Top 5 Best Small Step Stool Reviews in 2023

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Introduction: A perfect small step stool has some unique features and long-lasting life. There are lots of suggestions for the best portable folding step stools.

All these create a confusing environment for us. Here I am with a selection of 5 quality small step stools. I will describe them with proper features, advantages, etc. So, let's get some information about the 5 best portable stools.

Miles Kimball Fox Valley Traders Portable Help Step, 16" W x 12" D x 4" Tall - Folds to Small Size for Storage, Non-Slip Rubber Step Surface for Safety, Durable Plastic Construction Supports 300 Lbs.

Are you facing problem to find out an excellent portable folding step stool? Don’t worry! Here is a small step stool from Miles Kimball Fox Valley Traders. The stool has some excellent features. It is portable, small and sturdy.

This product has a heavy construction design. It has a rubber coating surface to prevent from crashing. This durable portable stool has a carrying handle which is the best feature. That product is specially designed for travelers.


  • Materials: High-quality plastic
  • Load taking capacity: Up to 300 pounds
  • Dimension: 16" width x 12" length x 4" height
  • It adds 4 inches extra height
  • This small stool has rubber coating surface which secures a sturdy standing position
  • It has a strong hand grip to carry anywhere
  • Large platform to stand comfortably and confidently


  • Very lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • It folds up flat without any struggle
  • Very easy to clean
  • You can store anywhere


  • Not always helpful for children

Final Thought

This small portable folding stool offers all good qualities. Enough load taking capacity, great safety system, carrying handle, travel design make this stool perfect. You can use it to reach a little high cabinet, climb vehicles and others. With confident you can use this product easily. Honestly, I'll suggest this small step stool for you.

Cooking Stage | Kitchen Step Stool | Bed Step | Stove Step | 4.2 inch Step | Medium L32 X W16 X H4.2-10 lbs. | Advanced Polymer

Get introduced to this super sturdy portable folding stool from Cooking Stage.  This stool is integrated with some classy features which make it ideal. The stool can give extra height at the kitchen, bed, stairs and others.

The stool has a wide stable surface which helps to move confidently on the stool. It even looks good for its stylish design. The solid construction of this small step stool is outstanding.


  • Materials: Advanced Polymer
  • Weight: 10lbs
  • Load taking capability: 500lbs
  • Dimension: 32" length x 16" width x 4.2" height
  • The stool has a wide foot platform to move side to side or back to the front easily
  • You can use the small step stool with bare feet
  • The product has an anti-skid mat surface for safety
  • It adds 4.2 extra heights with your height.


  • Long-lasting stool
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Enough load capacity
  • Stylish design


  • Not for outdoor use always, UV ray is not good for the non-slip mat

Final Thought

This stool can give you extra height to reach on kitchen stoves, bed, stairs, etc. It’s super durable and comfortable to use. It's small step stool can carry a huge quantity of load without damaging the construction. So, read all the features and I guarantee you'll get the stool.

Kovot Indoor & Outdoor Mobility Step | Measure 17.5" L x 13.5" W x 3.5" H & Lightweight | Great for Seniors, Toddlers, Pets and More (Standard Ribbed Grip)

Searching for a comfortable and sturdy portable step stool for both indoor and outdoor? Here is a portable step stool from KOVOT Indoor and Outdoor.

Its durable construction is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. You can pick it up and move anywhere. The small stool has removable rubber tread topper if you don't need it. The product has a simple, smart, classic design. It is so small that you can store it anywhere in your house.


  • Materials: Black Polypropylene
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Weight taking capacity: 400 lbs
  • Dimension: 17.5" length x 13.5" width x 3.5" height
  • Extra-wide steps to move easily
  • The stool has removable black rubber tread pads so you can use it with bare feet
  • It doesn’t have harsh sides to scratch while using


  • Easy to move
  • Long-lasting
  • Convenient design with safety benefits
  • Saves spaces as it is small
  • Can hold a huge load


  • Children may find it a little bit high

Final Thought

As you can see it is a very great step stool for indoor and outdoor use. These products can be used for reaching a little height. The stool has a good safety feature, rubber pads. Its durable construction makes it perfect and quality stool. Considering everything I kept this stool in my selection.

EARTHLITE Wooden Step Stool - 4'' High, Large Surface, Strong & Stable Bed Step, Foot Stool, Massage Step-Up

Get introduced with this perfect small beautiful hardwood footstool from EARTHLITE. The stool has perfect smooth finishing. It has enough foot space to stand on.

The perfect and beautiful stool has anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom of four legs. For this, the stool won't be wobbled while standing. This stool is made of natural ingredient and has a natural finish and premium quality wax finished.


