Top 5 Best Step Stool Chairs Review in 2023

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Introduction: You must have heard a lot about many kinds of stools. You have already known about the plastic step stool, wooden step stool, toilet step stool or folding step stool. But today, I will introduce you with step stool chair. These kinds of chairs have extra facilities which can be used for both chair and step stool.

These stools are nowadays a hot cake for its extra facilities and stylish design. So I will discuss here the top 5 best Step Stool Chairs. For our new customers, we searched a lot and got these 5 quality stool chairs. Don't waste much time and jump into the descriptions!

Cosco 11120RED1E Retro Counter Chair/Step Stool, Sliding, Red

At first, get introduced with the fifth stool chair of our list. This counter chair is from Cosco Products. This extraordinary step stool chair has some classic features. This stool is an easy solution for reaching extra height. It also offers comfortable sitting facilities and different height adjustment.

Its durable construction is perfect for any kind of works. The compact design with flip-flop seat offers many benefits. The retro chair has a comfortable cushion on the back and seat for comfort. The steps pull out from the below seat smoothly for climbing or resting foot.


  • Materials: Steel
  • Weight: 20.4 pounds
  • Weight taking capacity: up to 225 lbs
  • Dimension: 34" height x 15" width x 21" depth
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: Red
  • This product is very easy to assemble
  • Soft Vinyl Upholstery padding on the seat and back for a comfortable sitting position
  • It is not only a step stool or retro chair, but you can also use this as a stepladder too
  • The bottom leg has an over-moulded step treads to secure safety
  • This retro chair has non-marring legs which keep the floor clean


  • Easy to move
  • Convenient size and easily storable
  • Very easy to clean
  • Stylish design helps to decorate rooms
  • Long-lasting frame with flip-flop seat


  • The counter-height retro chair is a little heavy

Final Thought

This chrome finished and movable retro chair is filled with premium qualities. The all-steel body construction with a sturdy frame can be an incredible piece in your office, home or kitchen. The stable legs with secured moulded treads added stability in the retro chair. Children can use this chair or stool for reaching high too. Moreover, this quality step stool or retro chair has 10 years limited warranty.

DHP Luxor Stool

If you are searching for a simple but classy Step Stool Chair, then COSCO Luxor Stool will give you that. This is a very convenient product which can be used very easily anywhere. For example you can use it at your dining chair too for its stylishly simple design.

The wooden seat with the metal body makes it sturdy and long-lasting. The plastic cap at the bottom legs helps not to be wobbled and prevent scratch on the floor. The dark grey colour is very stylish to decorate your room with benefits.


  • Material: Antique Gun Metal
  • Load taking capacity: 210 pounds
  • Dimension: Seat is 12" x 12". The seat is 29.5" high from the ground
  • The stool chair is very easy to assemble
  • The plastic caps prevent scratches on the floor as well as helps not to be wobbled
  • You can use the stool chair for your comfortable sitting with the foot resting
  • Even babies can be helpful with this stool chair too


  • Very easy to move
  • Sturdy construction
  • Enough load taking capacity
  • Very compact design and convenient
  • Looks classy and stylish in the room


  • Non-adjustable height system

Final Thought

You can see, this stool can be used by both children and adults. It is made of sturdy for quality metal. Its safety system is better and can take the heavy load without damage. It will save your room storage as well as decoration. So, I will surely recommend this product to you.

Jin Step Stool Solid Wood Folding Ladder Chair Dual Purpose Step Stool 4 Step Ladder Rack Chair Multi-Convertible Stair Stool Home Kitchen Garden Library

Now get introduced with an environment-friendly stool chair from Jin. Wood is a natural product that means the stool chair is completely safe for everyone. This multi-functional stool is not only a chair but also a ladder.

This is a 4-step ladder stool as well as a chair. This wooden product can be used in home, kitchen, garden, library or the bedroom. At the bottom, the stool has two large surfaces to stand still and confidently.


  • Materials: Solid wood
  • Weight taking capacity: 150kg
  • Size: 35cm x 46cm x 88cm
  • Shape: Triangular
  • This stool chair is multi-functional and multi-convertible
  • You can use the stool for dual purpose. One for sitting, another for reaching high as a ladder
  • The large surface at the bottom gives a secured and confident standing position
  • You can put your different kinds of stuff on these steps for decorating
  • No harmful chemical materials


  • Very lightweight and easily transportable
  • Can carry enough load
  • Durable and environment-friendly
  • Multi-convertible usages
  • Smoothly sanded


  • It doesn’t have rubber pads at the bottom legs

Final Thought

This natural product with huge benefits can be an incredible stool chair for your daily life. The smooth finish with a different alternative style, this stool can be the best one. Even children can use it too. So, you can rely on this natural product easily.

