Top 10 Best Bow Sights Reviews and Buyer Guide

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Introduction: A bow sight is a tool that is a must for professional hunting and archery. It makes sure that your site is perfectly right on the target. In shooting, archery or hunting, it is quite important to focus on your aim very precisely.

There are many kinds of bow sights in shops or online. You may get confused about what you will choose or which one will be the best. In this article, I have selected 10 trophy ridge bow sights with supreme facilities.

These bow sights are full of up to date technology, fiber optic pins, long-lasting design and easy adjustment features. So, time to select one from these top 10 and focus right at the target!


Get introduced with an awesome bow sight from Trophy Ridge. This one comes with an awesome design and easy installation system. People hate the metal to metal contact noise.

It is designed with nylon bushings that ensure a quiet and smooth movement. The sight is integrated with sight light. So you will face no problem in watching the pins.

Your accuracy will be better having this sight. There is an attachment of glu indicator tape that helps here in accuracy and changing lights. Finally, the limitless pin settings make it a favorite choice for all.


  • The sight is easy to install.
  • Glu indicator tape helps for better accuracy.
  • Integrated sight lights for easy sight.
  • No unexpected sound because of nylon brushings.
  • Elevation and windage adjustment feature available.
  • 029” (ultra-bright, large) vertical fiber optic pins


  • Comes with an elegant design
  • Enough lighting system for noticing the pins
  • Get the perfect accuracy


  • It requires an additional tool to install (Wrench)

Final Thought

Surely, it is a very good option. Get the best support while bowing. Unlimited numbers of pins and noise-free movement make it worth buying.


Presenting you an excellent bow sight with an elegant design. It comes with 0.19-inch super-bright 5 fiber optic pins. It is also compatible with the elevation adjustment system.

Must love the attachment of rheostat light. It helps to adjust the brightness according to light condition. There are also glow rings feature available. No matter whatever the light condition, it will always help for accuracy.

You will face no more vibration while maintaining the light strength. There are two designs available. One for right hand another for left hand. At last, the vertical in-line pin feature that gives the perfect view to your target.


  • Eliminates unexpected vibration.
  • Vertical in-line is available for the best views.
  • 5 fiber optic pins of 0.19 inch.
  • Very easy install system.
  • Appropriate for all types of light conditions.


  • Comes with a good design
  • Highly durable
  • Comes with light


  • You need batteries to run the light

Final Thought

I think this bow sight will be very much helpful for a clean and clear view to target. The attached light will help in all conditions. No way to miss your target having this light.


Looking for a high-quality bow sight? Here is another good option for you. This bow sight comes with 2 different designs (one with 3 pina, another with 4 pins).

The product is made of aluminum but the pins are plastic. The fiber optic pins are bright enough and the size is 0.19 inches. Surely it is a flexible product having multiple mounting holes.

Most of the sights have limitations for right-handed or left-handed people. This one is perfect for all as it has reversible mount design. Also, get the quickest sight having the green hood accent.


  • Durable aluminum body.
  • Rheostat light for a better view.
  • Appropriate for both left and right-hand bow.
  • 0.19-inch ultra-bright fiber optic pins.
  • Compatible with multiple mounting holes feature.


  • The light is really bright
  • Long-lasting bow sight
  • Clean and clear view on your target


  • The pins are made of plastic. So, be careful not to make a big collision

Final Thought

The best thing this, you don't need to worry whether you are a right-handed or left-handed person. It is a flexible bow sight. And, you will get an unobstructed, clear view.


Say hello, to another 5-pin bow sight from Trophy Ridge. The product has highly bright, 0.19-inch optic fiber pins. The pins are adjustable. I must appreciate the adjustment of the green hood access feature.

It is also compatible with the precision install bubble level. These two features ensure quickest access and appropriately align shots.

Get the highest level of flexibility having the offset mounting holes. There is also a reverse mounting feature that makes it appropriate for all handed people. Ultimately, you will lack nothing in this bow sight.


  • Comes with 5 optic fiber pins, pin size: 0.19 inch.
  • Appropriate for both left-handed and right-handed people.
  • Compatible with a green hood access system.
  • Aluminum body construction.
  • Integrated with soft-touch ballistic coating.


  • No unexpected vibration
  • Comes with bright light
  • Durable construction, lightweight


  • No mention of glu indicator tape

Final Thought

The bow sight helps to get the highest accuracy and perfect view. Both for left and right-handed persons. No extra vibration and high-quality bright pins. So, you will love this sight.


Finding a premium quality bow sight for hunting? Here comes a quality full one from Trophy Ridge. It will help you to see your target more clearly. This bow sight is full of many classic features.

You can adjust the brightness while shooting in any condition. It has a micro-adjustable pin by which you can get a dependable and clear precision. The product has ultra-bright fiber optics for visibility.


