Top 30 Best Ladders Accessories Under $50

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Introduction: A ladder is a piece of very important equipment for our regular life. Almost everyone uses a ladder for different purposes and it is a bit risky to use a ladder.

A study of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons says that every year almost 500000 people face ladder accidents and 300 people die in ladder-related accidents.

There are many ladder accessories available to prevent these accidents and make your work easier. In this article, I will describe 30 ladder accessories under $50.

Most of the manufacturers such as Werner, Attic Ladders, Little Giant and others are producing ladder-related accessories with different types of ladders. A ladder contains enough safety material but the extension tools can make it safer and more suitable for work.

Different ladder accessories are used for different purposes. Before describing them, let's know some well-known ladder accessories.

First of all, for providing extra protection there are some ladder accessories available.

Stabilizer, wingspan, utility hook etc. are in this category. When you are at the top of a ladder you need more protection.

When you have these accessories, you can mount your ladder and make it still to a place. You can give extra weight to place it perfectly or you can give extra support on the ladder and the ladder can take heavy weight easily.

When you are a professional worker and use ladder regularly for painting, cutting trees, repairing circuits and others, a ladder bucket, caddy, pail shelf or tool tray is really necessary for you.

You can easily place a painting can, hammer, cutter and other necessary tools inside the bucket or on the tray. Most of the caddies or trays are crafted on the way that you can also keep the small tools such as nuts, bolts, screws on the tray or in bucket easily.

When the pulley of a ladder gets damaged, there is ladder replacement pulley. You can now replace them instead of changing the ladder. For keeping your wall out of sketch there is ladder cover.

You don't need to worry while you move off the ladder frequently on any surface. There are also safety charts available which give proper instructions on usage and storing of a ladder.

Already you have understood about ladder accessories and the usages of them. Now get to know details about the products.

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RecPro Marine LHW-LAK | Boat Dock Ladder Hardware Attachment Kit | AL-A3 AL-A4 AL-A5 & AL-C4 Boat and Dock Ladders

Recpro Marine is a necessary ladder attachment kit which increases the safety level of a ladder. You can mount your ladder as many places as you want to ensure safety.

This ladder attachment kit can be used on five steps, four step, three step and the heavy duty four step aluminium folding ladders. There you will get three years limited warranty.

In the tool, you will find 2 stainless backer plates, four stainless bolts of 1.75 inch, 4 stainless lock nuts and 4 washers.

The good thing is the attachments of 2 stainless footman loops secure the ladder to the deck. I think this ladder kit is a useful one.

Werner AC56-UH Ac56 Lock-in Utility Hook

Utility hook is an important ladder accessory. When you are looking for this tool then Werner lock-in utility hook is a reliable product for you.

You can use this utility hook for multipurpose. This utility hook is made with plastic but the hook is made of metal only. It also comes with an attractive blue color.

Happy to know that this utility hook is compatible with different ladders, especially with Werner series ladders.

Werner 6000 series, 6100 series, 6200 series, 6300 series ladders are included to that list. It is also compatible with job station Stepladders. Utility hook keeps cords from getting tangled. It is also used as a tool towel holder and holds extension cords, project materials, garden hose and others.

The weight if this utility hook is 3.2 ounces. So this product must be a good one.

Werner Flipper Replacement Kit 29-1 - Extension Ladder Parts

I have already mentioned that Werner is a trusted company and it provides the best climbing equipment. They are also providing an awesome flipper replacement kit.

A good advantage of this kit is it is fit for all Werner aluminium and fiberglass extension ladders. The overall length of this product is 3 inch. There are 2 lock flippers and hardware included with this product.

The outside width of the mounting slot is 1 inch and it is 5/8 inch on the inside. The length of the mounting slot is 1 inch. Don't worry about installation. 

Proper instructions are also provided with the product. So you don't have to look for another flipper replacement tool kit when you have known about it.

Werner AC30-2 Extension Ladder Replacement Rope

It is another ladder equipment from Werner. Replacement ropes for extension ladder are easy to find and Werner provides the best one.

This replacement rope comes with black color. Mounting hardware is also included with this replacement rope. It is fit for any Werner extension ladder under 41 foot.

You should keep in mind that you cannot use this product on a ladder with a double pulley system. The product dimension is 18 x 3 x 5 inches and the weight is 9.9 ounces And finally, you will get proper instructions on how to use the item.