Cosco Aluminum Retro Step Stool

Here is another outstanding product from Cosco Products. This is Cosco Aluminum Retro Step Stool. This is a two-step stool chair with sturdy construction.

This stool chair has comfortable soft cushion at the seat and back. The stable strong frames attached with the stool chair are a great support. The legs with moulded treads secure the safety system.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Load taking capacity: 225 lbs
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • The flip-flop seat design with long-lasting frame is perfect to use
  • The product needs to assemble
  • You can sit on this chair as well as use it to reach a high place
  • While sitting on it you can put your legs on the steps for foot resting


  • Lightweight
  • Can be used for multi-purpose
  • Perfect safety system with moulded treads at the bottom legs
  • Very convenient and movable


  • This retro chair is a little bit heavy

Final Thought

This outstanding stool, chair and ladder can be used in home, office or library. You can pull out the steps from the under-seat to climb high or footrest. Build with premium quality Aluminium, this stool chair must be long-lasting and can hold enough weight without wobble and damage.

Cosco 11130WHTE White Retro Counter Chair/Step Stool with Lift-Up Seat

This outstanding stool, chair and ladder can be used in home, office or library. You can pull out the steps from the under-seat to climb high or footrest.

Build with premium quality Aluminium, this stool chair must be long-lasting and can hold enough weight without wobble and damage.


  • Material: Sturdy steel
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Load taking capability: Up to 300lbs
  • Dimension: 18" x 18" x 34"
  • Colour: White
  • This product has quality Vinyl Upholstery which makes cleaning a breeze
  • Combo facilities which means you can sit on it comfortably and can reach high
  • It has a soft comfortable cushion to sit
  • At the bottom of the legs, it has rubber pads which help to use the stool chair confidently

Step Stools Pros & Cons


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and made of quality steel
  • Very long-lasting
  • Lightweight and easily transportable


  • The stool chair doesn't have an adjustable height

Final Thought

This white stylish and smart stool chair can be a charming decorating material. The safety system, construction, comfort all things are perfect for a quality stool chair. The extra sitting service with reaching high confidently offers the best facilities. So, you can read all the descriptions and choose one for your daily necessities.

Buying Guide

If you search for the "Best step stool chair" then you will find a lot of products. I have already described 5 quality step stool chairs among them. Now you may face a confusing that which one you should choose among well.

Well, it is normal. Different stool chair has different types of features. Some are good for keeping heavyweight while some are easy to transport. All these features make it hard to choose a single one.

I will now add another part where I will discuss some essential features. Read the discussion and you must get a solution.

Versatility: When you are buying a step stool chair then make sure you can use it for different purposes. There are some products which have a compact frame design and flip-up seat. So you can use it as a chair, stool, cart, mini table and more.

Try to find such kind of step stool chair. It will both save your money and consume less space

Material: Material is an essential thing for any kinds of products. Find. Step stool that is made of high-quality materials. No problem what the material is. It can be steel or wood or plastic. But make sure the material is sturdy.

If you can select a stool of sturdy material, it will provide long-lasting service.  Another thing to make sure the material is non-toxic. All of my suggested step stool chairs are 100% safe and durable.

Weight Capacity: Weight capacity is another major factor. If you are a healthy person then make sure the stool chair can a good load capacity. I think a step stool chair should carry at least 200+ pound. It will be better if it can carry 250-300 pounds

Easy Installation: Step stool chair sometimes requires a complex installation. I don't suggest these types of stool chairs. Try to find one which is easy to install. If you have such complex stool hair then get a helping hand when you set up the stool.

Others: There are some other facts everyone should consider such as transportation, brand, colour, design etc.

Buy a step stool chair which is easy to move. The fancy people should buy a stool chair with an attractive design. Try to get a stool chair of a renowned brand. It is not obvious but at least check before buying. Avoid defects and repulsive design.

Frequently Asked Questions

People always have so many thinking about any topic. When I was searching for the best step stool chairs I have also faced some questions.

Happy to know that I have collected those questions and I will show them with proper answer. So have a look at the FAQs

Q: How many ways I can use a chat step stool

A: Well, it is good as a chair, a stool, carts, and many more. You can set it in different ways. But you need to install it properly.

Q: What should the weight capacity of a step stool chair?

A: I have already mentioned. The weight capacity should be over 200 pounds.

Q: Which material is perfect for step stool chair?

A: It can be anything but I prefer steel. Make sure it is stainless steel.

Q: Is it essential to buy a stool of renowned brand?

A: No. But in that case, you have to make sure the construction of the stool is strong. Also, check out if there are any defects.


The article is all about 5 best step stool chair. I have shared my research and selected product. If you read the features and details you will understand whether they are worthy of buying or not.

I have also added a buying guide and some FAQs. I can assure you, all of my described step stool chairs are highly durable. So if you choose any of them then there is no chance to go wrong.