Top 10 Best Round Wooden Coffee Tables Reviews

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Introduction: A coffee table is a formal centrepiece of your room. You can be creative for the design of choosing coffee table. Coffee table actually sits at the center of your room and screams for attention.

That's why you have to choose a coffee table which goes well with your room appearance. Round coffee tables are formal and blends with any kind of rooms. If your choice is wooden round coffee table, then I have made your task easier.

Here are top 10 round wooden coffee tables reviews with details. Take a quick look at the descriptions and you will get a perfect one as your taste.

Sharzane Round Sofa Table

Get introduced with a farmhouse style wooden round coffee table from Ashley Furniture. The table is made of solid pinewood and the most loveable thing is grey weathered finish. The table is a bit heavy but appropriate to set everywhere.

The dimension of the coffee table is 40W" x 40D" x 19H". The roomy tabletop is made of solid wood that ensures long-lasting service. Happy to know that this product comes with a manual and required hardware.

Assembling the table is ultra-easy. It will take only a few minutes. Cleaning the table is also easy. So, considering all the features, this rustic design coffee table must be a great option for you.


  • Material: Solid pinewood
  • Dimension: 40 x 40 x 19 inches (W x D x H)
  • Smooth finishing
  • Farmhouse style round shape
  • Easy to clean


  • Highly durable
  • Easy assembling system
  • Stylish design


  • Weight is slightly heavy

Final Thought

Sitting on the table, everyone will get the perfect attention. Moreover, the farmhouse style makes it more popular.

Convenience Round Coffee Table

Now presenting convenience concepts Oslo round coffee table elements with engineered wood. This furniture provides a modest decoration covering a very small space. The dimension of the table is 31.5"L × 31.5"W × 18.25"H.

The table comes with a round shape design. So, there is no chance of facing unexpected accidents (especially for kids). It also comes with a glossy white color with a well-furnished finish.

The table gives unique facilities functioning with blunted wood and medium density fiberboard. Both cleaning and assembling the product is very easy. Finally, following the Scandinavian modern design trends, it has become one of the most popular round wooden coffee tables.


  • Material: Engineered wood, MDF board
  • Dimension : 31.5"L × 31.5"W × 18.25"H."
  • Weight: 15 pounds only
  • Designed by modern style
  • Gives support on the floor by legs


  • Convenient usage
  • The furniture physique is hard and stiff
  • Well-decorated


  • Hard to find any negative side

Final Thought

This furniture is unique for its easy maintenance and desirable appearance.

Modern Short Coffee Table

Now it’s time to be familiar with a delicate and elegant short coffee table manufactured by Manhattan. The table has a round shape feature based on its wooden splayed legs. Its low height feature allows your living space to be furnished with a stylish look.

This table is available in two colors: off-white and white. This table has an ideal measurement of 31.49L x 11.81H x 31.49D inches which is a perfect suit for your home.

This furniture has been designed with a trendy style constructed with high-quality MDF and solid wood legs. Surely, you will be able to use it for a stable period. Moreover, it has a clean-lined silhouette.


  • Material: MDF board
  • Dimension: 31.49"L ×31.49"D ×11.81"H
  • Weight: 16.86 Ibs
  • Appropriate for multi-purpose usage
  • Stylish round shape design


  • Has a comfortable suit for any living space
  • Sturdily constructed
  • Polished outlook


  • Assembling may take a few minutes

Final Thought

Overall this table consumes less space. Moreover, with its stylish design, it can enhance the elegance of the living room.

Double Drop Leaf Round Wood Table

Today's first recommendation will be Winsome Wood Alamo. It's one of the most beautiful round wooden table presented by Winsome wood. Let's see what makes it so special.

To make this coffee table, the crafter used Solid or Composite Wood. And it is furnished with walnut finishing. So, the color is quite aesthetic and it is again very durable.

This excellent Mission Style Round Drop Leaf Table can be folded with its two leaves and store in a short place. And again open it completely to enjoy spacious surfaces.


  • Full open size is about 42" x 29"
  • Storage size is only 41.97" x 13.84" x 29.65"
  • It is best for 4 sits
  • Material: Composite wood


  • Easy to store
  • Good for the dining room or balcony
  • The material is free from PVC and other dangerous substances


  • Comes with only one color specification

Final Thought

Walnut finish creates the most standard wooden color. So, there is no way you don't like the color. Yet, the other specifications are definitely appreciable.