So surely this product is good enough for any extension ladder of Werner.

Westinghouse Lighting 66991 Black LAMP Post CROSSARM

If you are finding a lamp post crossarm them Westinghouse lamp post crossarm is one of the best options for you. This product comes with black color. On the each end of the ladder there are poly carbonate spherettes. It is a brass-colored. The bar is made of metal. 

The weight of the product is 3.2 ounces. The diameter of the bar is 3/4". So overall I think this strong and stable product should be a good choice for you.

Werner AC58-TL Ac58 Ladder Tool Lasso with Belt Clip

When you use a ladder for various works regularly then this product is a useful one for you. For holding any tool at the top of a ladder this product from Werner is the best.

There are 2 bungees and a belt clip available. So you can also hold any extension on your belt or pant. You can wrap it around any tool and adjust anywhere easily.

This product is also a durable one as it is made with high-quality plastic and rubber. It is fully compatible with Werner 6000 series, 6100 series, 6200 series, 6300 series.

You can also use it on any job station stepladders. So get this product and make you any tool doesn't drop accidentally while working.

Tornado 00525 Ladder Hook (2 Pack)

Ladder hook is a great solution for mounting a ladder. Tornado comes with a quality hook ladder for mounting extension ladders, foldout paint ladders and large hoses.

You can also mount drywall or a wall stud strongly with this product. Steel and wire welding has made it sturdier. There are two editions of this product, black and orange. This hook let you expand your storage possibilities with multiple hooks.

There are notches on the plates and for that, you can easy levelling and alignment is easier. This is no complexity to attach this product with anything.

You only need some screwdriver to install it. So with more simplicity, this is a great tool for you.

Werner AC19-2 Extension Ladder Covers, 12.5', Blue

Ladder cover is a useful ladder accessory which increases the stability of a ladder. It also protects your wall, vehicles, and doorways from getting scratched or damaged.

Werner is here with this cool extension ladder covers. This ladder cover also has some advantages. It improves the grip. So when you are at the higher steps you are safer.

The covers keep the ladder safe from stain, dirt, solvent and other harmful objects. This cover is compatible with all single and extension fiberglass and aluminium ladders.

Note that this cover is not usable for some series of Werner ladders. I think everyone should use a cover for their ladder and this is the best suggestion.

Werner AC52-UB Ladder-Accessories, Blue

Werner comes with another useful bucket which can be attached easily with a ladder. This bucket can hold essential tools for working. So you don't need to go down or ask for tools or carry tools while working.

This ladder accessory comes with a blue color which looks really attractive. It is made of high-quality plastic.

The weight is 1.2 pound and easy to carry. The bucket is strong enough to carry a good load. It is completely suitable for Werner 6000 series, 6100 series, 6200 series, 6300 series and Job station Stepladders.

You can choose this one and I think you will love the way the bucket will give you space for tools.

Attic Ease AEPSP Ladder Pull System Kit Finish, Pewter

Do you hate annoying string falling from your hallway?

This product is a great solution for you. It properly cleans up the look of the attic stairs.

A great thing about this product is there is a convenient storage hook attached with the product which keep it out of the sight when it is not in use. The weight of the product is 0.65 pounds. It comes with pewter color. In the product you will get a hook, set screws, pull ring, nut washer and storage hanger.

Happy to know that you can install it within just 2 minutes. So no more disturbance of hanging chains or string. Just get this awesome and nice looking kit.

Werner AC54-JC Ladder-Accessories

Werner has a good collection of caddies and buckets which can be attached with ladders. This caddy has come with a different shape. It can carry materials of odd shapes. Besides, you get big storage from this caddy.

You can easily move your ladder and the objects inside the caddy do not fall down. This product is made with thick plastic. It is strong and durable. It comes with an attractive blue color.

You can comfortably use it on Compatible with Werner 6000 series, 6100 series, 6200 series, 6300 series and job station stepladders. The installation system of the caddy is also really easy. I think this product will be helpful for you while working.

Qualcraft 2481 Ladder Hook with Wheel

Ladder hook is a safety ladder accessories. Qualcraft comes with a stylish and durable ladder hook to secure your safety. There is a wheel included with ladder hook.

So you can easily roll the ladder and the shingles will not be damaged anymore. The weight of this ladder hook is 4.7 pounds.

