Top 5 Best Folding Step Stool Review in 2023

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Introduction: Nowadays folding step stools are used massively in the whole world. So, It's a common searching issue on the internet. But you know It's really hard to find out top step stools. So, I'll welcome you here to read about the top and best 5 folding step stool both for kids and adults.

You know almost all foldable step stool got some drawbacks, so we read a lot of buyer's review and picked up the best 5 foldable step stool with premium quality. And here are the details of those step stools. I hope you'll get one folding step stool as your taste. Explore!

Greenco Super Strong Foldable Step Stool for Adults and Kids, 11", White

Are you facing problem to find out an excellent folding step stool? Worry not! Here is a foldable step stool from Greenco. The stool has some cool features. The stool is foldable and sturdy.

This durable foldable stool has a carrying handle which is the best feature. It is a small-sized step stool. When you'll fold it, you can store it anywhere. The product has stylish rubber polka dots on the platform to prevent crashing. This stool can help you to give an extra height of what you need.


  • Materials: High-quality plastic.
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds.
  • Load taking capacity: upto 300 pounds.
  • Dimension: 11" width x 8.5" length x 11" height.
  • It has a strong hand grip to carry anywhere.
  • Safety system with rubber polka dots on the surface.


  • Very lightweight
  • Long-lasting design
  • Colorful and folds up easily without any struggle
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Save room storage


  • Be aware of little pinch points

Expert Tips

This stool is wonderful for both adults and kids. It is a foldable plastic step stool, you can push and pull it up without any mess.

This stylish product can be used in bathroom, kitchen, garden or in dinging. You can sit on the stool comfortably too.

Final Thought

As you can see, this step stool has all good qualities. Perfect height, enough load taking capability, ideal safety system all these features make this stool great.

You can use it anywhere and can store it anywhere in the house without problems. So, please go through the features and I hope you will get this one for your daily works.

Super Strong Folding Step Stool

Today I will introduce you with a brand new folding step stool from Spranster. This stool is for both children and adult. You can use this product for multi-purpose usages. It will give you 11" extra height to reach high places.

The most important feature of this product is its foldability. It has also a magic handle system. Its unique construction design makes it outstanding. It has anti-slip rubber dots on the top surface to secure footing and prevent injuries. It will give you amazing comfort when you'll sit on it or stand on it.


  • Materials: Sturdy plastic.
  • Weight: 2.35 pounds.
  • Load taking capacity: upto 300lbs.
  • Size: 11" weight x 8.5" length x 11" height.
  • It has a magic handle appears when folded.
  • Dot- textured surface on the top and feet for safety.


  • It is lightweight but enough strong
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Very easy to use because it opens with one hand while other hand is full
  • Skid resistance to secure safety
  • It takes less than 2" wide when folded, so you can store it anywhere in the house


  • Don’t leave children alone with the stool

Expert Tips

It is a foldable step stool with all the best qualities. It can hold adequate weight and doesn’t wobble. It has nice treading system on the top so that you can stand on it confidently.

It can be opened and closed in one split second in one hand, so its very easy to use. It has so smooth handle finish and easily movable that kids can move it too.

Final Thought

You can see that this long-lasting product is very sturdy, lightweight, unique design, very easy to use, perfect safety system. Moreover, you can use the product anywhere.

Therefore, please go through the features and I guarantee you'll love this product.

Acko 16 Inches Super Strong Folding Step Stool for Adults, Kitchen Stepping Stools, Garden Step Stool Black

Are you hunting for a folding step stool for multi-purpose usages? Then here comes a great step stool from ACKO. The stool has some classic features. It's a foldable step stool with magic handle.

The handle appears when folded and the handle has smooth finishing. It takes less than 1.5"/2" wide when folded, so it can be stored anywhere in the house. All materials of the product are tested in the factory which is 100% qualified.


  • Materials: Strong plastic.
  • Weight: 3.55lbs.
  • Load taking capacity: 330lbs.
  • Size: 11" x 8.5" x 16".
  • It has firm and flexible hinges to open and close smoothly.
  • It has four round corners which isn’t sharp to protect your body from scratch.
  • The product has rubber dots on the platform and anti-slip rubber straps on each foot for the safety system.
  • Certified by EN 14183.


  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Easy to move


  • While standing on the stool, feet must keep on the middle of the stool, otherwise, the stool can't balance

Expert Tips

As Acko company always keeps safety first, so they secure all the safety system of the stool. Moreover, all the materials are 100% tested.

The qualities make it useful for multi-purpose. You can use it indoor sitting, in garden work, reaching on high places, bathroom works or stand on it.

Final Thought

The stool is very great for all types of works. You can fold it easily within a second in one hand.

The magic handle appears when folded so kids can carry anywhere too. Therefore, read the features and I hope you'll get one for your daily work.

Utopia Home Foldable Step Stool for Kids - 11 Inches Wide and 9 Inches Tall - White and Black - Holds Up to 300 lbs - Lightweight Plastic Design

Get introduced to this super sturdy folding step stool from Utopia Homes. The stool has some quality features which make it ideal for kids and adults. The stool can give extra height where it needed.

