How to Using a Tree Stand

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While hunting any animal, hunters often need different types of tools that can ease their operation and a tree stand is a kind of a tool that can make the hunting mission easier.

Specifically, deer hunters need this appliance for making a perfect target. That's why a tree stand is also known as a deer stand.

Now come to the topic of how to properly using a tree stand. If you are a beginner with this equipment then you need to learn the techniques of using it properly. So I am here to describe the proper methods of using a tree stand in detail.

This article is going to give you a view of climbing on a tree stand with decent methods. Therefore, read out the whole article so that you can have adequate knowledge about the methods before climbing a tree stand and increase your confidence level.

How to Properly Using a Tree Stand?

There are some general necessities to be fulfilled before climbing a tree stand. Once you get introduced to those, you will definitely understand how to properly using a tree stand. Let's know about the general techniques below with me:

Choose the proper tree stand

There are different varieties of treestands available in the market and many of them claim to be the best. But you have to decide wisely depending upon the location you are going to use it. But always prioritize the one which has better safety facilities and is easy to carry and use.

Select the perfect tree

Choosing the proper tree for climbing after choosing a perfect tree stand is necessary. Try to select a tree that has not lost much of its width as it goes up, that means, try to select a tree whose width is almost the same from its bottom to top. In this way, you will be able to reach your desired height easily with your tree stand.

Achieve the right angle

It means setting the exact location on the tree from where you can keep an eye on your target. Your angle will be more perfect if the width of the tree is not much less as it goes up.

Ensure the tree stand is secured enough

Once you are done with selecting the proper tree stand and tree and achieving your right platform, you have to ensure the top and bottom pieces of the stand are attached.

Maximum stands are provided with stabilizer straps to secure the top and bottom sections. So ensure if your tree stand has this kind of safety facility before climbing on it.

Secure your feet

It is quite dangerous to climb on a tree as there is often a chance of slipping off your feet. So in the case of climbing on a tree with a tree stand, secure your feet well on the bottom section.

Secure yourself

By this, it means that you have to secure yourself with the tree with a rope or strap so that the tree stand doesn't slip off the tree. And more importantly, by doing this you can climb the tree faster and safely.

Start climbing

After ensuring all the things are perfectly set, start climbing by moving the top section upwards. Then bring the bottom section towards the top section with the help of your two feet. Next, stand and repeat the procedure to reach your desired platform.

Are Tree Stands Appropriate for Bowhunting?

Tree stands are very much suitable for hunting deer's which is done by bowhunting. That's why we can say tree stands are appropriate for bowhunting, especially for mobile bowhunters. Let's justify this topic with some factors.


Tree stands help you to climb on a tree so that you can reach a height from where the deer can not see you. You can easily climb up 20 to 22 feet with tree stands so that your target can not see you pulling the bow and you can observe your surroundings well.


Climbing tree stands are usually very light in weight and that's why they are very easy to carry while hunting. Bowhunters need to roam into the wild to search for their target and so climbing tree stands are suitable to bowhunters.

No need for support

You may need help from others while climbing a tree but with a tree stand, you don't need anyone's help to climb on a tree. Tree stands offer the easy and secured procedure to climb on a tree and make a proper target.


Most tree stands come with comfortable seats so if you need to wait for a longer period to get a target, there will be no problem to wait on your tree stand. Moreover, the climbing procedure is also quite comfortable and easy and secured as well.

Proper Maintenance of a Tree Stand

All equipment should be maintained properly to enjoy a longer service from them. Hence, you should take good care of your tree stand which is an important tool for your hunting experiments. Here I am presenting some tips to maintain your tree stand properly.

Put it down after finishing your hunting session

Don't keep your tree stand attached to a tree for a long period because the change of weather can cause damage to your stand. So take your stand down once your hunting session is over. Store it in a good place so that you can put it back on a tree when you need to hunt again.

Wash before storing

Your tree stand can get dirty easily as in the wild there is a lot of chance for your stand to captivate dirt. So it's a good idea to wash your stand with clean soap water before you store it in a decent place.

Check the stand well

Check the top and bottom sections, straps, cables, and fasteners well both while installing and while putting down the stand. Checking every part well will make you notice any wear, tear, or rust, and thus you can repair it to avoid any accident.

Where Can I find the Best Tree Stand?

Getting the best tree stand is not an easy task. Some people are confused that where they can get it. There are different options for you. Here I will discuss this fact.


You can find a tree stand in the local market. But there are different types of products available in the market. Some products are good and some are duplicate. So, you need to know the characteristics of a quality tree stand.

When you are buying a product from the market, you will get a chance to check out it before buying. If there is any defect then you can easily find it.

But there is also a disadvantage. You have to travel to the market and if the market is far away from your house then you have to cost extra dollars.

Online Marketplace

The most common option is the online shops. Many online markets are reliable and provide quality products. Some of the most popular e-commerce sites are;

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Target
  • BestBuy

Keep in mind some facts before buying a tree stand online.

  • Make sure the tree stand is from a renowned brand.
  • Ensure returning option. If there is any defect, then you can return it.
  • Check out the reviews of other customers. If you see anything wrong, then ignore it.
  • Have a look at the shipping charges. Sometimes the shipping cost is excess.

What to Look for in a Tree Stand?

Before getting a tree stand you must check some common facts. Here get some ideas about them.

Proper size: Make sure the tree stand is perfect at the size. Also, check out the tree availability. It should set perfectly with the common trees.

Weight Capacity: It is another important act. The tree stand should carry a big load. Don't choose one that can carry only you. You will have some additional tools with you. So, it will be able to carry a big load.

Comfort system: Make sure you feel comfortable on the tree stand. Sometimes people face different types of body pain using a tree stand. Make sure, your tree stand is not that type.

Safety: For ensuring this, you have to check out the harness system, side rails, and load capacity.

Types: There are different types of tree stands. Before buying one, finger out which type of tree stand you want.

We have some articles on different types of tree stands. Check out the best ladder tree stand, hang-on tree stand, and Christmas tree stand by clicking the link.


I have said almost everything about a tree stand in the above article so that you don't have any confusion further.

Now you know how to properly using a tree stand, how to maintain it, and for which purpose you can use it which means everything about a tree stand.

Tree stands are very helpful for bow-hunters both beginners and professionals to make an exact target and be successful.

If you are a beginner this article is going to make you understand everything and make you confident in your hunting journey.

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