Top 5 Best Extension Ladders Reviews In 2023

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Introduction: A ladder is an equipment we use regularly for our daily work. It has made our life easier but sometimes a wrong selection of a ladder can waster your money and time both.

The worst is it can make you also injured. In this article, I give help you to find the best extension ladders.

An extension ladder consists of 2 sections and they can fix together. For any camping, travelling and for regular use, it is a useful thing. I am showing 5 best extension ladder and also providing some tips for buying. So keep reading the article.

Louisville Ladder FE3224, 24 FEET

This one is undoubtedly a great extension ladder from Louisville. The ladder is appropriate for working nearby any electric circuit because it is made of fiberglass.

It will also work good working on any construction or residential jobs. The ladder is able to carry up to 300 pounds. You can safely carry any heavy tool with you.

The most important feature of the ladder is its D shaped rung. It prevents slippage. Working is safe now even in the wet weather.

For safety and ease of use, they are providing heavy-duty steel platted swivel shoe with thick rubber thread. Non-conductive rails of the ladder also avoid electric accidents.

Good news is the ladder exceeds ANSI 14.4 and CSA grade 1 standards. And this 24-foot extension ladder is well durable. The mar-resistant features are included for long lasting life.

Overall this fiberglass extension ladder is just awesome having the most important features.


  • D shaped rung will prevent accidents by slipping.
  • Mar-resistant end caps for more durability.
  • Meets the safety standards.
  • Steel shoe for stability and ease of use.

Ladder Pros & Cons Box


  • Durability is awesome
  • The ladder can bear good weight (up to 300 pounds)
  • Appropriate for electricians
  • Bright color for good visibility


  • No rustproof technology is used on the ladder
Louisville Ladder AE2216 Aluminum Extension Ladder 300-Pound Capacity, 16-Feet

This ladder is another Louisville product made of aluminum. You will find some necessary features inside the ladder. First of all slip resistant technology is applied by providing D shaped rungs. Accidents will be decreased using this ladder.

Quick-latch rung lock technology is also provided. Another cool and rare feature of the ladder is modified I-Beam. This feature increases strength. Besides this feature has made the ladder a lightweight one. This ladder is just 30 pounds. (16-foot size).

Are you worried about the weight capacity as it is a lightweight ladder? Gladly informing you that it can hold up to 300 pounds. For working on any uneven surface this ladder is perfect.

Steel plated shoe with thick rubber thread is also included for working anywhere. As it is made of high-quality aluminum, you don't have to worry about the durability. And the thing will reassure your safety is the ladder meets the ANSI and OSHA standards.


  • Modified I-Beam increases strength.
  • D shaped rungs for safety.
  • Quick-latch runglock feature.
  • Steel platted shoe attachment.

Ladder Pros & Cons Box


  • Compatible with safety standards (ANSI and OSHA)
  • Leightweight ladder
  • Durability is great
  • Carry big weight. (Up to 300 pounds)


  • Will not be perfect for working nearby any electric circuit
Werner D1528-2 Extension-ladders, 28-Foot

Werner is a reliable name in the ladder field and another large size extension ladder is here for you. This extension ladder is made of high-quality aluminum and so the ladder has great durability.

Heavy duty shoe is also added which rests flats on any surface. The most important feature is traction-tred, slip-resistant D shaped rungs. It prevents unexpected slippage and accidents.

Besides Werner's exclusive Alflo rung joint connection connected the rungs to the rails which ensure twist-proof performance.

Anyone can use the ladder smoothly. Rugged spring-loaded locks make the ladder more comfortable for the users. The weight of the ladder is 55 pounds. As a result, it can carry good loads.

It was tested and it was able to carry up to 300 pounds. Happy to know that this ladder also meets the OSHA standards. So this must be a perfect extension ladder for you.


  • Slip-resistant D shaped rungs.
  • Flat and heavy-duty shoes for working on uneven surface.
  • Rung connection to the rail is made by exclusive Also rung joint connection.
  • Exceeds OSHA standard.

Ladder Pros & Cons Box


  • Durability is great
  • Height is comparatively larger
  • Load capacity is enough. (300 pounds)
  • Easy to use, flexible and smooth


  • You may feel the weight of the ladder is a bit heavier
Louisville Ladder 16' Aluminum Extension Ladder

The renowned ladder manufacturer Louisville comes with another necessary addition for homes, business and factories. It's an aluminum extension ladder.

The ladder is compatible with the most necessary features. O shaved rungs is included to the ladder which ensures safety. They have also attached swivel safety shoes.

You can work anywhere you want with proper safety. The feet is also slip resistant. You will also get the advantage of fixed rung lock technology.

The ladder is very easy to carry. The weight of the ladder is just 18 pounds. The load capacity is 200 pounds. It is made with heavy-duty aluminum for ensuring long-lasting support.

It also meets that ANSI rated type 3 standards. So considering everything this compact extension ladder must be a helpful addition for you.


  • O shaved rungs for safety.
  • Slip-resistant feet. (Swivel safety shoes)
  • Exceeds the ANSI rates type 3 standards.
  • Mar-resistant and rung lock technologies available.

