Top 5 Best Fire Escape Ladders Reviews 2023

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Introduction: A fire accident is not a rare incident nowadays. An escape ladder is an important thing to which can save your life in such situations. Generally, a person gets 4 minutes to escape from home when he is in a fire accident.

So an escape ladder plays an important role to save some lives. In this article, I will review 5 best fire escape ladder.

There are different features of different ladders. I am showing 5 ladders which have some mutual features and some different features.

Most of the important features such as anti-slip rung, flame resistant, easy to use and others are available in most of the ladders. Keep reading the article and get to know details and fire escape ladder review.

ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Ladder 16 ft (2 Story) Flame Resistant Safety Rope Ladder With Hooks - Fast To Deploy & Easy To Use - Compact & Easy to Store - Reusable - Weight Capacity up to 2500 Pounds

ISOP comes with a great fire escape ladder to provide the highest safety in danger. The design of the ladder is solid and stable. All the top grade materials are used to craft this rope ladder.

The hight of the ladder is 16 feet. Happy to know that this ladder can support more than 2500 pounds. It is well tested and you don't have to worry about this fact.

There are the heavy-duty hooks which have made the ladder suitable for home, hotel, offices and almost everywhere.

The materials of this permanent fire escape ladder are strong and durable. A cool fact about this ladder is the breaking strength is 11.2 KN. That means it can give heavy support.

You can use the ladder from different frames of windows and it is really easy to use. Some people are always worried about a fact to assemble the ladder.

You don't need any extra tools to assemble it and you can deploy it in a few seconds. It is also a lightweight ladder and easy to store. So, surely it is a cool choice.

Ladder Pros & Cons Box


  • It can carry 2500 pounds+ weight
  • Easy to set up
  • Breaking strength is 11.2 KN


  • The ladder is for highest 2 story homes. You can not use it if you live in 3 story home
Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder, 13 Feet

Here comes another reliable fire escape ladder. The ladder is for two sorry building. The height of the ladder is 13 feet. There are some cool features the ladder provides.

A great thing about a ladder is, it is really easy to deploy. You don't need to worry much as it doesn't require any extra tools to set up. The hooks are well designed and secured. It will set well to any frame of windows. There is also slip-resistant rung. So the chance to get slipped is really low.

Another important fact of a fire escape ladder is the weight the ladder can carry. It can carry 1000 pounds. So at a time, 3 people can escape using the ladder safely. The ladder is also well durable. Storing an escape ladder is always a matter of thinking.

Happy to know that there is a red canvas bag is provided with the ladder. You can easily store the ladder inside the bag and keep that under the bed or near the window for extra safety. So undoubtedly it is the best fire escape ladder.

Ladder Pros & Cons Box


  • Super easy to deploy
  • Slip-resistant rung available
  • A red canvas bag for storing is provided for free


  • 3 people can use the ladder at a time. Some ladders give the advantages of 5 people at a time climbing
 Emergency Escape Ladder by Family First | 2-Story Fire Escape Ladder is 13ft | Deploys in Seconds & is Easy to Use | Full Warranty

Looking for an emergency escape ladder? Here is a quality escape ladder by family first co. The ladder is built using the finest technologies. The ladder is strong enough and we'll durable. It can carry 1000 pounds easily.

The height of the ladder is 13 feet. That means it is enough for a two-story building. You don't have to worry about how to assemble the ladder. There are quick and easy 3 steps to set up the ladder.

Things to rely on the ladder is they are providing a lifetime warranty for this escape ladder. The weight of the ladder is also appropriate and storing is also easy.

Happy to know that a bring orange canvas bag is provided with the ladder. So you can store it and keep it nearby your bed for safety. So you can try this permanent exterior fire escape ladder and hopefully, you will not have a waste of money.

Ladder Pros & Cons Box


  • Well durable and easy to use
  • A canvas bag is provided for storing
  • Lifetime warranty is provided


  • It may not fit all windows, so you should look for your windows if it is fit or not
Kidde 468093  KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti-Slip Rungs, 13-Foot

Introducing you to an awesome and secure fire escape ladder Kidde 468093 KL. Having some useful features this ladder is now one of the most popular ladders in the market.

The ladder is fit to almost all kinds of windows. It is a 13 feet escape ladder. A weight test imposes on the ladder and it was easily able to carry 1000 pounds.

So 3 people can use the ladder easily. The weight of the ladder is light and can be stored easily. You can store it in your home or closet or under the bed, It is also the best fire escape ladder for balcony.

