Top 5 Best Christmas Tree Stand Reviews in 2019

Introduction: Everyone wants to represent their gorgeous Christmas tree to the guest in the best way. A Christmas tree stand is a major factor to represent it perfectly. This article is mainly about best Christmas tree stand.

Someone has knowledge about tree stand and someone doesn't have. Reading the article you will know vast about a tree stand and get suggestions.

I will show you 5 quality tree stands with details and features. I think you must find a solution to your tree stand. So keep reading the article.

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Jack Post Heavy Duty Iron Mountain Christmas Tree Stand - for Real Live Trees Up to 12' Tall

No more worries about Christmas tree disaster. Here comes an awesome Christmas tree stand to hold your tree perfectly. This tree stand is one of the most popular tree stands in the market.

This tree stand is able to hold real live trees of 12 feet tall. Besides it is perfect for trees of 7 inches diameter trunks. The tree stand is made of strong metal. The weight of this product is 13.1 pounds.

Everyone is worried about the thing is the installation of any product. Good news for you is this tree stand requires to tool to assemble it.

It is really easy to fix this stand. Heavy gauge welded steel is used which is strong enough and provides great durability. Considering everything I can say this tree stand is perfect for your Christmas tree.

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  • The durability of the tree stand is awesome
  • No tools are required to fix the tree


  • The tree is not 100% ready to use. Though it doesn't require any tool, you have to fix it still
Best Choice Products 360-Degree Rotating Adjustable Christmas Tree Stand for Up to 7.5ft Artificial Tree with 3 Settings, 3 Built-in Electrical Outlets, Green

Are you looking for a 360 degree rotating, heavy duty Christmas tree stand?

This product is the best choice for you then. You can fix the decorated Christmas tree on the stand to display it in every angle. This tree stand is for the artificial Christmas trees.

It is perfect for a Christmas tree of 7.5 feet tall and the trunk diameter of 0.9 inches to 1.25 inches.

The stand rotates automatically and shows the whole tree with every angle. It completes a full 360 degree rotating by 70 seconds. There are also 3 built-in outlets. The durability of the tree stand is also great. It can carry an artificial Christmas tree of 80 pounds.

Happy to know that it prevents the tangled of cord or wires. For you decorated Christmas tree this artificial Christmas tree stand is undoubtedly a cool choice.

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  • It can rotate 360 degrees to display the tree in every angle
  • It can carry up to 80 pounds
  • Durability of the tree stand is awesome


  • The tree stand is only for artificial trees
Eazy Treezy - The Drop in Christmas Tree Stand for Trees up to 10 feet

Introducing you to another Christmas tree stand. This heavy duty tree stand comes for any real or artificial trees of 10 feet tall, 5.5 inches of diameter trunks.

There are some more advantages you will get from the tree stand. The installation of the tree stand is so easy. You don't need any screws or other tools to set it up. Fixing the tree is also easier.

All you need to do is just drop the tree. On the other hand, removal is also hassle-free.

Happy to know that the water basin is located on a good that. You can easily monitor the water level. Refilling water is also simple.

For providing extra stability there are 5 reinforcement screw holds. And finally, it is a sturdy and long-lasting tree stand. Make your Christmas better with this reliable product.

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  • The tree stand is well-durable
  • Monitoring the water level is easy
  • Installation the tree stand is also an easy task


  • It doesn't rotate to show the tree on a different angle
JACK-POST Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand, for Trees Up to 12-Feet, 1.7-Gallon Water Capacity

Jack post is always been a renowned Christmas tree stand manufacturer. They have come with another reliable and revolving Christmas tree stand.

This tree stand is perfect to trees of 12 feet and the trunk diameter of 7 inches. The capacity of the tree stand is 1.7-gallon water.

Thanks to the manufacturer for keeping an eye of durability. Power coated finish increases durability as well as resists corrosion.

There are also some other advantages of this tree stand. There are steel spike bases which increase stability. Also, there are 4 eye bolts which hold the tree.

Don't worry about the stand legs. Tubular steel legs can carry the heavy load without any problem. So undoubtedly this tree stand is a very great one.

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  • The tree stand is highly durable and stable
  • Water capacity is enough


  • It doesn't rotate
Goliath welded steel Christmas Tree Stand for Trees 5 to 12 Foot

Here comes another cool option for your Christmas tree stand. This is a secure Christmas tree stand for large trees. It is appropriate for trees up to 12 feet tall, trunk size of 7 inches. This product is made with heavy duty powder coated steel. So you don't have to worry about the durability.