Modern Leisure Wooden Tea Table

If you are looking for a classic round-shaped coffee table, then no other product can beat the Modern Leisure Wooden Tea Table. Let's see the whys.

This beautiful coffee table is quite bigger in size and so, you can use it as your mini kitchen dining table. It is durable and designed with a very strong structure.

4 solid wood legs make the clear surface of the table more stable. Again, it has a heat-resistant coating that is not easy to damage.


  • Complete table size: 31.5 x 31.5 x 28.3 inches
  • You can carry it very easily as it is not more than 26.44 pounds
  • 4 pieces wear-resisting footpad ensure no scratch on the floor
  • A satisfying thickness of the paint layer makes it more resistant
  • The tabletop is designed with Multi-layer piano baking varnish technology


  • Easy to carry
  • Comes with black and white color combination
  • Classic design and solid wood feet
  • Good to use at home, balcony, and garden


  • Nothing very serious has appeared yet

Final Though

Yes, there is no reason not to love this beautiful table. So, give a rethink on it before switching to another one.

American Round Coffee Table

If you love to use a white coffee table with an imperial look then I think you should try Convenience Concepts American Heritage Round Coffee Table first.

You must be familiar with the American Heritage Collection. Well, this coffee table is a part of this collection. Moreover, it is well-known for its simple look and classic design.

It is made of MDF that means solid Rubber wood and veneer. And the design ensures long-lasting service.


  • Dimension: 30 x 30 x 18 inches
  • It's two tiers round shape coffee table
  • Weight: 25 pounds only
  • Non-slip four solid wood feet
  • Comes with 2 color variations


  • A very standard design
  • A product from the American Heritage Collection
  • Very easy to carry from one place to another


  • It's comparatively pricey in relation to other coffee tables

Final Thought

Isn't it true that you have a pay a little bit more when you are buying something more beautiful? So, I don't think the price will matter if you prioritize the quality.

Ashley Realyn Coffee Table

Some of us are really very fond of furniture with a rustic look. If you are one of them and looking for a round-shaped coffee table, then try Signature Design by Ashley - Realyn Coffee Table.

To be true, it's not completely a round-shaped table. It's slightly oval-shaped and that creates a beautiful appearance.

The crafter designed it with a chipped white finish that looks great. And there are four classic cabriole legs that increase the elegance of this product.


  • It is 47" x 34" x 20" inches in dimension
  • 2 tiers classic table
  • Provides extra storage area
  • It is made of veneers and engineered wood with cast resin components
  • 65 pounds in weight


  • Antique color combination
  • Large storage area
  • Imperial design with classic cabriole legs


  • It is comparatively heavier and not so easy to carry

Final Thought

So, it can be said that it is quite an attractive coffee table with an aesthetic outlook. I don't think you should miss the chance to decore your home with it.

Wood Concord Occasional Table

Let get introduced with another classic walnut finished round-shaped coffee table. And this time, I am talking about Winsome Wood Concord Occasional Table.

This classic round-shaped coffee table has come with a very aesthetic design and simple structure. Solid wood is used to produce this product.

A half-round shaped thin concealed drawer is there with the surface of the table. And it's 2 tiers table and so, it will let you have a better storage area.


  • This elegant table is 30 inches in dimension and 18 inches in height
  • Walnut finished with chrome-colored pull
  • It's very light in weight and so, you can carry it very easily
  • 2 tiers coffee table for more spaces
  • Concealed drawer with a durable knob


  • Very elegant design
  • Standard walnut color
  • Extra space with smooth drawer
  • Easy to carry


  • No serious complaint has come yet

Final Thought

If you have a look at this classic coffee table, I'm sure that you cannot ignore it.

Round Light Wood Coffee Table

Many of us are drawn to simple home furniture. Let's look at My Swanky Home Minimalist Large Round Light Wood Coffee Table from My Shaky Home. It is completely made of quality wood and surely lasts for a long time.

This table is round in shape and provides a different yet natural outlook. You will be able to feel the texture of the wood. This will surely suit any kind of indoor settings.

It is great for any kind of use and offers superior mobility. The weight of the table is near 66 pounds. The woods are from high-quality wood with a veneer overlay.