Ladder Pros & Cons Box


  • One of the best inside the leightweight ladder
  • You can use it for long days
  • Secure ladder with safety standards


  • The load capacity could be a bit higher. But if you are really worried about this fact, you can use an extension ladder stabilizer
DeWalt DXL3020-16PT 16-Feet Fiberglass Extension Ladder Type IA with 300-Pound Duty Rating, 16-Feet

One of the most popular fiberglass extension ladders available in the market is this one. Best choice for the electricians as it is made of fiberglass. Any heavy duty construction and residential jobs can also be managed with this madder.

The ladder comes with a bright yellow color and it can carry up to 300 pounds load. The ladder is clearly ahead on the side of features.

At the top of the ladder a hardware tray is attached as well as drill and tool slots. An advantageous fact about the ladder is the non marring rubber side. The rubber protects the landing surface from getting scratched.

Another great feature is swivel steel shoe. Having this you can fix the ladder to any uneven surface. Non-conductive rails, covered by polyester vail also keeps you safe. Integration of nylon rope also helps for easy extension.

QuickLatch technology is also another climbing safety feature. Capped rung attachment is also another beneficial feature for transporting. There are also some other features of the ladder. So I think this ladder will meet most of your needs.


  • Attachment of hardware tray and tool slots.
  • Included capped rungs.
  • Rubber protection for the landing surface.
  • Steel land adjustment legs.

Ladder Pros & Cons Box


  • Bright Yellow color is good for visibility
  • Secure and safe
  • Enough load capacity (300 pounds)
  • Ease of use


  • It is very hard to show cons about this ladder. Some people prefer D shapes rungs but this ladder hasn't come with such design of rungs

Essential facts you should know before buying

I have discussed one of the most popular 5 extension ladders. Most of the people do not have good knowledge about an extension ladder. It is difficult for most of the people to choose the most important ladder for him. Here I am providing some guide which must be helpful for you to buy a ladder.


Confirm the height: Before buying a ladder one should confirm the place where he will use the ladder the most. If it is for residential or factory jobs, you don't need to buy a ladder of very long height. If you work near a high tree or large electric poles you have had to choose a ladder with long height.

Concern about weight: Undoubtedly it is one of the major facts you should check-out. You need to make sure that the ladder can carry almost 300 pounds. Every year many accidents happen crashing the ladder due to high weight.

The ladder I have described every one of them can carry up to 300 pounds. Generally, we use some heavy tools with us working on the ladder. In that case, the ladder has to carry a big load. So before buying make sure if the ladder goes under safety test or not.

Setup, storing and carrying: Setting up a ladder is always been a big issue. Some ladders are designed in a way those are hard to set up. You should avoid those kinds of ladders.

Also, you should think about a simple shape and size for storing. Besides, in a picnic, camping or any tour ladder is a useful tool that makes the life easier. Carrying a ladder is a big problem. If you are buying a ladder for your next tour or camping then you should select a portable one.

Grip and steps: Another essential thing to maintain safety is the steps. You should select a ladder where the steps are wide enough and slip prevented. D shaped rungs are greatly recommended as they are secure and safe.

Most of the ladders don't provide a hand grip. Hand grip helps you climbing safely and risk of getting a pinch in the finger decreases. So while buying a ladder make sure a hand grip, If they don't provide you should buy separately.

Extra tools tray: We generally use an extension ladder for heavy duty works. If the ladder has an attachment of a tool tray at the top of the ladder, the user gets real benefits.

Here I have shown the important facts about a ladder. So now you can point out your problems about a ladder and select a good one.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are buying a ladder you must have some questions inside your mind. I have gathered some important questions. I am answering them here that may be helpful for you.

Q: What is the difference between a fiberglass and an aluminum ladder?

A: A fiberglass ladder generally used on the place where electrical hazards need to be solved. An aluminum ladder is seen most of the places such as home, office, camping and others.

Q: How much weight should a ladder carry?

A: I think an extension ladder should carry 300 pounds.

Q: Can I repair my ladder?

A: You can repair your ladder though the manufacturers do not give repairing services. You can go to the market and fix the damaged part.

Q: Is it safe to repair a damaged ladder?

A: It is true that you can repair your ladder. But I advise you not to do it. Safety is the first thing one should maintain and repair a ladder is never been safe. I also advise you to keep from used extension ladders for sale. You should rather buy a new one.

Q: How the ladders are being given grades?

A: There are some organizations with some skilled engineers worldwide.

  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
  • CEN (European Union)
  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association)
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration)

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of an aluminum ladder?

A: An aluminum ladder is lighter and very easy to carry. This metal is corrosion resistant. But aluminum conducts electricity. When you are doing electrical work, never use an aluminum ladder.

Q: What is the proper angle used to rest an extension ladder?

A: It is 75.5 degree.

Q: What is the highest size of an extension ladder?

A: Still now it is 60 feet


I have described details about 5 best extension ladders. Most of the people do not care much about a ladder but it is a big matter of safety.

So choosing a good ladder is always necessary. I have given some suggestions and I have also described some facts you should know before buying a ladder.

The important features I have shown may improve your knowledge. You may understand the proper needs of a ladder.

Reading the article you must have some questions in your mind. I have answered the most asked questions which may be one of your questions. So be serious before selecting an appropriate ladder.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.