Easiest Ways to Install Build and Repair Attic Ladders

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Introduction: An attic ladder is way more useful than a normal ladder. People are setting attic ladders more often and using greatly. But an attic ladder is more complex than a normal ladder.

Sometimes people are confused and disgusted with the installation system. Worry not; here I am to help you. I will give you a proper guideline to install it perfectly.

Attic ladder is a bit costly. So some people think of making it at home. It is also a good idea. It will save your cost and you can also make a ladder of your own choice. Here I will also show you the steps to create a folding Best Attic Ladders.

Another big problem of attic ladder is its spring. Very often they need for repairing and replacement. I will also discuss this factor in another section.

A good thing is you can also see some videos on youtube on these topics. Here I am also giving the guide to complete your task.

How to Install an Attic Ladder?

Installing an attic ladder is not so tough that people think. If you know the rules and steps then you can easily set up it. But you need to have some tools and materials. There are some good videos on YouTube that can also help you in setting up an attic ladder. Here I am providing a video that may b helpful to you.
The video is done. Now I will show you the steps of setting an attic ladder.

Necessary Materials

  • Screw
  • 2 x 6 boards
  • 1 x 4 boards
  • Folding attic ladder
  • Shims

Necessary Tools

  • Drill & Saw
  • Level & Nail gun
  • Carpenter's square & Pencil
  • Ladder
  • Utility knife
  • Tape measure

Measuring and Chalking Line

  • The first step is measuring. Measure 54 inches. Next to the same joist tap another nail.
  • Now snap a line between the two nails. Make sure the line goes straight.
  • Now take the carpenter's square and start lining from the point of the nail. Draw 21-1/2 inches on both sides.
  • Now chalk a line between the two sides and the first step is done.

Cutting The Square

You just need a reciprocating saw to cut the square. Start from any point you want and start cutting lightly. Draw the saw on the line and cut the square perfectly.

Always be careful and concentrated while cutting. Don't miss the line.

Measuring The Header Board

Now measure the header board using a measurement band. Measure it by the size 2-inch × 6-inch. Put marks on the measuring points.

Cutting and Attaching The Header Board

Cut the header board according to the size. Now using a pneumatic nail gun attach the header board.

Attaching Support Board

At each end of the opening, attach temporary support box of 1 x 4 inches. You have to do it before hoisting stair assembly.

Shim The Support and Drill The Screw

Now you need to place the attic assembly on the support. Make sure the assembly is level. You should get someone for helping you. Now shim between the stair frame and joists. Drill the screws inside the shim.

Extend and Secure The Ladder

Now extend the ladder to the ground. Joint the adjustable feet to it. Make sure each foot is closely connected with the floor. Now drill holes inside through the folding ladder rail and the foot. Connect the best bolts inside the holes and secure the ladder.

How to Make a Folding Attic Ladder?

how to build folding attic ladders

Some people are very interested in DIY projects. You can also make a folding attic ladder in the home. It is not too hard but you have done some hard work. If you are really eager to make it then this article is for you. In this part, I will show you the steps to make a folding attic ladder. It saves your money and it is also durable and sturdy.

Measure The Slide and Cut it

Wood is the most common material to make is an attic ladder. First, measure the height from the floor using a measurement tape. Now measure how long the slides of your ladder should be. Now cut the slides according to the measurement.

Create The Ladder Rungs

This step is so easy. You have to make the rungs of the ladder. How many rungs should you create?  Divide the height by 10 and create rungs by the nearby result.

Do not keep spaces more than 10 inches inside 2 rungs. The width is dependent on you. If there is kids for you then make it wider and keep fewer spaces inside 2 rungs.

Set The Rungs to The Ladder

This is a crucial part. Place a rung perfectly into its position. Take a heavy-duty nail and attach it to the ladder. You can also use deck screws on each end of the rung. Make sure the rung is set in the appropriate position. The usual size of a rung is 18-inch wide and 4-inch height.

Now place each rung the first one you have done.

Cut The Ladder

You ladder it done but you need a Best Folding Ladders. If can fold it in 2 sections or in 3 sections. Measure the whole length of the ladder and cut the ladder according to the half-length of the total length. Then you can fold in 2 parts.

You can also fold it into 3 parts. Now cut the one part of the ladder into the half-length of that. Then You can fold it into 3 parts.

Make The Folding Ladder

Now use hinges to put together the ladder. Then the pieces of the ladder can be folded easily on top of one another.

Now collect some screws and connect it to the longest section of the ladder and on the door that will open from the ceiling. Your folding attic ladder is done.

How to Repair Attic Ladder Springs?

how to repair attic ladders

Those who are using attic ladders must face some problem with the springs. Sometimes it is worn, damaged, rusted and broken. If you are facing this problem then keep reading the article.

In this part, I will discuss "how to repair attic ladder springs." People think it is a hard task but it is an extremely easy task. Here I am showing the steps to repair it. So keep reading the article.

Climb to The Attic

First, climb up to the attic. Be careful while climbing. If you feel the springs are too much damaged them don't climb it. Use another ladder to climb it. Remember, at the stowed position the springs are most relaxed.

Tighten The Screw

As soon as you reach the attic, close the attic door. Now, look at the springs where it is connected. If you feel them loose then tighten it harder. You can use a wrench or screwdriver to tighten it.

Hook out The Spring

If you think it doesn't work after tighten then follow this step. Wear working gloves and hold the middle of the spring. Now pull toward both ends of the spring. Now use a screwdriver to pull the hook of the spring. Out it from the ring it is attached. If the spring is damaged like this then do it same on that.

Adjust Replacement Spring

Now take the replacement spring and hook one end of it into the ring where it was attached. Now hook the spring in the folding metal arm of the ladder. You can pull the opposite end to do it easily. Do it with another spring if it is needed.

I suggest you take a helping person with you. It will be easier for you to do it if there is a supporting man. Besides, your work will be better if there is a person for helping.


This article is for the Attic Ladder users and the people who want to build an attic ladder. I have described the best way to install it. Also showed a video link that will help you if you have some confusion.

In another part, I have described the best way to make a folding attic ladder. If you follow the steps then you can easily build it. Remember always take necessary safety tools with you.

Finally, I have described the way to repair damaged and broken springs. I have also described the way to replace it. I have researched a lot and described the best and easiest way to do these jobs. Hopefully, you will be benefited with this article.

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