  • Color: Black.
  • For utmost visibility this bow sight has .019 horizontal fiber optics pins, which are ultra-bright.
  • Micro-adjustable pins help for exact clearness.
  • The product has Rheostat light which adjusts the brightness to suit in any shooting situation.
  • It has second-axis adjustments for maintaining height accuracy with long distance.


  • The bow sight ensures the exact visibility position
  • The fiber optics assure you to get enough bright light to see the target
  • Adjustable light to manage in any shooting conditions


  • This bow sight doesn't have micro-click wind-age for correction

Final Thought

This premium quality bow sight should be a perfect choice for hunters. It will help to get the perfect target position. The package will include one Trophy Ridge Fix Bow Sight, on-board pin adjustment tools, pre-charged rheostat light battery and mounting hardware.


If you want to get the super speed and clear vision in hunting, then this bow sight can help you. This is from Trophy Ridge, the prominent brand of bow sight. So, you can easily rely on this bow sight to get your precise vision.

This smartly designed bow sight has all facilities you will need. The color, smart design, famous React technology and amazing Ballistix CoPolymer system make this bow sight an extraordinary one!


  • Color: Black.
  • It has a dual-axis level to adjust the target point from long distance.
  • This bow sight has a five .019" horizontal pin with React technology.
  • This item has a Ballistix CoPolymer system to decrease the vibration.
  • Tool-less micro click windage offers easy corrections.
  • With rheostat light, it can adjust brightness in any condition.


  • The body of bow sight is strongly constructed
  • It is very lightweight to carry
  • It has rheostat light to adjust brightness


  • Available for only right-handed people

Final Thought

Enjoy your hunting more with this amazing bow sight. This bow sight will help you to get a clear vision of your target point without any vibration or obstacle. Get this one for your next hunting!


Are you finding a bow sight designed for the left hand? Presenting a left hand-designed bow sight from Trophy Ridge. It will help to ensure the accuracy of the target position.

Full of supreme qualities, this bow sight is the best choice for hunters. Made with React technology, this bow sight will assure the best performance in your hunting session.


  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Color: Black.
  • All pins automatically adjusted in each optimal position with React Technology.
  • Medium fiber optics of .019" brightness make visible the target in any weather condition.
  • It has three different axes to strengthen the shooting target in any extreme angle.
  • The bow sight can take 1-5/8 lens size.
  • It is made for left-hand people.


  • It's very easy to take on and off from the bow
  • It has rheostat light to see the target in dusk or dawn
  • It is an expert tool-less micro-click windage to make an easy correction


  • It is only for the left-handed people

Final Thought

Made with React technology, this bow sight is quite smartly designed. It will make your target more visible with optic fibers and can manage to shoot from any severe angle.


Get introduced to another top-rated hunting bow sight for professional hunters from Trophy Ridge. With expert technologies, this item can assure your high performance in hunting.

The aluminum constructed body with perfect and best features, make this bow sight smart and best choice. It will offer you unobstructed visibility of the target.


  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Color: Black.
  • The bow sight is right hand oriented.
  • It has .019" bright fiber optics pin to see the target in low or in changing lights.
  • It can adjust the brightness according to the hunter's favor in any condition.
  • The bow sight has vertical pins which help to maintain extreme perfect shooting target.
  • No metal to metal contact sound will happen. In hunting, being silent is very necessary. Delrin brushes help to maintain smooth and quiet movement and use.


  • This is very strongly built
  • Quite durable
  • Fully soundless movement when using it
  • Available for both right and left-handed shooters


  • This item doesn't have the elevation system

Final Thought

Filled with supreme qualities, this bow sight can be the perfect choice for your next hunting. You can easily take on and off it from your bow.


Presenting an innovative bow sight from Trophy Ridge. This will assure the top of the line target sight in your hunting. This is a pro-level bow sight.

With all premium features, you will find each necessary things you need in a bow sight. This is designed for only right-handed people.


  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Color: Black.
  • Expert tool-less micro click windage helps to make corrections very easily.
  • It can increase or decrease the light brightness in any weather condition with rheostat light.
  • This bow sight has glow rings that maintain the perfect visibility in low or bright light.
  • It offers .010" and .019" fiber optic pin sizes for both left and right-handed users.
  • It has a third axis adjustment system to get the exact position from any extreme positions.
  • All the pins instinctively get attached in an optimal location with mathematical calculations.


  • It is a very durable bow sight
  • You can easily take on and off it from your arch
  • It offers two different pins for left and right-handed people


  • This bow sight is designed for right-handed people

Final Thought

This extraordinary bow sight is a great choice for hunting. It can ensure your outstanding result in hunting. Just use one time, you will understand the effects of this bow sight in your hunting.


If you are searching for a top-quality bow sight, then I will introduce you to this perfect one from Trophy Ridge. It will give you top-of-the-line target sight to make your hunting powerful.

The bow sight adjusts brightness with its rheostat light in night or daylight. It has a triple-axis leveling system for maintaining long-distance sight.


