The 10 Best Sublimation Paper For Epson

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If you are in the market for the sublimation paper for epson, you may be wondering where to start your research. Moreover, how do you know which one is the best fit for you?

To help you find the best sublimation paper for epson we analyzed & researched all the features that are right for you and came up with a list of 10 different options to purchase.



Analyzing the total market, we have listed the following best sublimation paper for epson regarding the user experience, materials, durability, strength, top-notch performance, budget, preferences, and so on facts based on any decent user’s taste.
Epson Dye Sublimation 17" x 100' Multi-Use Transfer Paper Roll (S450359)
  • Epson Dye Sublimation 17" x 100' Multi-Use Transfer Paper Roll
A-SUB Sublimation Paper 8.5x11 Inch 110 Sheets for Any Inkjet Printer which Match Sublimation Ink 125g
  • No fracturing, Fast dry
  • Transfer rate≥98%
  • Apply for white or light colored high quality polyester, material with cotton content≤30%, premium ceramic&tile, phone case&metal plate
  • Sheet Size: 8.5" X 11", 110 sheets/pack
  • Only work with sublimation ink.Perfect for DIY your Holiday gift
HTVRONT Sublimation Paper 8.5 x 11 inches - 150 Sheets Sublimation Paper Compatible with Inkjet Printer 120gsm
  • Higher Transfer Rate & Vibrant Colors: With over 98% ultra high transfer rate, clear and bright colors, and excellent printing details, this sublimation paper is your go-to paper for creative projects. You will also love it's extremely fast drying and greater ink saving performance.
  • Premium Quality: 120gsm sublimation paper for heat transfer is tough enough to withstand repeated washes, high temperature and sunshine without cracking, fading and wrinkling. Sublimation paper for cotton features superior line sharpness, excellent lay-flat performance and outstanding quality consistency. No worries about sublimation paper any more.
  • Wide Application: By sublimation paper 8.5 x 11, it would be a breeze to transfer your favorite images onto a wide variety of surfaces such as T-shirts, pillow, canvas bag, ceramic mug, phone case, puzzle, metal plate, key chain and so on. Perfect for special occasions and seasonal crafts plus everyday celebrations!
  • Warm Tips: This sublimation paper for t shirts compatible with all inkjet printer and only sublimation ink works; Work with light colored polyester fabric and polyester coated items and material with cotton content≤30%; Must store in a cool, dry area, avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity and the remaining must be put back into the box.
  • Great Service: We have confidence with sublimation paper 8.5 x 11. We want to make you fully satisfied with your sublimation paper for cotton. However if you are pleased with the sublimation paper, please help us share it with more craft lovers or any social media you own.
Sublimation Paper Heat Transfer Paper 8.5x11 inch A4 130 Sheets for Any Epson HP Canon Sawgrass Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink for Mug, T-Shirt,Light Fabric DIY 125gsm
  • 【COMPATIBLE PRINTERS & INK】Works with sublimation ink. Compatible with ANY inkjet printer with sublimation ink, Epson, HP, Canon, Ricoh, Sawgrass, etc.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】 Suitable for Cotton content<30% Light colored or White polyester fabrics(T-shirts, pillow cases,canvas bag, mouse pads Etc.), Coated hard objects (ceramic mugs,phone cases, puzzle,key,metal plate,tile Etc)
  • 【SIMPLE TO USE】Single-side printed,the correct print side is white,and the Stampcolour icon on the back,very easy to distinguish the printable side.Paper Type:photo paper(Glossy);Printer quality:Standard.
  • 【HIGH TRANSFER RATE】Over 98% transfer rate, NO fracturing, NO fade, Fast dry,Greater ink saving.Vibrant color,The finished products are beautifully decorated with bright.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】Our sublimation paper is tough enough to be washed repeatedly,The transferred image is durable,high temperature and sunshine without cracking, fading and wrinkling.
HTVRONT Sublimation Paper 8.5x14 Inch - 200 Sheets Sublimation Transfer Paper Compatible with Inkjet Printer,Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper for Tumblers, Mugs, T-shirts and Other Sublimation Blanks
  • 🎀【HIGH TRANSFER RATE & VIBRANT COLORS】HTVRONT transfer sublimation paper features over 98% ultra-high transfer rate. It can help you reduce ink consumption and the cost of creation. Meanwhile, the finished images are perfectly decorated with vivid colors and excellent printing details. Please pay attention that this sublimation paper performs dull colors before being transferred and bright colors after that.
  • 🎀【NO CRACKING & WRINKLING】HTVRONT inkjet sublimation paper is tough enough and will not crack or wrinkle even after repeated washing, high temperatures, and sunlight exposure. This printed transfer sublimation paper is your go-to paper for creative projects! PS: To avoid uneven heating and ruining your clothing and patterns, please use a Teflon sheet to cover your patterns during the heating process.
  • 🎀【NO SMEARING& FAST DRYING】HTVRONT sublimation paper can transfer images without flowing ink and dyeing. Also, it blends sublimation ink into your fabrics perfectly and dries fast, which helps you to save time. Remember to mirror your designs before printing and print them on the white side with no "HTVRONT " logo. PS: Do not stack the printed sublimation paper together before drying, or there will be stains to damage your creation.
  • 🎀【WIDE APPLICATION】With the premium material, HTVRONT 8.5X11 inch sublimation paper can work well with sublimation technology. You can transfer artistic words and creative images on a variety of light-colored surfaces, including mugs, tumblers, phone cases, puzzles, mouse pads, ceramic plates, bags, key chains, and so on. It will be a unique gift for your friends or family as a souvenir!