Happy to know that powder coated steel is used to craft this ladder hook. So no question should raise about durability now. Wingnuts of both hook assure a strong holding and the ladder remains in proper place as well.

You can use this ladder hook with extension wood, fiberglass, aluminium, round and D rung styles ladders. So undoubtedly it is a cool product from Qualcraft.

Little Giant 15050-001 Fuel Tank Vertical Paint Roller Tray Ladder Accessory

If you are willing to paint your wall using a ladder by yourself then a paint tank is really necessary for you. Little Giant has a nice edition of a paint tank which is really special. This product can hold a full gallon of liquid or paint.

A good feature of this product is the magnetized brush holder. It keeps the ladder brush and other tools free from color and you can set them anywhere you want.

This ladder accessory is 0.92 feet and the weight is just 1.5 pounds. Happy to know that cleaning this product is the easiest job.

Just let the paint dry and it will peel out automatically. Not only painting but washing anything is also easier with this fuel tank. This product is made with plastic polymers and comes with black and orange color.

It is perfect for any Little Giant ladders. So save your time and works flexibly with the help of this awesome ladder accessory.

Little Giant 15040-001 Cargo Hold Tool Bag Ladder Accessory

Little Giant comes with an awesome cargo hold tool bag to reduce your complexity during work. You can perfectly future the bag on your little giant ladders. You don't have to do up and down for getting any tool. You can keep them inside the tool bag and take them easily.

For providing a good day and they have used ballistic nylon and steel to craft the product. The weight of the product is 1 pound. You can also set up the tool bag to your ladder easily. There are two colors available for this product, black and orange. The tool bag is lighter and easy to carry.

So for saving time and increasing safety, this cargo hold tool bag is a useful ladder accessory.

Werner PK76-3 Auto Closing Pail Shelf, for Use with 400 Series Aluminum and Fiberglass Step Ladders

Pail shelf is a necessary accessory for working with a ladder. Werner has come with a quality auto closing pail shelf which can carry any bucket or paint box easily.

This is a spill-proof pail shelf. This product also closes automatically with stepladders. Installing hardware is always been a problem. This product comes with mounting hardware as well as set up instructions.

So it is simple to install. This product is compatible with all Warner fiberglass ladder and 400 series aluminium ladder. This product us 2.21 pounds and carry a good load. This pail shelf comes with black color and a stylish look.

So, this product must be helpful to you.

AL Stepladder Safety and Instr. Labels

Climbing a ladder is always a matter of risk. Many accidents occur each year falling from a ladder. We can prevent it by maintaining some instructions.

With most of the ladder we get set up instructions but it rare to find the instructions about safety. This product is a kind of safety thing that will help to gain knowledge about using, storing, setup and other.

With this safety chart, you will get the proper way of climbing a ladder. The wrong ways of climbing are also mentioned. Proper way of storing that must increase the durability.

You will also understand the proper way to installation and maintenance method. So everyone should keep this who is using a ladder. Before buying it note that if the safety chart is compatible with the ladder you have or not.

Louisville Ladder LP-2200-00 Stabilizer

Ladder stabilizer is a safety ladder accessory which giver more protection while climbing. Louisville comes with an awesome stabilizer fit for Louisville extension ladders with rails up to 4 inches by 1 3/4 inch. This product is made with strong aluminium.

There are 2- U bolts attached with this ladder stabilizer. The installation system of the ladder is really simple. This stabilizer comes with silver color and it looks good after setup.

When you will have this extra protected, you can confidently work on the top of a ladder. So get this ladder accessory and increase safety level.


Louisville comes with another ladder accessory pail shelf. Pail shelf is a useful product that simplifies your working. When you are painting then this product is a helping one. You can place your paint tank on the pail shelf. The weight pail shelf is 1.46 pounds. it can carry a good load on it.

This pail shelf is really easy to install. High-quality material is also used on the product. It has a stylish look and comes with black color. The product dimension is 12.4 x 12.4 x 2.2 inches. It is really easy to use. Besides cleaning up the pail shelf is also homemade.

It is compatible with most of the Louisville ladders. So get the pail shelf and make your job easier.

The Ladder Sidekick Ladder Accessories

Sidekick is an awesome ladder accessory everyone should have bought to make their job easier. This sidekick is a stylish and sturdy one. It is made of high-quality aluminium which ensures great durability.

