How to Clean a Step Stool

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A step stool is an essential element of our regular living life. The tools we use the most step stool is one of them. Due to heavy use, it gets dirty rapidly. If you want to ensure a long life of your step cleaning is necessary.

It is very easy to clean a step stool. But different types of step stool has a different process. Worry not, In this article, I will describe How to clean a step stool?

Necessary Equipment

  • Dry clean cloth
  • Wash bottle
  • Cleaning agent
  • Glass/cup/pot
  • Hoe
  • Cleaning oil
  • Clean water
  • Air drier (optional)

General Process of Cleaning a Step Stool

Why Should You Clean a Step Stool

At first, I am going to describe the normal process in short.

Step 1: Wipe the Stool Using a Dry Cloth

‚ÄčAt first, wipe the stool with a dry cloth. Make sure the cloth is clean and dry. Try to eliminate as much dirt as you can. Make sure there is no external grime. If there is any stacked grime then use a hoe to remove it.

Step 2: Sprinkler Water on the Stool

Now fill the Wash bottle with clean water. Sprinkle some water on the stool. Also, take another dry cloth and splash it into water. Now wipe the cloth on the stool. Try to wipe it harder to eliminate extra dirt.

Step 3: Prepare Cleaning Agent Solution

In the next step, you have to create a cleaning agent. There are different ways to prepare it. You can use warm water, cider vinegar, rubbing alcohol to prepare it. But I think it is better to buy a cleaning agent from any shop. Now outpour the solution on a pot.

Step 4: Clean the Step Stool

This is the most important part. Now dip a clean cloth on the washing solution. Wipe the cloth on the step stool. Wipe every part of the step stool, give a bit effort. Where is is visible dirt wipe it harder. Wipe it until it looks cleaner.

Step 5: Wash the Step Stool

Now it's time to wash it. Use clean water to wash it. Splash water on the stool. Make sure there is no cleaning solution left on the stool. Splash it gently that water doesn't make you or your surroundings wet.

Step 6: Wipe the Stool Again

Again take a clean cloth and wipe the stool perfectly. Try to remove the water level from the stool.

Step 7: Dry-Out the Stool

There are two processes to dry it. The regular process is the sun. Put the step stool outside where it gets sunshine. Keep it there for an hour and check it. I think it will get dry in an hour.

Another process to dry out is air dry. If you have an air drier you can easily dry it. Take the drier and blow air on it. Take some time to make it dry. If you don't have air drier you can use a hair drier as an alternative.

All done. Your step stool is clean as a new one.

Step 8: Burnish the Stool

Some people are very much sincere about the look. If you get the stool colour a bit pale then you can burnish the stool a bit. The stool will gleam like a new one then.

Different Cleaning Processes of Different Step Stools

In the case of Plastic Step Stool

Plastic step still is the easiest to clean. You can follow the general process to clean a plastic step stool. You don't need to burnish a plastic step stool. And you can wash it as much as you can.

In the case of Wooden Step Stool

You can not use heavy water on a wooden step stool. You just have to wipe a wet cloth with a cleaning solution deeply. You can use a little cleaning oil to clean the step stool. If your step stool is so much older then I suggest you burnish it.

In the case of Steel Step Stool

 If you have the stainless steel step stool then you can clean it in the regular process. If it is not rust-proof then you have to you a very little amount of water or cleaning oil.

Why Should You Clean a Step Stool?

I have already mentioned it is essential to clean a step stool. I am showing some reason that's why you should keep it clean

  • If you really want to use it for years after years then you must have to keep it clean.
  • If you have kids in your house then you should keep your stool clean. No one wants to mix their kid with a dirty step stool.
  • If you are a fancy clean person then you will always want everything neat and clean.
  • A dirty stool can create rust which may be a reason for your wound. So keep it neat and clean.

Final Verdict

In this article, I have explained the way to clean a step stool. Already mentioned it is not so much harder. I hope you have already read it and understand it is a work of an hour just.

Again I am showing the steps. First, eliminate the visible dirt, then wipe it with a wet cloth. Use cleaning agent and wipe again. Dry out the stool and your stool is neat and clean.

In another part, I have described the different processes of different types of stools. So always be sincere. Hopefully, you will be helpful from this article.

Thank you.

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