The stool has a round corner which no harsh lines to prevent scratch. Tight hinges make the product safe for kids. As it’s lightweight, and it has magic handle for better movement.


  • Materials: Plastic.
  • Weight: 2.09lbs.
  • Load taking capability: 330lbs.
  • Dimension: 11" x 9" x 9".
  • The product has anti-skid dot footpads for safety.
  • Round corner construction to prevent skin scratch.


  • Lightweight but strong
  • Enough load capacity
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to clean


  • Be careful about pinch points

Expert Tips

The product is for multi-purpose usage. You can use it indoor, outdoor, sitting on it, foot stand, etc.

The qualities of the stool are ideal for kids and adults. It has enough load capacity without causing any harm to the construction.

Final Thought

This stool can give you extra height to reach elevated places. It's super easy to use and durable.

Its movement is easier with the magic smooth handle. Tight and flexible hinges make it safe for all. So, read all the features and I guarantee you'll get the stool.

Folding Step Stool - The Lightweight Step Stool is Sturdy Enough to Support Adults and Safe Enough for Kids. Opens Easy with One Flip. Great for Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kids or Adults.

Searching for a plastic folding step stool for indoor and outdoor works? Here comes a foldable step stool from Handy Laundry with best qualities. The stool is made of high-quality sturdy plastic which gives surety of long-lasting.

It's very safe and super easy to use. The safety system of the stool is great. The product has anti-skid rubber pads and dots on the top surface and bottom legs. The product will assist you to get those areas which are hard to reach.


  • Materials: Plastic.
  • Weight: 2.3lbs.
  • Dimension: 13.8" x 1.7" x 11.4".
  • The product has carrying handle to move it easily.
  • It has the dot-textured platform to prevent slipping.
  • It is certified by ANSI lll.
  • The product can give 9" extra maximum standing height.


  • Easy to move
  • Much durable
  • Very easy to clean


  • Don’t leave kids alone with the stool

Expert Tips

So, you can see the product is filled with all the best qualities. It's unique structure and favorable usage make the product ideal.

You can use the sturdy product in the bathroom, kitchen, garden, closet, RV's and hard to reach areas.

Final Thought

Both children and adults can use this product confidently. Its amazing safety system will secure your safety. It's so lightweight that you can flip it with one hand.

Even kids can move it anywhere they want. It takes only 2" wide to store, so you can store it easily. So, please read all the features and I guarantee you'll get one for your indoor and outdoor works.

Buying Guide

I have already researched a lot about folding step stool. I also described my selected top 5 step stools. While researching I found something everyone should know before buying.

In this part, I will give you some tips which will help you in buying a folding step stool. So keep reading

Durability: Durability is the thing everyone should be concerned. No one wants a bad investment. While you are buying a step stool you want a long-lasting product. To get a durable product, first, make sure that the product is made of high quality and sturdy material.

I think you can buy a folding step stool made of high-quality plastic. All my described products are made of high-quality plastic. The next thing is the construction. Make sure it is well constructed.

Safety: Safety is another important thing. Most of the step stools are used for both adults and children. So ensuring safety is the must. Check out if the material is strong and the stool is capable to carry you.

Next, ensure there are slip-resistant pads or not. It is especially for the child. Children slip their legs and face unexpected accidents. If there are safety slip-resistant pads they won't face those accidents.

I tip you to buy a stool which exceeds the safety standards like ANSI, OSHA, or others.

Folding system: When you are buying a folding step stool check out the foldability. Make sure the stools fold easily. If you feel any problem while folding, don't buy it. Another thing is the one-handed folding system. Try to buy a step stool which can be folded using one hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you are still thinking about some questions about folding step stool. While searching for the best folding step stools I found some questions.

Happy to know that in this part, I will show you people's most asked questions. I will also provide proper answers to those questions. I hope these questions will clear some of your confusions. So check out them.

Q: Which is the best material for a folding step stool?

A: I think plastic is a good option. But you have to make sure that the plastic is durable. You can find lots of PLASTIC step stools but all of them are not well-durable.

Q: Can I use my step stool as a chair?

A: Not every step stool can be used as a chair. But there are many step stools, you can use them as a chair. "Greenco Super Strong Foldable Step Stool" is a step stool you can use as a chair and sit comfortably.

Q: Why I face problem while folding?

A: It is generally the manufacturing or construction problem. If the step stool is not well constructed, you may face problem while folding.

Q: How long does a folding step stool last?

A: If you can buy a durable step stool, it will last to the next generation.


I have described so many things about folding step stools. But the main purpose is to suggest you the best 5 folding step stools. I have also described a buying guide. I can give you a tip. First, make a list of features you are finding in a step stool. Then compare then with my selected stools.

I can ensure that you will be profitable if you buy any of these 5 step stools. I have researched lots of hours and selected this 5 step stools. All of them are compatible with the most necessary features. So stop searching and choosing any of them. Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you. Thank You.