How High Should a Tree Stand Be for Bow Hunting

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Introduction: Your bowhunting session can be a failure just by neglecting some common facts. Many things affect your bow-hunting. The height of the tree stand is one of them.

You may think it is not important to figure it out. You are wrong if you think in that way. If you want to be successful, you have to learn "How high should a tree stand be for bow hunting?"

While figuring out the proper height I had to face several difficulties. After passing a good time now I know there is no particular height. It depends on different facts.

Today, I am here to help you with this fact. I will discuss them properly and show you the best possible height of a tree stand from the ground. So keep reading the article.

If you are looking for a fixed one-size answer then there is no answer. The height varies by different factors. There are mainly 3 facts. Considering these 3 factors you can set up your tree stand at a particular height.

  • Sight of Deer

Deer are the most common animals we love to hunt. So, I am considering deer’s sight. If you want to get rid of a deer's normal line of sight then you need to set the stand higher. The higher the tree stand is the favorable position you are in.

25 feet is considered as an ideal height to position out the sight of a deer. But it is not easy for all to continue hunting staying so far away from the ground. The best thing you can do is to cover yourself naturally with the tree. You can cover by staying behind the trunks, branches, and leaves.

  • Flow of your Scent

The next thing to consider is the flow of your scent. If the hunt gets any clue like sight or scent of you then it will never come back to you. You have to maintain this fact by your tree stand is higher from the ground.

The higher the tree stand is the more the scent flow away from you. Considering this, you can't set the tree stand at a very short height. Suppose you have got a perfect cover at 7 feet height. It will a foolish task if you set up the tree stand at that height.

I generally aim at setting it from 17-22 feet from the ground to maintain safety. If there is a secure cover then you can set it a bit down.

  • Downside of being too High

Now it's time to learn why you can't be too high from the ground. If you are staying above 25 feet then you will keep losing your sight from the proper position. When you will reach over 30 feet, you will a narrower sight at the vital zone of your hunt.

The possibility of the aim at the heart or lung is higher while staying over 30 feet. So, I try to get the best cover of the trees under 25 feet. Also, maintain the other facts that affect bow hunting.

Sometimes, you can set up even just 12 feet. But you have to consider the weather and surroundings.

10 Tips for Bowhunting from a Tree Stand

Here I have come with a bucket of tips for bowhunters. It is always important to be cautious when you will hunt from above. For your good, you need to check some guidelines and follow some rules.

  • Harness Is Must

Always wear a full-body safety harness. It is worn over clothes and attached around the tree with a strap. Any harness can be fitted with any kind of tree.

When you hang your tree stand with the tree, the harness can keep your body attached to the tree. It avoids big kinds of accidents.

  • Get Right Tree Stand

There are many options for bow hunting tree stands, so you can choose one of your necessary. Ladder, climbing, and hang-on tree stands are the popular and best pick among all.

For example, ladder tree stands are for long time placement. These tree stands have a ladder to climb up and down easily. They are a bit heavy for their bulky structure.

One flaw you can see in this kind of tree stand and that is, deer are very familiar with the ladder, so when they once notice the ladder, they may not come in the area twice.

Then comes climbing tree stands. These are portable, so you can carry it around. You need to find straight trees with no branches if you want to install this tree stand.

A hang-on tree stand is also a great option for bowhunters. You can use this kind of tree stand for a long time or a short time. Yet, you need to get permission before placing the tree stand in any land because the hang-on tree stand makes damages to trees.

  • See The Height

Don't hang your tree stand so high or too low. The perfect height for a tree stand is 15-20 feet. If you hang your tree stand too much high, then you may miss your bullseye and again if you hang your tree stand in a low position, then the animals may notice your presence and never come back again.

  • Maintenance of Your Tree Stand

Don't neglect the simplest flaw of your tree stand. Before hanging your tree stand, check each part of your tree stand.

  • Don't Cut Too Many Brunches

For hanging your tree stand, if you cut too many branches and limbs of the tree, then the deer can feel your presence and it may uncover your shelter above the tree.

  • Stay Ready

Any time your target may appear in front of you. So, be alert always. Prepare your bow and gear, so that you can shot your target within 4-5 seconds.

  • Choose A Tree With Cover

You don't want to choose a place where the deer can easily notice you and give you his back. So, choose a tree which can give you enough cover with its limbs.

  • Climb Up Easily

While setting up your tree stand, keep in mind that you must make an effective easy way to climb up and down on the stand.

  • Use Ropes

You may wonder how you will carry your bow and gear on the stand, easy answer, use a rope. Use a rope to lift your bow and gears.

  • Light Is Necessary

Light is a must for bowhunting. A good flashlight can be helpful here.

Best Bow Hunting Tree Stand Height Considering Different Factors

This is the most common question of bowhunters that what will be the perfect and exact height to install their tree stand. It depends on some facts. Let's see those facts.

  • Perfect Height

Well, the perfect height is 18-24 feet. Both professional and amateur hunters recommend this height. You will notice the best tree stand climbing sticks and ladders are into 18-24 feet.

You can hang your tree stand higher than this height if you want, which I will discuss below. Yet, don't hang your stand under 15 feet. Then deer will sense your body smell and never turn around. You won't want this.

Now you may ask why are these 18-24 feet are the perfect height? Keep reading below.

  • Best Angle for Killing

This 20 feet area is the perfect height for bowhunters. You will not miss the killing zone at this height.

  • Don't Risk of Injury

Different survey says that each year many hunters die or badly injured by falling from a high positioned tree stand. If you fall from 20 feet, obviously you will be hurt and you will curse your tree stand like there is no tomorrow.

Before cursing your tree stand, wear your full body harness. Then, you may not fall from your tree stand.

Well, in all of these advantages of this height, there is a disadvantage. If the deer you are targeting has a super-brain, then it may notice you up there and run away with his life. So, at this height keep your movement slow and don't ever make any noise.

  • High Height

By high height, I meant 35-40 feet. It's high. If you have height phobia like me, then don't even think about hanging your stand this high, you will hunt yourself then!

Some professional bowhunters tried this height and they got a couple of bucks at the end of the day. Anyway, let's see how this height can be helpful for you.

  • Smell Cover

The more height you can go, the more invisible you will be in deer's sense. If you go high like 35+ feet, then the tree will cover your scent and the deer won't be suspicious.

  • Spacious View

At the high position, you will get a large sight of your area. So, if you notice any buck coming from far, you may focus your target in your bow quite easily.

Like the above one, this height also has disadvantages. The first disadvantage is the super high position. Bowhunters who have fear about height, they never should get this up. Moreover, if you fall from this height, the rest you know well.

Another problem is, it will make your target zone smaller. Shooting a narrow target with a bow is a difficult task.


I have already answered the question "How high should a tree stand be for bow hunting?" Again I am mentioning the Ideal height is 17-25 feet. But there are lots of facts to consider to get the proper height. I have described all of them in the article.

Before getting started you have to ensure some other facts such as the best place, best tree stand, etc. You can check out my other articles for getting the best ladder tree stands, best hang-on tree stand, and best Christmas tree stands.

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