  • 🎀【WARM TIPS】This sublimation printer paper for t-shirts is compatible with all inkjet printers, and only sublimation ink works;Our sublimation transfer paper suitable for light-colored polyester fabric, polyester-coated items, and material with cotton content≤30%;Please store the sublimation paper in a cool, dry area to avoid direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. The remaining must be put back into the box.
JEGS Sub-Junkies Sublimation Paper – 13 x 19-inch Sublimation Transfer Paper – 100-Sheets Printer Paper – Compatible with Inkjet Printer – High Transfer Color Paper for Printing on Mugs, Shirts, Hats
  • The Ideal Choice: If you are looking for premium quality sublimation paper to complete your projects without any errors or paper waste, the JEGS Sub-Junkies transfer paper is the perfect choice for those who strive for flawless work.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Our sublimation printer paper is made with carefully selected, top-quality ingredients that are safe and biodegradable to ensure an easy and reliable sublimation process for both professionals and beginners!
  • Wide Range of Uses: The transfer paper can be used on a wide range of surfaces including non-cotton items, hard and smooth surfaces, surfaces and items prepared for sublimation, textiles, metal or plastic. Ideal for shirts, hats, tumblers, mugs, mouse pads and more!
  • High-Transfer Performance: This sublimation ink paper is compatible with InkJet printers and others that use sublimation ink. The paper ensures color stability and vibrancy but also smooth transfer without any stains, marks or errors.
  • Convenient Set: The JEGS heat transfer paper arrives in a convenient set of 100 sublimation paper sheets, enough to meet your project needs! The thermal transfer paper is available in 3 different sizes that can adapt to every project.
A-SUB Sublimation Paper 11x17 Inch for DIY Unique Christmas Gifts Compatible with Inkjet Printer which Match Sublimation Ink 100 Sheets
  • A-SUB economic series sublimation paper,extremely cost-effective
  • Work with Light colored or white polyester fabrics(T-shirts, pillow cases,canvas bag, mouse pads), Coated hard objects (ceramic mugs,phone cases, puzzle,key chains),personalized your Christmas New Year gift
  • Compatible with all inkjet printer which match sublimation ink
  • High transfer rate,Excellent printing details
  • 11''x17'' sheet size,100 sheets/pack. An extra silicone paper included, prevent your heat press machine panel from getting dirty
Printers Jack Sublimation Paper - 8.5 x 11 Inches, 150 Sheets 120 gsm for Any Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink, Heat Transfer Sublimation for T-shirt, Mugs, Light Fabric
  • UPGRADED QUALITY: Printers Jack sublimation paper 8.5" x 11" -inch sheet size has been upgraded, can be stored for a long time without bending or jamming. Make sure you have the following things, sublimation ink (NO regular ink), inkjet printer, heat press machine ( NO iron ), colored or white polyester fabrics and polyester coated items ( material with cotton content≤30%).
  • COMPATIBLE: Our sublimation printer paper compatible with all inkjet printer with sublimation ink,​Epson, HP, Canon, Ricoh, Sawgrass, etc.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Over 98% transfer rate, NO fracturing, NO fade, fast dry. The finished products are beautifully decorated with bright, vivid colors. Reduce production cost by less ink consumption, save you tons of money!
  • EASY TO USE: The inkjet sublimation paper is easy to use, easy to apply any design from your computer to printer to fabric, please read instruction carefully before use.
  • UNIQUE GIFT: Our sublimation transfer paper can be used for T-shirts, ceramic mugs, pillow cases, phone cases, canvas bag, mouse pads, you are able to create personalized and specialized to give as a gift designed and created on your own, it's also a good way to increase your sublimation business.
LIT Sublimation Paper 8.5x11 Inch, 150 Sheets 110gsm Heat Press Transfer Paper - For Epson Sawgrass Ricoh HP Inkjet Sublimation Printers With Sublimation Ink For Blank Sheets Mugs Tumblers T-shirts
  • 【WARM TIPS】 110gsm 8.5 x 11 inch,a sub paper for all kinds of substrates; Sublimation ink only;Inkjet sublimation printer; Heat press machine;8.5x11 size suitable for T-shirts,pillow cases,bags,mouse pads;Sublimation blanks like mugs,metals,crystal,key chains,ceramics,phone case,tumblers...must be poly coated in advance, OTHERWISE there will be no transfer!
  • 【NO PIZZA WHEEL & SMOOTH PRINTING】:LIT sublimation paper gives good elasticity,like a sponge. After passing the paper feed wheel of inkjet printer,it can recover naturally.No matter before printing, after printing or after heat press,LIT sub paper always maintains good flatness to bring a more pleasant experience of smooth printing.
  • 【VIBRANT COLORS & CRISP LINES】:Minimum water content and no starch paste coating. When heating transfer,the images will not be distorted as no water,because of no starch, LIT paper does not appear the phenomenon of scorch and carbonization.Minimum water,no starch and no burn out to further preserve the true color and line sharpness.The printing has NO fracturing, NO fade.
  • 【LARGE INK ABSORBTION, INSTANT DRY & HIGH TRANSFER RATE】:LIT paper has the high ability to absorb and store the sublimation ink, work like a sponge, very quickly and precisely,then the ink physically released exactly in the position printed. The special structure and minimum water determine the drying time saving, higher transfer rate and precision plus greater ink saving.
  • 【EASY TO USE & UNIQUE GIFTS】:LIT sublimation paper is easy to use, easy to apply any design from your computer to printer to fabrics,apparels,poly coated substrates etc.You are able to create your own personalized and specialized gifts. Sublimation is a bright future business. please read user guide carefully before use. not only provide best sublimation paper, but also with professional solutions.