Happy to know that it is compatible with almost every ladder. It comes with black color. The weight of the ladder is 4.8 pounds. Don't feel it heavier as it is giving good advantages.

As it is a bit heavier it is more stable and it can carry a big load. Any small or big, any kinds of tools can be placed on this product. Not only on a ladder it can be placed to any scaffolding easily.

Another big advantage of the product is you can install the sidekick facing no complexity. So this one must be helpful for you.

Rack-A-Tiers 65300 Ladder Mate

Looking for a handy caddy for your ladder. This product will be a suitable caddy for anyone. The size of the caddy is a bit bigger and there is a little part as well attached with the caddy. That means you can place any big or small tools inside the caddy.

This is a lightweight caddy and easy to carry. The weight is just 2.45 pounds. But don't feel it a weak one.

It can carry a good load and it is made with strong materials. You can set up the caddy easily to most of the fiberglass, aluminium and best wooden ladders. I think this one is a good solution for you.

Little Giant 10111 Wing Span/Wall Standoff

Wing span is a safety ladder accessory and little giant comes with a quality wing span compatible with most if the little giant ladder. This wing span is made with tough aluminium. So you don't need to think about the durability. The weight of the wing span is 6.61 pound.

With the protection of this wing span it is safer to work on the top of a ladder. The product is manufactured in China. The width of this wing span is 50 inches.

This product can hold a ladder more hardly. Attaching and removing process is really easy as well. So undoubtedly this one is a good one for you.

Little Giant 15012 Project Tray Ladder Accessory

Little giant comes with an ingenious project tray which is full of some cool features. No more struggle with tools while working on a ladder.

This ladder accessory provides an expanded location for any tool. The tray is made of quality materials. It comes with black and orange colors. A stylish look and fit to almost all little giant ladders. This project tray is a sturdy one and it can hold up to 25 pounds.

The most advantageous feature of the project tray is the magnetic dish. So no more fear of losing screws, nuts, nails, bolts and other small tools. So get project tray and works effortlessly on a ladder.

Werner Extension Ladder Replacement Pulley Assembly, Kit 31-12

Very often we need to replace a worn pulley and other simple parts. Werner comes with this product to make that easier for you. This set of packages includes pulley assembly, rung bracket, pop rivet, nut and bolt. The product is 4.8 ounces on weight.

You can use them on any Werner aluminium and fiberglass extension ladder. The pulley is sturdy and rolls smoothly. Installation instructions are also provided. And it is really easy to set up. You can make your ladder functional installing this kit.

So no more worries about chipped cracked pulley when Werner is supporting with this cool ladder accessory.

EZ strap Universal (2 Pack)

Here comes another safety ladder accessory. Strap down your ladder and place is more accurately and increase the safety. There are ventech hook and loop strap to strap perfectly.

There you will find 2 straps in this product. The weight of the product is 10.6 ounces. Ladder strap products shouldn't use for a very long time. It gets weaker with strapping. So I suggest you replace the product using after 2 years.

This product is compatible around all Van-tech crossbars with an outer measurement of 7.5 feet. There you will also get instructions for strapping. Hope this product will be a helpful one for you.

Xtend & Climb Protective Top Rung Cover TC811 fits 750P, 760P, 770P, and 785P

Does your wall getting scratched having the friction with your ladder? No need to worry now. Here comes protective rung cover to keep any surface safe from scratches. This product is made from heavy duty silicone.

Size is another factor of a rung cover. There are two sizes available of this rung cover. Hopefully, any of them will match with your ladder.

The weight of the rung cover is just 5 ounces. So your ladder will remain almost same weight having the cover. The cover comes with white color. It is made with soft rubber and that provides extra grip. Everyone should use this ladder accessory to protect the wall and other surfaces.

Project Tool Tray

Another ladder accessory, project tool tray from Werner. This project tool tray is compatible with a big category of Werner ladders.

This tray is designed greatly that you can set any big or small tools easily on the tray. It comes with an attractive blue color. The project tool tray is 2.8 pounds. It is able to carry good weights. You can use this tray specially while painting.

A painting bucket can easily be placed on the tray. Besides, with other works, you can place the tools easily. Small tools like nuts, bolts, screws are also safe on the tray. Removing and setting up the tray is also really easy.

So get this cool project tray and make your job easier.

Replacement Swivel Feet Kit for Level-EZE and Ladders

Here comes another necessary replacement kit for your ladder. This kit can easily be installed on your ladder. It makes your ladder more stable.