When there is an accident it is important to assemble the ladder quickly. This ladder has a unique and tangle-free design which is especially for setting up quickly. So you can reach the safe zone faster using this ladder.

A thing is going to make you happy that this ladder consists of anti-slip zinc-plated steel rungs. So the probability of sleeping gets decreased. Considering everything this ladder must be a useful thing for you.

Ladder Pros & Cons Box


  • Flame resistant ladder
  • Well durable
  • Anti-slip zinc-plated steel rungs are available


  • For 2 story homes only. Who lives higher can't be able to get the use of the ladder
First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip, EL52-2

Ladder Pros & Cons Box


  • The ladder can carry up to 1125 pounds
  • 6 years of limited warranty
  • Ready to use and well durable


  • Comes with a single color only

Necessary tips before buying

A fire escape ladder is a very important thing for keeping safe. Everyone should be sincere to select a fire escape ladder for their home. I am giving some guidelines for you that should be helpful to select a fire escape ladder.

Proper height: There are different fire escape ladders with different height. Most of the ladders keep the height between 13-16 feet for two story homes. If you are living higher then you should select different ladders with higher height.

Weight capacity: Another important thing you should look after is the weight a ladder can carry at a time. Generally, a ladder should carry up to 1000 pounds. That means in the danger 3 people can use the ladder together. There are some high-quality ladders which have higher weight capacity. Those ladders should be appropriate for a family with much members.

Slip-resistant rung feature: We all have to use a fire escape ladder without pre-experience. So there are possibilities of slipping while using it in hurry. Especially the older and children have a chance to slip. So one should buy an escape ladder which has slip resistant rung feature available.

Fit for the window or not: All the ladders you will find in the market may not be fit to your windows. Windows with different frame require different types of ladders. So before buying a ladder make sure that copes with the windows in your house.

Quick set up: One of the most important facts is how fast a ladder can be assembled. Generally, you have very little time to escape when you are in danger. So you have to buy a ladder which is really easy and quick to assemble. Some ladders require extra tools to set up. Don't select those type of ladder. Select a ready to use ladder.

One time ladder or reusable ladder: Reusable ladders are a little costlier than one time ladders. There are two facts. If for a short accident you use the one time ladder then invest on the ladder is a total loss. And for a high accident, you may lose the reusable ladder. But I think the reusable ladder is a better option to buy.

Warranty: Most of the high-quality ladder gives a warranty. Some of the company provides a money-back guarantee. Ladders which gives warranty are more reliable. So buy a ladder with warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Almost with every topic, people have some questions. This is an emergency matter and you must have some questions in your mind as the others have. I am showing you the most asked questions about a fire escape ladder. I hope you may get some extra knowledge of reading the questions.

Q: How to choose the right size ladder for my home?

A: If you live in a two-story model home then you should buy a ladder with the coverage of 13-15 feet. If you are living in a tree story building then a ladder of 21-25 feet is enough. If you are not sure about the height then you can is a rope to measure the height of your home.

Q: Can a ladder use more than one time?

A: I have already mentioned that some ladders are reusable and some are one time ladders. One time ladders are cheaper and reusable ladders are a bit costlier.

Q: Do I need extra tools to assemble a ladder?

A: Most of the high-quality ladders are ready to use. You don't need any extra tools to set up the ladder. But there are some ladders which require extra tools to assemble them. I suggest you buy a ladder which is ready to use.

Q: Will my child can easily use the ladder? How to prepare them?

A: The quality ladders have anti-slip rung technologies. It will prevent slipping but your children may not be familiar to climb a ladder. So I tip you it is safer to train them how to escape easily.

Q: How to use an escape ladder?

A: It is not so hard to use an escape ladder. There are a few steps. First, find out the start of the ladder and the end ladder. Now slowly drop the ladder out of the window. When that goes an end place the ladder hooks strongly with the sill of the windows. Now start climbing slowly and reach to the ground.

Q: What is ASTM certification?

A: The full form of ASTM is the American Society for Testing and Materials. It is a standard safety level that secures a material (here a ladder) is safe to use.


Safety is more important than everything. So an escape ladder is obviously an important thing. In this article, I have reviewed some great escape ladders. It is not enough to review only 5 ladders. So I have also provided some buying guides.

Reading the guide you may be able to select the perfect escape ladder for you. There I have also answered the most asked questions that may be helpful for you. Another thing to keep in mind that it is wise to train everyone about how to use the ladder.

Finally, I will say you can compare the recommend ladders with every needs and tip. Hopefully, now you will be able to find a safe and secure fire escape ladder. Good Luck!