Know Your Need

Before making a decision for buying any product, you need to know about what your actual need is. If you don’t know your need, you can’t purchase the right product.

Firstly, you thoroughly check whether you really have any need of buying any torch light for dabs. If so, take a copy and write down your all necessities.

Then according to your need, research and make a compact list for you so that you can choose the best sublimation paper for epson from it. It will ease your task in making wise decision.

Budget Friendly

When you are considering purchasing a product, it is important to think about the pricing of the item. You will want to make sure that the product is affordable and that you are getting a good deal on the purchase.

It is also important to consider the shipping costs associated with the product. You will want to make sure that you are not paying too much for shipping.

You should take into account the budget that you have set for yourself. There are a lot of products on the market and they can range in price significantly. You need to find a product that fits well within your budget so that you can be comfortable with your purchase. This bitter truth is also applicable for the sublimation paper for epson. So, check the budget-friendliness of your purchasing product.


The durability of a product is a measure of how long it will last under normal use. Durability is often a function of the materials used in the product, as well as the design and manufacturing processes.

A product’s durability is important because it affects how long the product will last and how often it will need to be replaced. A durable product will last longer and require less frequent replacement, which can save money over time.

The products made from metal or glass are usually more durable than those made from plastic. You should also look at the construction of the product to make sure it is well-made and will last for a long time.

Finally, check the warranty to see how long the manufacturer expects the product to last. So, checking durability is a must issue for purchasing the best sublimation paper for epson.

Assess the Features

When you are considering purchasing the sublimation paper for epson, it is important to assess the features of that product to ensure that it is the right fit for you. By taking the time to do this, you can avoid wasting your money on a product that does not meet your needs or expectations.


At the end of the day, we all purchase a product of any category which would be a good investment, right? We hope that our in-depth review for the best sublimation paper for epson will assist you to quickly finding the right item for your necessities.

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