You will get 2 steel swivel feet. Happy you know that is also rubber pad provided with the swivel feet. It is 6.33 inch in length and 2.7 inches in height. The product is made in the USA.

Installation is a big problem for everything. For making it easier there you will get 2 bolts, 2 nuts and safety label with this product. A proper instructions guide is also given with it. Hope this will be a useful one for you.

Heavy Duty Extension Ladder Anti-slip Rubber Feet,Adjustable Ladder Feet,2pcs PK

This is a safety ladder accessory with a stylish look. With this product, you will find a pair of anti-slip rubber feet. There is no chance of displacement of the ladder.

This anti-slip feet comes with red color. This product is 10 cm in length and width. In height, it is 1.7 cm. You can set this rubber feet to any direction you want.

Happy to know that you can fit this rubber kit to any aluminium extension ladder. It is just 1.41 pound. Another great thing is it can be installed easily. There you will also find an installation guide.

So I think everyone should use this safety kid while working and it is a good choice.

Laddergo XT Ergonomic Ladder Handle

Making your life easier this product is a very useful one. Now you can carry your ladder here and there easily with this amazing ladder handle.

It is perfect for carrying aluminium and fiberglass ladders. Don't feel it too heavy. It is just 1 pound. It can carry up to 150 pounds. This kit comes with an attractive yellow color. It is made with quality material and a soft rubber is attached for holding comfortably.

Most of the time we use our two hands for carrying. Now you can carry the ladder with one hand and no more shoulder or elbow pain. When we are on an outing with a ladder then it must be the most helpful ladder kit for you.

Jungle Gym Kingdom 18" Trapeze Swing Bar Rings 48" Heavy Duty Chain Swing Set Accessories & Locking Carabiners (Green)

A cool equipment for the children who like to climb rope ladder or climbing. Jungle gym kingdom comes with this product for multipurpose.

You can use it as playset equipment, swing seat or exercise equipment. Using this trapeze your children can increase the strength of hand and arm as well.

A cool this about this trapeze is that it is fully assembled. You just need to hang it in a suitable place. There are two steel carabineers and stamped jungle gym kingdom chains are attached.

The handle is really strong and gives a good grip. Overall this a very good playset equipment for your children.

Choose the appropriate accessories‚Äč


Here I have discussed 30 ladder accessories of different categories. First, you need to select the accessories you need. Then you have to buy the long lasting product. Keep reading and get some tips.

Suitable for your ladder or not: Each product doesn't suit to each ladder. For example, a Werner closing pail shelf may not suit on a little giant or a Louisville ladder. Besides a product suits on a fiberglass ladder may not suit on a wooden ladder.

So the first thing is you have to make sure if the product is appropriate for your ladder or not.

Choose products according to your need: There are many accessories which are totally useless for you. If your ladder is fit and okay you don't need to buy any repairing tools.

If your ladder is strong enough to carry the high weight you don't need to buy any extra protective safety device. So buy those products which will come to any use.

Outside workers don't need ladder cover: Ladder cover is a useful ladder accessory if you work inside the house or any protective surfaces such as vehicles, walls etc.

When you work outside on a tree, electric pole, forest then a ladder will be a useless product for you. Rather the cover will get damaged soon.

If you use a cover while working inside the home, your wall will remain safe.

Safety first: If you ever feel your ladder insecure, you should buy safety devices for the ladder. There are many ladder accessories which can give extra support to the ladder. That will be more secure for you.

Bucket or tray for both small and big objects: A ladder project tray or bucket is a very useful product. But all of them can't be a profitable choice for you. Some of them can carry only big objects like a hammer, pot, saw etc.

Small tools like screws, nuts, bolts etc. may have chances to get lost with them. Some of them are crafted with a magnetic part which can also hold the small tools.

You should but those type or a perfect one which can hold all sorts of objects.

Budget: Budget is a big factor while buying. If you think of buying a ladder extension costing much then it is kind of silliness.

I suggest you buy a good ladder instead of costing much on ladder accessories. But accessories of a normal budget is a great support for your ladder.

I have discussed 30 ladder accessories and all of them are under $50.

Observe carefully before buying: When you are buying a product from a market, you should check it carefully.

Many products contain some problem and sometimes people miss that. Later on, they suffer from a wicked product. So be careful before buying.