How to Set up a Tree Stand

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It may seem like setting up a treestand is nothing to worry about. Even it is a very easy task. But honestly, you thought is true only when you have a clear idea about how to set up a tree stand. Believe me, it will not appear as easy as you think if you don’t know how to use it. So, I think, you should spend a few minutes on this section to learn about how to set up a tree stand.

First of all, you have to choose a perfect tree alongside a suitable place inside or outside your home. This time, mind it that, it should not be at long as to be odd to look at. A medium sized tree will be perfect for an indoor setup. With the tree stand, you have to a best tree stand on which you will set it up. Don’t forget to check whether it is okay and there is no crack.

Chose a corner of a room if you want to set the tree inside your home. Your living room will be perfect for it. I ask to choose a corner so that it would not be a barrier on your way. However, now the main task you have to do. But before, ensure your safety first. Don’t try to carry the tree alone if it is big.

Give a shake on your tree well. It will help to leave all the dry leaves and so it will not make your place messy. Make sure that almost all the fallen leaves are outside. Now, check the height of the tree to make sure that it is perfect for the place you have chosen for it. If it is big then you can cut off some part of it from the bottom side of the tank.

You have cut 1 or 2 inches of the tank even if it is perfect in size. It is essential to isolate the watery part of it and take it making fully dry. Now, you can put the tree on the stand. I again, worn you to make sure your safety. Remind it that it is time for fun not for getting hurt.

While putting the tree on the stand, check it if it is slung but lessen enough to make the adjustment. Before tightening the stand watch again if it is standing straight. There is a big possibility to stand it making crooked. And you know, if it happens, it will never look better. So, make sure that it is perfectly straight and then tighten the stand.

Lastly, give another shake slightly to be sure that it is not moving frequently and everything is just perfect. Hopefully, there is no possibility to get it not as you desired if you follow every step perfectly. Even if it is not okay, then I am very sorry to say that, something didn’t go well and you have to put it again on the stand for perfection.

Hopefully, you will do it like a pro. Don’t forget to spray water to your tree and put some water on the water tube of the stand to keep it livable. You can decorate the tree with bells and other decorative items. But it is better to not to use light with electricity connection. If something goes wrong, fire can break out. So, if you want to put light on it, check the ware and connectivity again.

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