Cheap tree stands are generally made with plastic, but this one is made with steel and happy to know that they are providing a lifetime warranty.

This tree stand can carry .9 gallon water. The weight of the tree stand is 9.8 pounds. Don't worry about the load capacity. It can carry a big load. It is a long lasting tree stand and it must last for many years.

Having some cool features this tree stand is surely a good suggestion for you.

Ladder Pros & Cons Box


  • Made of powder coated steel
  • Lasts for years after years
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Water capacity of the tree stand could a bit higher

Buying Guide

I have finished giving the descriptions of Best 5 Christmas tree stand. But there are many others in the market and you need to judge my given suggestions are good enough or not.

There are many crucial things everyone should learn before buying a Christmas tree stand. The durability, stability, appropriate size and other things remain in the category.

If you don't have knowledge about a Christmas tree stand then this part it will be helpful for you. Besides before buying a tree stand you need to know these things I will discuss below.

Perfect size: Different tree stand is appropriate for different size of trees. So before buying you have to measure the height, width and trunk diameter of your Christmas tree.

Then you need to match them with the capability of the chosen product. No one wants to get a wrong tree stand for their decorated tree. So be concern about this fact.

Artificial or real tree: Someone prefers artificial Christmas tree and someone prefers real tree as a Christmas tree. There are variations of tree stand according to this point. Even in my suggested tree stands, there are different tree stands for real and artificial trees.

So before buying a tree stand make sure the tree stand is appropriate for the tree or not.

Weight capacity: This is another big factor. There are trees of different weight and stand has the capability of holding weight. When you are buying a tree stand make sure the stand can carry the tree without any problem. An unexpected fallen of your Christmas tree can spoil your Christmas.

The ability of rotation: If you are preparing a luxurious, high-quality Christmas tree then you must want to show them in every angle to the guests.

It is possible only with an auto rotational tree stand. So if you have any plan like that then buy a stand which can rotate 360 degrees. I have suggested one stand which can rotate 360 degrees smoothly.

Installation: It is better to buy a tree stand which is easy and hassle-free to install. If there is lagging in installation, a disaster can happen. My described 5 tree stands even require any external tool to install.

Durability: You must want a tree stand which will last for a few Christmas. So before buying look after the material and other systems of the tree stand. Hopefully, you will easily understand which stand is durable and which is not durable.

Others: There are some other factors such as price, design, weight, basin, etc. As everyone wants to buy a long-lasting tree stand, I think the budget should not be too low. If your tree weight is high them you should buy a heavy stand. For real trees basin is essential and it is better if you can monitor the water level.

I think if you are beware of these matters you can judge and buy a perfect tree for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

So what are you thinking now reading till this point? You must be thinking of some questions.

Happily saying you I have gathered some questions about Christmas tree stands. Many people have any questions about Christmas tree stands. I will also give a perfect answer with my own knowledge.

So let's go this point and you may get the answer of some mutual questions.

Q: How can I make sure a tree stand is appropriate for my Christmas tree?

A: Just take the diameter length and other measurements and match is with the tree stand.

Q: What is best tree stand measurements for a live tree?

A: It differs between different tree stand. But I think a tree stand which can hold a tree of 9 feet tall and trunk diameter of 6 inches is appropriate for a live tree.

Q: I need a tree stand where I can monitor the water level?

A: I have already described a tree stand having this feature. "Eazy Treezy - The Drop in Christmas Tree Stand" this tree stand will be perfect for you.

Q: How can I sure the stand is durable enough?

A: Check out the materials of the tree stand. If it is backed by welded tubular steel or made of rustic-chic tree accessory then it must be a durable one.

Q: How much water the stand should be able to carry?

A: A good stand should carry 1.5 to 2 gallon of water.

Q: What should be my budget for a Christmas tree stand?

A: Actually there are different kinds of stands of a different budget. The lowest budget should be $35+. And for a high-quality Christmas tree stand, you should cost $100 around.


So if you were finding for a Christmas tree stand, I think you have got some good suggestion. I have described 5 cool Christmas tree stand and they must long last.

Doesn't matter you need an artificial tree stand or a live tree stand. I have suggested stands for different types of trees.

Most of the important features of a tree stand remain in my suggested Christmas tree stand. And I have also discussed the buying tips. Reading that portion you will be able to consider the best tree stand. Again I have discussed some FAQ in this article about Christmas tree stand.

I think you will get a solution for your Christmas tree stand. Still now if you have any questions about anything, just let us know your questions in the comment box.