  • Materials: Hardwood Maple
  • Weight taking capacity: 250lbs
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Dimension: 4" tall x 12" deep x 24" wide(small stool).  7" tall x 12" deep x 24" wide (big stool)
  • It has a large and wide platform to stand comfortably
  • The product has a smooth finish with supreme quality wax
  • The rubber pads at the bottom legs help the stool to stand still


  • Easy to pick up and move
  • Enough foot space to stand
  • Carefully smoothly sanded
  • Save storage


  • Don't have rubber pads on the surface

Final Thought

This is a small beautiful stool can be used for multi-purpose. It can be used in the kitchen, climbing on bed, bathroom or getting on massage table. As this product is completely made of high-quality material and has perfect smooth finishing, you can choose this one for you.

StrongTek Foot Rest Under Desk, Desk Footrest, Rocking Foot Nursing Stool, Rocker Balance Board, Natural Wood, Non-Slip, Ergonomic Pressure Relief for Posture Support, Home, Office Use (18Wx11L)

Say hello to another classy small step stool StrongTek. This one is an amazing exceptional portable stool which is "rocking". It is mainly a footrest stool.

This wooden step stool has some outstanding features. Like, this portable step stool is rolling means it keeps sliding or moving forward and back. When you need to sit for a long time, your legs may feel pain, then using this foot resting stool, you can improve your blood circulation and keep your feet comfortable.


  • Materials: Lauan hardwood plywood
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Size: 17.7" x 10.5" x 4.4"
  • This product is designed by a former NASA scientist
  • The stool has non slip foot pad which helps to keep feet without slipping or sliding
  • It has textured top surface which helps to maintain the full-body balance while standing on it
  • It gives comfort and relief to ankles, feet, knee and legs by rocking it


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sufficient load taking capacity
  • Very heavily constructed
  • Long-lasting strength and durable
  • Saves spaces, you can keep it under the table


  • Not for children

Final Thought

This stool has some features which make it exceptional. This step stool can be used in home and office. You can use it without shoes if you feel comfortable. It has handles by which you can carry it easily. This unique and supreme quality product must be useful for you.

Buying Guide

I have already described the 5 best small step stools. On the market, you will find lots of stool without my suggestion. Some of the stools are made of plastic, some have wide space, and some are slip-resistant and other variations.

So which one you should choose? Well, here I am with a discussion which will help to get rid of these confusions. Here I will discuss some factors about portable folding stool. Okay, let's go to the main point.

• Durability: The first thing you have to consider is the Durability of a product. We know durability depends on the material and construction. So whenever you buy a stool make sure it is made of sturdy material.

Also, make sure every joint are connected well. If you find any defect reject the stool.

• Folding system: When you are buying a folding stool then you have to make sure ease of the folding system.  Make sure the stool can be folded easily.

Some folding stools create friction within a month. It creates ridiculous sound while folding. Make sure your stool will not be disgusting like that.

• Safety level: One of the most important facts is the safety issue. At present, there are so many disloyal companies who use chemicals in building the stool. The chemical is so much harmful for kids. So say no to these kinds of stools.

Another thing I will mention is the sharp edges of stools. It's better to buy round edge stools. Sometimes kids get wounded from those sharp edges.

• Weight & Load Capacity: A stool is good for nothing if the weight is excess. You have to carry the stool here and here so many times. If the weight is so much higher you will never like that. Even the kids will not be able to use a heavyweight stool. So try to buy a lightweight stool.

Load Capacity is another major factor. Before buying any stool make sure it can take a heavy load. Most of the stool I have described can carry 250-300+ pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have discussed almost everything about a stool. One last section I want to add. When I was searching for the best stools I heard some common questions. I have also made research and got the answer to the question.

Now I will share some FAQ about small step stool.

Q: What is the best material for a step stool?

A: It can be wood, plastic, hardwood or something else. But the thing you have to make sure the material is durable.

Q: How can I prevent slipping of a stool?

A: There are some stools which have anti-slip rubber pads on each leg. Those stools can prevent slipage.

If your stool doesn't have this feature you can cut any anti-slip may and fix it to the bottom of each leg. Make sure it can stand well after setting it.

Q: What should be the weight of a step stool?

A: I prefer a lighter one. It should be in a weight range of 3 to 12 pounds. But make sure the weight capacity is 200 or 250+ pounds.

Q: What are the medical benefits of a step stool?

A: When you are sitting on a chair for a long time, you may feel pain in your leg. If you rest your leg on any stool the blood circulation will improve. It will release the leg pain.


Reading the article you will get a good suggestion about 5 best portable folding step stools. I have to browse a lot to make this selection. I have shared every feature, pros, con and my thought about the stools.

I have also described a buying guide. The guide will help you to understand which stool you need. You will also be aware of disloyal companies. Finally, I have included some most asked questions of people.

I hope you will find the perfect small stool from the suggestion. Thank you.