  • Poses an aged walnut finish with natural texture
  • Offers minimalistic design
  • Suitable for 3-5 people
  • All the tables are handmade by master craftsmen
  • The size of the table is around 41 inches in diameter and the height is approximately 18 inches


  • It is made of high-quality java wood and hardwood composite
  • Comes in a perfect weight for optimal stability and mobility
  • Capable of enhancing the overall outlook of any interior design


  • There is no mentioning of waterproofing and weather sealing

Final Thought

In the end, we can say that it is a very eye-catching and sturdy table for any kind of use. If you want to use it in a small liquor shop or cafe, it will surely grab more attention.

Traditional Solid Pine Coffee Table

Now we will look into Amazon's home brand table from Ravenna Home. It is called Ravenna Home Traditional Solid Pine Coffee Table. This table is a perfect match if you want a round-shaped classic style table for your dining or living place.

This coffee table comes in an elegant coffee-colored finish with a smooth surface. It suits any classic and retro style interior environment. If you want to use it in a cafe you are thoroughly welcomed.

You will like its small storage facility which will work as a hidden shelf. This is very convenient for a small indoor setup. It is great for holding decors and other appliances too.


  • Features solid pine wood
  • Offers modern and minimalistic design
  • It comes in 38 inches in diameter and around 19 inches in height
  • Provides a classic Espresso color with a smooth finish
  • It comes in a moderate weight of 48.9 lbs


  • Offers unparalleled built quality
  • Comes with a 30 days return policy
  • It comes with a strong stature that is built to last long
  • Easy to assemble and offers hassle-free maintenance


  • Does not include any weather sealing and scratch resisting facility

Final Thought

Finally, we would like to encourage you to select this table from Ravenna Home for its marvelous quality and sleek design. It is also entitled to a customer-friendly warranty policy.

Buying Guide

While buying the best round-shaped wooden coffee table, you have to ensure that you are well aware of some specific factors. It is important to avoid buying the wrong product and end with a sad face.

Table Size: First, learn exactly what size of a coffee table you need. If you need to place more than 4 seats around the table, you have to buy a comparatively bigger one. For a standard size coffee table, you can set r seats at once.

If you want to use your coffee table as a kitchen dining table, you have to then buy a comparatively longer coffee table. So, buy the table checking the size you need.

Material: The next factor you have to prioritize is the material of the table. You can find coffee tables made of wood, metal, or plastic. You can also find some super expensive coffee table made of stone or marble elements.

So, think about what type of coffee table you want and then buy the exact one you need. You can also buy the Best Round Metal Coffee table.

Design: You can also find coffee tables with different designs. Some come with multiple tiers where some include only one. Some cones with classic and simple design while some have imperial outlook.

Again, you can find some tables with additional drawers and racks. So, check different designs and select which one you like most.

Price: As you know that coffee tables can be of different materials, shapes, sizes, and designs, price varies according to the quality. But you can get a standard size coffee table from 200$ to 600$.


Q: Can I Use a coffee table as a kitchen dining table?

A: Yes, you can use some of the round-shaped coffee tables as the kitchen dining table. But for that, the table should have a moderated height though the surface diameter doesn't matter. You can buy Modern Leisure Wooden Tea Table if you want to use it both as a coffee table and a kitchen dining table.

Q: Where can I place a round-shaped coffee table?

A: You can place a round-shaped coffee table anywhere at your home or yard. In most of the cases, people place it in a corridor, balcony, living room, or in the garden.

Q: How can I clear a wooden round-shaped coffee table?

A: Cleaning a wooden round-shaped coffee table is not a big deal. Especially it will be easy if you manage to keep it clean always. You can just use a soft wipe or towel to clean the wooden table. You can spray any good quality wooden furniture cleaning agent with a moderated amount and wipe it smoothly.

Q: Where can I get the best round-shaped coffee table?

A: You can find a round-shaped coffee table in your nearby furniture shop. You can also buy it from an online shop.

Q: How to avoid scratch on the floor made by the coffee table?

A: You should buy a coffee table with non-slip feet to avoid unwanted scratches on the floor.

Q: How many seats can I place around a standard size round shaped coffee table?

A: Generally, a standard size round shaped coffee table is suitable for 4 seats.


So, you have learned about the 7 best round wooden coffee tables and some important information about it. Now, think about what kind of table you need and buy the appropriate one for you.

You must have seen that I have shared different types of wooden coffee tables so that you can find the best one for you.

So, here we end today. Very soon, we'll come with something new. Till then stay safe and stay with us.