes it so much popular.

    The stool has extended legs design which will prevent it from wobbling while standing on it. The safety issues make this stool easier to use.


    • Materials: Heavy fiberboard
    • Weight: 7.9 pounds
    • Load taking capacity: 300 lbs
    • Dimension: 12" x 18" x 34" height
    • Platform measure: 14" x 10"
    • The height is 9 1/4" from the ground
    • Extended tall legs on the four sides with rubber feet for more security
    • For comfortable support, there is a thick non-slip foam grip on the handle
    • The rubber legs hold the stool in a place with security


    • Maximum weight taking capacity
    • The handle can be separated
    • Very solid and durable
    • Can be used for multi-purpose
    • Increase independence for children and seniors


    • Tighten the screws while assembling please

    Final Thought

    The wonderful product with an extremely dark finish is a handy useful material for daily necessities. You can easily move this around for its lightweight.

    The perfect height, great safety features, sturdy construction with comfortable rubber pads make this stool amazing.

    Jobar Bath Step with Handle

    Last but not least product on our list is from Jobar International. It is basically a bath or shower stool with handle.

    A most wonderful feature in this stool is the handle lock-in safety system. It has a soft textured and non-slip rubber surface to stand comfortably. The high-quality construction ensures durability.


    • Materials: Durable Steel
    • Weight: 10.94 pounds
    • Load taking capability: 500 lbs
    • Size: 21.2" x 9.8" x 34.8" height
    • The handrail is a lock-in system which offers 100% security
    • Non-slip rubber feet added extra safety to prevent the stool from stumbling
    • The stool has a soft and comfortable non-slip rubber platform


    • Very durable and sturdy construction
    • Enough load taking capacity
    • Very easy to move
    • Very safe to use and increase confidence


    • Handle with carefulness while children use it

    Final Thought

    This step stool is mainly for bath or shower as we said before. You can keep your balance by using it while stepping in or leaving from bathtub or shower.

    The sturdy construction and comfortable platform are very great necessary for adult people who need help.

    Buying Guide

    I hope you have read all the reviews. But if you want to choose a single one from the list, you need to learn more. You may b in a confusion that which one you should choose.

    Well, I will discuss a part now "Buying Guide." Here I will discuss some essential facts about step stool with handle. So, read them carefully.

    Material: Material is always the first thing to consider. The durability of the stool will depend on the material. I have discussed stools made of different materials. So which one is the best?

    Well, all of them are highly durable. You don't need any specific material. It can be a wooden step stool or kitchen step stool with handle. The main thing you should consider is the quality. Make sure it is a high-quality material.

    Rubber feet: These kinda stools are a bit higher in length. If the stool slips then you may face short accidents. It is also dangerous for kids.

    If the stools are compatible with rubber feet then there is no chance of slipping. It keeps the stool stable and strong. It is a safety feature. Make sure your stool is compatible with this feature.

    Weight capacity: You don't need to worry about this if you choose one from my suggested product. A normal stool with handle generally has a bit load capacity. Make sure the stool can carry you easily.

    Choose a stool having a load capacity of 250+ pounds. If you have to use it in heavy work try to choose one with more load capacity. I have discussed a stool having a load capacity of 500 pounds.

    The handle: In case of a stool with a handlebar, the handle must be an important part.  Make sure the handle of the stool is strong. Also, look at the construction and joint.

    The handle should carry a big load. Make sure it can support you in an accident. It will help if the handle is covered with soft padding system.

    Others: There are some other facts like assembly, colour, budget, design and more. Also, check out them before buying.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    So, I have discussed every detail about these super amazing stools. But when I was researching about these stools, I saw some common but basic questions about these stools. When you will read about these stools, these questions may pop out in your mind. So, I'll attach these questions answers here.

    Therefore, carry on reading!

    Q: What will be the best material for a step stool with a handrail?

    A: Stools can be made of wood, plastic, hardwood or something else. But the thing if you choose steel or metal thing, that will ensure the durability of the stool.

    Q: Does these step stools fold up?

    A: No, these stools don't fold up. But these stools don't need much place to store.

    Q: What should be the weight of a step stool?

    A: I recommend the lighter ones. All step stools in our hotlist are very lightweight, so you can choose one easily.

    But, please keep in mind that the load capacity must be in 300-350 lbs though being lightweight.

    Q: Do those Handle removable from the stool?

    A: Yes, some of the stool's handles are removable. You can remove the handles while assembling the stool. Rather, read the descriptions before buying any stool with handrails.

    Q: Would the stools will be helpful for toddlers?

    A: Actually, the height of the platform is quite high for toddlers to reach. So, this stool won't be helpful for toddlers. But some of the stools are made especially for kids.

    Final Words

    I think you have understood everything about a step stool with handle along with some suggestions. The main purpose of this article is you suggest some quality products.

    All of my suggested products are compatible with the most necessary features. Still, they have some lacks and specialities in different facts. Reading the features you will understand which one is perfect for you. I have searched a lot about them and I can assure you a good service.

    Hopefully, you will get your dream product from the list. Thank you.