How to Build a Step Stool

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We have some articles on different types of step stools of different brands. But some people always want to create their own step stool in their own way. Why have you stopped? Here I am with another article How to build a step stool?

Some people think it is a hard task to make it. I am not saying it is too easy but if you can get the idea then it is easy. I am well experienced and I know the best ways to make it. Today I will share it with you.

When you are making a stool at home, I prefer a wooden step stool than a plastic step stool. It is easy to prepare a wooden step stool. A wooden step stool is also a perfect stool as a kitchen step stool.

Well, you need some materials and some skills to make it. You need to know how to drill, and cut woods and screw. I think you are already experienced in this works. Don't to talk more, let's go to the main point.

Necessary equipment

  • Wood piece
  • Measurement tape
  • Saw/power tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Screw
  • Hinges
  • Glue
  • Marking pen
  • Clamp
  • Drill machine

Step 1 Measure the size

The first thing you have to do is measure the size. First, bring a random board or hardwood piece. Use a measurement tape and mark the size of each part.

Here I am showing the size of parts that I am taking.

  • 2 stool slides of 235mm x 19mm.
  • 3 stool rails of 90mm × 19mm.
  • 1 stool top of 235mm x 19mm.
  • 2 step slides of 235mm x 19mm.
  • 1 step front rail of 90mm x 19mm.
  • 1 step rear rail of 69mm x 19mm.
  • 1 step tread of 235mm x 19mm.

Step 2 Cut according to the size

This part is easy. Here all you need to do is just cut the board according to the size. You can use a saw or any power tool to cut the slides.

Step 3 Create mark and drill the screw hole

Again take the measurement tape. Now make marks of the position of the rail on the slide piece. Again mark the position of the slide pieces and the tread.

Now use a drill machine and drill the mark areas. The screw hole is done.

Step 3 Attaching the stool slides

You have already prepared 2 stool slides. Now it is time to fix them to the front rail.

You can use glue on each end of the front rail. Now lay that on a flat surface. Now screw the slides on the rail.

Step 4 Joint the stool slides to the rear rails

Again you can use glue on both end of the rear rails. Now just position them between the stool slides.

You need to hold the place. You can use a clamp for that. Now screw the side pieces to the rails.

Step 5 Fix the top of the stool

Use glue on the side pieces and bring the stool top. Carefully position it and screw it hard.

Step 6 Position the step front and rear rail

Use glue on both ends of the step rails. Now fix the step front rail and step rear rail between the step slide pieces.

Again use a clamp to hold them and screw them.

Step 7 Position the tread and screw it

Glue the top of the step slide pieces and fix the tread according to the position. Now fix it with the screw.

Step 8 Position the hinges and fill the screw holes

You need 2x 75mm butt hinges. Screw one half of them to the bottom of the rear rail. Keep a distance of 32mm between the hinges.

Step 9 Attach the step

First, position the step perfectly. Now you have to screw the loose ends of the hinges. Screw it to the front stool rail. Now fill all the screw holes left.

The step stool is done.

Safety Tips

Well, safety is the first thing. I have already discussed the way to make a stool. It is also my responsibility to aware you about the dangerous facts. Get them here.

  • Be careful while cutting the wood pieces. If you are new don't try to cut it. You can take help of any mechanic.
  • Make sure your cutting slides are plain. If there is an uneven surface it can be harmful to your skin. If you notice any cut it and make it plain.
  • Make sure your kid knows where to put a step. A misplaced step can create an accident.


I think you have got the process of making the stool. There are only a few steps to make it. We all have done little or much cutting and marking. It is kind of that work.

I want to show up the process in short again. Just mark lines, cute pieces, fix the pieces, attach the step and fix the step tool.

I have also discussed some safety concerns. You must read the safety Tips before making the step stool. I have discussed the process of making a common size of stool. You can make a stool of custom size in the same process.

I hope now you can easily build your own step stool following the processes. Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you.

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