How to Make a Step Stool for a Kid

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Introduction: A step stool for children which is incredibly comfortable needs for your kid. They want to access areas beyond their touch when they reach their growing age. It can develop their self-help skill and confidence.

So, we are going to tell you a process of making step stool for babies with 100% safety, benefits and all essential things. Our process of making the stools is perfect for baby, feet safety, enough stability, and movable.

You may be heard different kinds of step stool  such  as plastic step stool or wooden step stool for toddlers.

But, when you are making a stool at home, we suggest a wooden step stool than a plastic step stool. It is easy to prepare a wooden step stool. A wooden step stool is also a perfect stool for your growing up kid.

Well, you just need some materials and some skills to make it. You need to know how to drill, and cut woods in proper measurement and screw it. So, let's jump to the main point "How to make a step stool for a child?"

Necessary Equipment

  • Wood piece
  • Scale
  • Measurement tape
  • Screw
  • Hinges
  • Glue
  • Marking pen
  • Drill machine
  • Saw/electric saw
  • Scissor
  • Non-skid tape
  • Latex paint
  • Hammer
  • Sandpaper

Step1 Measurement the Size

The first and most important thing you have to do is measure the size. At first, take a hardwood piece or pine board. Use a measuring tape or marker pen and mark the size of each part.

The step tool we are going to make, that's dimension is 12 inch tall x 14 inch deep x 13 1/2 inch wide.

The size of the parts that I took is given below.

2 - 1x12 at 13 inch long (side).

2 - 1x 11 at 12 inch long (storage box side)

2 - 1 × 7 at 11 inches long (storage box bottom and footer)

2 – 1 × 10 at 14 inches long (treads)

Adjust your measurements accordingly.

Step 2 Cut According to the Size

This part is easy at all. Now all you need to do is to cut the pinewood according to the size. You can use a saw or jigsaw to cut the woods.

After gathering all of your wood pieces, you will need to make a few more cuts for the long sides to shape the cutting.

Step 3 Mark the Half-Circle

This half-circle cut create the legs for the stool and this makes an open area for your fingers when you will lift the lid. The easiest way to mark these half circles is to use a small bucket. We used a small bucket and marked our circles with a marker pen.

For the legs, mark your half circle 1 1/2 inches from the front of the stool and the end of the half-circle should be no more than 5 inches from the front of the stool.

Step 4 Cut the Half Circle

You should secure your long sides and front storage side to your cutting surface. You can use your saw or any other power tool to carefully cut along the outline of the half-circle.

Step 5 Sand All Pieces

Take your sandpaper and sand all of the sharp edges and surfaces of the cutting part of the step stool. This will prevent scratch on the skin. But it will also provide a better surface for painting.

Step 6 Attach Sides and Back

After you have sanded all of the pieces, your woods are ready to be attached. Just start by lifting up the sides and hold them against the front and back storage pieces. Drill holes at each end and in the middle.

Step 7 Glue Sides and Back Together

Use your wood glue on a straight line to the sides to attach the woods. And then use your screwdriver to secure your wood screws to hold the pieces together.

Step 8 Attach the Front and Bottom

Slide the 1 x 4 into the bottom of your stool. If it doesn't fit, then loosen up the sides and tighten them once the bottom is set. Secure it in place with wood screws.

Take the remaining 1x4 and attach that to the bottom front of the stool. It should be secured with wood glue and screws.

Step 9 Mark Holes for Hinges Placement and Attach the Hinges

The lid will be attached to the stool with the hinges. These hinges include the screws used to attach it to the stool.

Lineup your hinges about a 1 1/2" from the ends and mark the holes with a marker pen.

Step10 Attach Hinges to the Lid and Stool

Use the included screws to attach the hinges to the lid and stool. Make sure the hinges are fitted well.

Step 11 Painting and Decorating the Stool

You can choose your kid's favourite colour to paint the stool. Use latex paint and a 2 inch brush to paint the stool.

You can make your kids involved with the painting. They will love writing their name with colour paint or adding their favourite stickers on the stool.

Step 12 Placing Non-Skid Tape

For doing this, take a scissor and a scale. Now measure the non-skid tape. You have to measure the non-skid tape according to your tool size.

Then just peel off the backside and stick the tapes on the stool. Then It's ready to use!


Well, we all know that for making anything cautiousness is the first thing to avoid any accident. We already have discussed the way of making a toddler step stool. Thus, we think we should make you cautious about the dangerous facts of making a DIY stool. Those tips are given below:

  • Make sure that your children are not playing around while you are cutting wood. It may cause a vulnerable accident with a little bit in cautiousness.
  • If you are new for doing this DIY kid's stool then you shouldn’t try to cut the woods. Because you may hurt yourself for being unskilled. You can take help of any mechanic.
  • You have to make sure that you have sanded your cutting woods properly and plainly. There shouldn’t be any uneven surface because it can be harmful to your and kids skin.
  • Be careful about the hinges, screw those properly. Otherwise, your kid may get hurt or their clothes may be ripped by the hinges.
  • Teach your kid where to put their step on the stool. A misplaced step can create any severe accident.


We have discussed the process of making a kid's step stool properly. As, we all have done little or much cutting and marking in our life, so it is no so hard or difficult work.

We want to summarize the process of making a kid's stool. Just mark lines, cut the pieces, fix and sand the pieces, attach the steps with glue and screws, fix the step tool and decorate it as you wish.

We have also discussed some safety tips for you and your kid. We have discussed the process of making a common size of stool for the kids who are age 5 or up. You can make another size stools with the same process.

I hope now you can easily build your own DIY kids step stool following the processes. This stool is useful in the kitchen or bathroom. I hope, this article may be helpful for you!

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