  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Color: Black.
  • It can make corrections with tool-less micro-click windage easily.
  • With the triple-axis level, it can make clear the target point from long distance.
  • All the pins automatically adjust in an optimal location with mathematical calculation.
  • The bow sight has fiber optics yardage, which helps to see the target in any weather conditions.


  • It is quite durable
  • Construction is very strong
  • Rheostat light to see the target clearly
  • Can make corrections very easily


  • No micro-click windage to make an easy correction

Final Thought

This amazing and durable bow sight can be the right assistant for hunters. It can assure the target point effortlessly perfect. The bow sight will include one bow sight, 10 custom sight tapes and a lens retainer ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now it's time to show up some common questions about the best trophy ridge reacts. I will also answer them with a proper explanation. So, keep reading.

Why use a bow sight?

Before buying a bow sight, everyone has this common question. There are a huge number of benefits of a bow sight. Let's understand why you should buy it?

Better Aiming

Bow sight helps a lot in aiming. If you are missing your target frequently, then bow sight is going to help you in aiming better. There are some pins or circles that provide lights and a better view. So you won't miss the target again.


Already mentioned, it helps a lot in aiming. So your accuracy must increase by using it. Another good thing is, you can aim perfectly even in different light conditions. It has a rheostat light that helps to give a quick view.

Saves Money

You may be thinking about how it can save you money. Well, surely, you will miss fewer arrows. So, ultimately it will save the cost of the arrow.


Bow sight makes aiming flexible. You can aim properly having a bow sight. Ultimately you will get better accuracy and aiming.

How to hold a compound bow?

Probably archery is the ancient weapon method upon which people want to master even today. To master this field, firstly, you need to learn how to hold it. If you want to hold a compound bow properly, you need to focus on some points. Try to follow the methods given below.

Stand in the right position.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your left side should face the target. If you are right-handed, then your left foot will lead and vice versa. You should stand straight and your back should be flat.

Proper nocking and hooking

When you attach your arrow to the bowstring, it is called nocking. Proper nocking is necessary before making the target. You should keep the nock in the middle of the D-loop of the bowstring. Hooking is the releasing aid, archers always attach. There are multiple forms of releasing aid. As a beginner, wrist strap release aid will be the best for you.

Grip the bow in the proper place

Grip in a way so that there remains a balance between your thumb and other fingers. Place your palm in the middle of the bow. It works as a pressure point. Your grip should not be so tight. Try to make a loose and comfortable grip.

Setting the target is also related to the perfect holding. So first you need to set a target. Then you should follow the above methods to hold the compound bow properly.

How to improve bow accuracy?

It is important to improve your bow accuracy to meet your target. Regular practice is mandatory to achieve the exact accuracy in archery. There are some steps you need to maintain to improve the bow accuracy.

  • Your stance is an important factor. You should be at a 45° angle from the target. Your feet should be parallel and toes pointing toward the target.
  • You should never make a tight grip. It destroys accuracy. Try to get a loose grip with your palm. But never shoot with an open hand.
  • Then you have to lengthen your bow hand toward your settled target. Pointing the bow at the target, draw the string toward your face. Do it smoothly.
  • Being drawn the string, anchor it. Which means keeping your string hand by the side of the face. If you are right-handed, your anchor will be on the right side of the face and vice versa.
  • Aiming with the bow sight is an important factor. You can raise your bow toward the target to improve the accuracy.
  • You have to hold the bow facing the target for some time. Then you should release it smoothly. A perfect releasing technique is essential.
  • Once it is released, you cannot move immediately. You have to keep an eye on whether the arrow actually hits the target or not.
  • Keep practicing by following all the steps as much as you can.

Buying Guide

Now time for a new section, "how to choose the best bow sight?" I have already discussed 10 products. Now which one is perfect for you among them. Besides, how can you understand they are worth buying?. Here I will discuss some points that must help you to understand the quality of a bow sight.

  • Visible ideal size pin: First, this is the pin size and visibility. Try to get a sight having ultra-bright, visible pins. Ensure the pin size is also perfect for you. The number of pins can be any number, high or low.
  • Rheostat light: Another major thing for a better view of your target. It allows you to adjust the light so that you can get a perfect view in any condition. The light and battery generally come with the product. So, ensure the product has the option to set rheostat light.
  • Right hand or left hand: You will get different types of sights. Some are appropriate for the left-handed person, some for right-handed, and some for all. So, you must ensure you are choosing the right thing. Try to find one having reversible mount design. It will be appropriate for both left and right-hand bows.
  • Durability: If the body is weak, then the product is good for nothing. Always try to get one with a strong body and pins. I prefer an aluminum body.


Finally, I have shared my list with proper discussion. I have discussed every feature, pros and cons. You don't need to trust me. Read the features carefully and the buying guide. You will be able to understand the quality of the products.

I have also discussed some FAQs. So, don't wait for more, check out the products again and grab the best one.